Emotions gone wild… over a contest linkup!

Hometalk gets Funky Junked at Lucketts

It’s Mother’s Day and we’re celebrating my son’s birthday as well. Add the fact that I’m packing two suitcases so my son and I both continue on new adventures in a couple days, there’s kinda lots going on, in a good way.

Miss Mustard Seed gearing up for Lucketts

So when I read a post by Miss Mustard Seed on the stresses she’s feeling on getting ready for Lucketts, a knowing smile grew on my face. She gets it too.

This is a big week for MANY involved. Imagine all the vendors hurrying to finish and pack up their creations, the organizers who are lining up details to host the event, and those travelling in to take it all in, wow. Emotions are flying every which way for everyone, I’m pretty sure!

Lucketts clothes

Lucketts clothes-001

I caught myself a few times. I’ve been stressing on what to wear, buy, take with me, lining up help with the house in our absence… and then it hit me. “Take care of YOURSELF!”

That’s when I stopped in my tracks, head for my bedroom and plopped my head on a pillow for a few. I needed to chill and gain perspective again. I decided right then and there that what I had on hand to wear was probably just fine, and my house was ok not being perfect for a house sitter.

I’m going to just go enjoy the event and do my thing, because you’ll be there!

And for those that can’t be, I’m virtually taking you there with me, so don’t you worry!

sunset at airport

But there’s one more emotion that’s about to go KABOOM in a very good way! A contest winner is going to be deemed on Tuesday. One blogger that has no idea her world is about to flip right side up, is going to be randomly chosen by Hometalk to take in the event!

(contest info HERE)

Bloggers have written posts, hoping to gain 10 new Hometalk followers in an effort to qualify for the draw. Would you like to help?

Hometalk Likes contest

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Visit any of the linked up contest posts below, and  ‘follow’ the bloggers on Hometalk through their blog posts. You’ll be helping make their dream come true!

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16 thoughts on “Emotions gone wild… over a contest linkup!

  1. hey girl……………..cant ….. wait ….
    you should be in our shoes…hahahaha….i still have to make a TON of goods to bring with me !!!!
    then pack the truck……….find clothes……….get someone to water the plants………….watch Lucy’s dog..haha…………shine my boots !! (nah… i dont do that…the dust just adds character ….. design the booth………..well…you get it…………..

    seriously looking forward to seeing you…. i’ve ‘known’ you for years….i just love meeting virtual friends in person !!
    safe travels……………<3


  2. Yeah, this is definitely not the place to dress up when you’re going to be at Lucketts all day. It’s dusty if it’s dry and muddy if it’s wet. I always just wear some capris, a t-shirt and old shoes. (I’m also generally hauling around furniture and stuff, too…) Some of the shoppers are dresser really cute, but most of the vendors are pretty casual.

  3. You always come through. I think that if you made a mud ball your followers would love it, that is what faithful followers do. Can’t wait for all the news you will be bring back with you.

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