Easy closet kit revamp in teen’s bedroom

Easy ClosetMaid kit revamp in teen's bedroom / basket storage for socks and underwear on shelves | funkyjunkinteriors.net
This little closet project has been on the back burner for years.


messy closet before
In this day and age, the one bar / one shelf closet system ought to be banned.

But, this is what we got when we purchased the house 10 years ago, and it was time to finally gut this thing, to get the most out of it.

Cluttered top shelf | part of Easy closet kit revamp in teen's bedroom | funkyjunkinteriors.net
Ugh. With keepsake school paperwork that needed going through, and no where to put the ‘ol Thomas the Trains and tracks, I was in no hurry to get to this. (Amazon affiliate links)

wire basket storage in closet before | part of Easy closet kit revamp in teen's bedroom | funkyjunkinteriors.net
But, my poor kid’s clothes always ended up with pants on the floor, and those wire baskets a big mish mash.

Truth be told, my kiddo doesn’t have a dresser in his room. Never has. We’ve always ramped up the closets instead, giving more room for the room.

I think small bedrooms ought to be banned too.

Thanks for the therapy session.

Closetmaid closet organizer kit from Walmart | part of Easy closet kit revamp in teen's bedroom funkyjunkinteriors.net
If you’ve been following along for awhile, this post may sound a little familiar. 

I did the same closet revamp to my own bedroom HERE. It took me years to purchase a ‘cheap closet kit’ because I was waiting for something super cool to be inspired with.

But things behind closed doors just need cheap kits. Really.

So off we went to Walmart to pick one up, and do this project once and for all.


What you’ll need: (contains Amazon affiliate links)

a closet kit (this one is mine)

cordless drill and drill bit

tape measure

interior paint of choice

drywall filler

putty knife for drywall filler

sanding sponge

square storage baskets

non slip plastic hangers (these are like mine… LOVE them!)

Building of an easy ClosetMaid closet organizer kit from Walmart | funkyjunkinteriors.net
Building the system – find kit HERE

Lay everything on the floor in little piles.

Using the cordless drill, attach the shelving by following the directions. They are well done.

Tip: a carpet underfoot is kind to the knees.

Insert white plugs over top of the screws.

Set aside until closet is fully prepped.

For a complete picture by picture tutorial, you can see my original tutorial post of my own closet HERE.

The kits are completely brainless to put together. All the boards come predrilled, with all the right screws and wall anchors.

Lay all your stuff out in piles, then crack open the instructions, and just do it.

Caution: Active cat surveyor at work

painting the empty closet white, preparing for a ClosetMaid organizer for the teen's bedroom | funkyjunkinteriors.net
Preparing the closet:

Remove all old closet apparatus.

Crack fill drywall.


So… first the closet had to be gutted.

Then, the painting began. It was already white, but full of scratches, and I wanted to get rid of the old closet system holes.

I also ran into some headaches. I had never seen metal wall anchors like these before, and nearly let them be just painted white. 

But… the stubbornness in me looked online to see if anyone else was as puzzled as I was. Turns out, I did find a YouTube on how to remove metal wall anchors HERE. It worked!

Sorry, no pics as the room was too dark.

Bright closet spaces ought to be the law too.

Anyway, once I learned how to do it, my son was shown how too. 

The blind leading the blind…

painting the empty closet white, preparing for a ClosetMaid organizer for the teen's bedroom | funkyjunkinteriors.net
Pure gorgeousness! Isn’t it? I love a pretty, white closet. Nothing, NOTHING feels completely clean, unless it wears a brand new coat of paint in my world.

Side note: when my mom use to visit me, she’d comment, “Oh, it must be spring cleaning time for you!” You see, if I had a roller in my hand, I painted over the cobwebs and dirt.

I may have invented painted texture… I’ll keep you posted. If I move to Maui, you’ll know I officially own the patent.

White melamine shelving, part of a ClosetMaid organizer for the teen's bedroom | funkyjunkinteriors.net
So… this closet is tiny. As in, smaller than 4 feet wide. So I decided to bypass the one single rod by itself, and go for the double rods and shelves.

So, the shelves slid against the one side, then they were screwed into place with brackets and wall anchors included.

If the closet had been larger, I would have chosen shelving that was a bit wider. But cubes were better than nothing.

Building a white ClosetMaid organizer for the teen's bedroom | funkyjunkinteriors.net

Installing the closet system

Place shelves where you’d like them to go.

Use brackets and wall anchors to attach to the wall.

For any brackets that go into the white shelving, I recommend pre-drilling the screw holes to reduce splintering of the shelving.

Install the bar holders on the shelf first. Then measure for placement, and transfer measurements to the opposite wall.

Just follow the directions the shelves come with … they are VERY good! Right down to how to install the wall anchors.

Sweet! Just like I imagined it would be…


Seriously… for around $70, and a little time, don’t wait 10 years like I did. 

I’m going to do this in my downstairs entry too!

messy closet before

The building of an easy ClosetMaid kit in a teen's bedroom, with bars, and shelving | funkyjunkinteriors.net
And, the gorgeous after. Isn’t it perfect?

I like to sit on the little blue couch and stare at this pretty little closet.

Probably because it has no door… still thinking about that one.



THIS is what Ikea sells today.

* Amazon affiliate links

HERE are the baskets on Ikea’s site.

Reclaimed wood storage cabinet with Route 66 design and big pink ape | funkyjunkinteriors.net
All I need now is a closet for the big pink ape. Sigh…

Route 66 cabinet post is HERE

The building of an easy ClosetMaid kit in a teen's bedroom, with bars, and shelving | funkyjunkinteriors.net
We may be crawling along, but this boy’s room revamp is slowly but surely getting there!

Do you have a closet need redoing? Think this little kit would work for you?

p.s. This is not a sponsored post. I bought the kit myself, and kinda love them.

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12 thoughts on “Easy closet kit revamp in teen’s bedroom

  1. Looks great. I think all closets should be white. I know the current trend is to paint them to match or coordinate with the room, but honestly? I don’t like the paint color affecting my ability to match colors. Plus white is a clean slate. We have smallish closets too and have chosen the same closetmaid system for several of them. It may be simple, but it works great. So what does your son think?

  2. Oh thank you, thank you Donna for a great post. The system does look super doable. I am so glad to know that I’m not the only to paint over dust and cobwebs. I laughed out loud when I read that and your Mom’s comment. Sounds like you inherited your Mom’s sense of humor. She knew you well. Your son’s room looks so NICE! It’s uncluttered and clean. Love it!

  3. Well done Donna. Your son must love it. A couple of years ago we took out the single rod out of Chloe’s closet and parked a tall, vintage dresser in there plus high shelves. So far it’s working beautifully, (except for the one or two dresses which cannot be folded…which are in my closet hanging). This works for her small room because she loves the dresser and, since she’s basically an outdoors kind of girl, she doesn’t have too many fussy clothes which need hanging. Oh, we painted the inside of the closet a robin’s egg blue. It’s like a little jewel in there.

  4. Thank you SO much for this post. I’ve put this off way to long, but never had the patience to really search it out. Kept dreaming it would just happen one day soon. I’m short so the shelf here is too high for me to conveniently use for daily use. Prefab home and walls are not real sturdy unless you find a stud. I actually think this will work for me. The higher rod could be winter and switched out seasonally. I need to also get RID of a lot of unwearable s. Yours looks great. Thanks for the inspirations and possibly MOJO to do it.

  5. Many years ago, I had to have a closet built. Then, I put together the organizational part. It was the system that used vinyl-covered wire shelving. It also had metal supports for hanging clothes. It was fairly easy to do, and I felt so accomplished after doing it.

    It’s wonderful that you can show your son that he has the capabilities to make things, too. He’ll grow up to be self-sufficient and take the initiative to make things that will serve a purpose. Good for him!

  6. Hey Donna…this looks great,you make it look so easy. I find drills even too heavy nowadays. Would a barn door fit on there? My friend just did her pantry with a barn door. You did a great job. Does your boy know how to do all these things too?

  7. What a beautiful closet! I had to chuckle when you mentioned that you paint over spiderwebs, etc. I do too! I would vote for no closet door. It’s not only easier to access everything and your son can see it at a glance, but it also encourages keeping it clean and neat when it can be seen all the time. I know I’m one for trying to jam more into a closet and then closing the door. The old out of sight out of mind thing. I too have bins of “Thomas” in my basement. My son is 21 but doesn’t want to part with all his Thomas the Tank Engine tracks, etc. At least I know that happy memories are associated with that stuff! LOL

  8. I did the tower, but my double-wide (9′) closet begged 4 it 2b turned sideways. The poles run THRU the shelf spaces. Access is from either set of doors.
    NEXT TIME, I’ll go 4 two towers, facing out, tho.

  9. Great job! I love to find posts for real home situations. We don’t all have walk-in closets.
    I’m not sure what paint you used, but I always have my painter use a white Semigloss in the closets. It scuffs a lot less!

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