Hometalk gets Funky Junked at Lucketts!

Hometalk gets Funky Junked at Lucketts


“Yes… YOU!”

No way… not again! YES, again!

Hold onto your junk, Virginia… a Canadian junker is comin’ to your town!

You read that right. Jaw droppin’ crazy awesome!!! I’m once again on the move to take in a show stopping vintage show and I couldn’t be more pleased to visit

Lucketts Store

Oh goodness… I can barely believe it myself. Lucketts! This is theeee place that hosts those 2 day vintage spring markets once a year In Leesburg, Virginia!

I’ve heard soooo much about Lucketts, in which Miss Mustard Seed introduced me to way back. I’ve always scrolled through her pictures in complete awe, wanting in on that action. Well!!!! We’re about to do something about that!

This year, Hometalk, The Graphics Fairy and I will be sharing a tent, ready to get our junk on! We are hosting a

one day Hometalk Meetup on Sunday May 19th!

Who is Lucketts?


 Lucketts Store

Lucketts Store is a vintage building bursting at the seams with the coolest stuff imaginable from many vendors. They are open daily, however once a year, they host a spring market that runs for two days.

This market is BIG. The great outdoors gets tented up and vendors galore bring out there coolest junk and upcycled fixer uppers for you to pick through. Basically put, this is a junker’s Heaven!

Lucketts is located at 42350 Lucketts Road, Leesburg, Virginia. 703-779-0268

Watch the event updates at Lucketts’   BLOG   WEBSITE   FACEBOOK   PHOTOS

 What will be there?



Hometalk gets Funky Junked at Lucketts

Well, this was there last year. And WAY more. Anything. Everything! Anyone else get jittery over that rusty welcome sign? I could eat that thing! 🙂

What will I do there?



It’s not every day I get a chance to hook up with those that follow my blog. I mean, I get your comments and emails and share lots of laughs on Facebook, but meeting up and actually hearing your voice is different. WAY different.

This is my chance to meet you. And hear your own stories. So I can share mine back. I adore this part. It’s my most favourite thing in the whole world.

It’s my hope that I can inspire you in person this round if you come. Whether that be tinker with old wood, offer some staging / photography advice, or just chat about blogging in general, I’m up for any and all of it! I’ll do what you want me to do, how’s that for a deal?

I will be in a tent decked out with junk alongside Hometalk and The Graphics Fairly and we aim to meet up with other Hometalkers and just have a blast with all those that visit!

Who is The Graphics Fairy?

cThe Graphics Fairy Karen

If you haven’t visited The Graphics Fairy, you’re missing out. Not only is Karen a gifted decorator/DIYer, she specializes in vintage inspired free clipart you can use in soooo many different ways. Literally thousands use her stuff daily and create the most amazing DIY projects.

Karen also has a booth at Lucketts so she’s right into the vintage junk herself!


What is a Hometalk Meetup?


Hometalk Meetup Milner Village Garden Party-007

ie: Hometalk Meetup with Milner Village Garden Centre 

Hometalk is an online community where you can share your projects and ask questions while getting answers from both novices and pros alike. For free! You don’t even need to have a blog. You can simply upload your photos and share. Pretty cool!

A Hometalk Meetup is all about getting out from behind a computer screen and sharing info with each other in person. I love that premise! So that’s what I aim to do. Meet up with YOU! If you come! I hope you come! 🙂

Are you a Hometalker yet? It’s easy to join! Check out my profile HERE and the main Hometalk feed HERE.

rusty gear blog branding with junk

So!!! This is beyond exciting!

I finally get to meet the gang and see the junk for real at Lucketts, (dream talk!)

Will be in a tent right beside my ‘ol buddy Miss Mustard Seed herself, (pinch me!)

I get to hang with Miriam from Hometalk, (say what?!)

I get to thank Karen The Graphics Fairy in person for her amazing artwork she shares so freely, (I need an autograph!)

AND I have a chance to see YOU! Squeal!!

one day Hometalk Meetup on Sunday May 19th!


So?? Will you come?! Share a sweet tea or coffee or whatever? Hear each other’s funny accents? And just chat it up about how much we love rust even though no one else really gets it? Let’s do it!!!!

And for those that can’t, I’ll be sure to get as many cool pictures as I can. You may feel a need to book in a road trip next round if you don’t make this one… but I hope you do this time!

Hometalk gets Funky Junked at Lucketts

Follow the hashtag #HTLucketts on Twitter to follow the before, during and after!

So.. will you come?!

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52 thoughts on “Hometalk gets Funky Junked at Lucketts!

  1. Love, Love, Love Lucketts. I live in Richmond, VA. However, my non-biological sister lives in Leesburg. Fabulous place!!!11

  2. You AND Ms. Mustard seed in one place?! I just mapquested it…not too far from Phila! Now just have to talk my husband into a l’il road trip. Um with a uhaul..

  3. What an exciting adventure. I would give anything to be there and VA is going to be beautiful, junk and flora. At first I thought you were going to “sleep” in a tent together. It’s early, my brain isn’t in full steam ahead. But that wouldn’t be too bad, having a pajama party and staying up all night talking. Hope many get together and head your way.

  4. WOW – Donna, Karen, and Marian all in one place – I was hoping to come to see just Miss Mustard Seed – now that you and Karen will be there too – so will I! I can’t wait to meet you all!!!!!


  5. Well…it is only an 8 hour drive…and what a fantastic road trip that would be! Hmmm…
    What a fun time you’re going to have, Donna!! 🙂

  6. I’ve been wanting to visit Luckett’s for some time now! Maybe this is my chance! While I live in Ohio, my parents are not far at all from Lucketts. I think my mom wants to see her grands about the weekend of May 19. 😉 Will you be shopping on Saturday?!

  7. Donna,
    Congrats on getting this chance to go to this AWESOME show…I’m soooo jealous:) I would LOVE to be there…it has been on my wish list for three years now…but I am not giving up…maybe one day.


  8. I’m so excited to meet everyone …Donna, Karen and Miriam (and whoever else attends)! (I met Marian last month..will be great to see her again too!)
    I am really looking forward to it..and visiting the famous Luckett’s!

  9. I’ll be there with bells on. Or rather with tennis shoes and a backpack so I do lots of shopping and buying.

    Can’t wait to meet some fellow Hometalkers/Blogtalkers in person.

  10. Wow, this sounds like its going to be an awesome day. Sadly, I’m on the other side of the country and can’t attend, but I can’t wait for the photos. I’m a fan of Miss Mustard Seed too! And I love the look of Lucketts. It looks like a cool place to get lost in, especially with those vintage sign letters!

  11. I wouldn’t miss it for the world knowing that you’ll be there. I was hemming & hawing about going (It’s about a 6 hour drive.)…but you made up my mind! I went two years ago and it was AWESOME…and that was on Sunday after many things had been scooped up the day before.

  12. Hi Donna, oh how you have grown!!! Remember, passport!!! flying!!! Congratulations Donna. Your world has gotten bigger and better. And, so glad you can share all with us out here in blogland. Have a fun time. Blessings and smiles, Emilou 🙂

  13. Look at you jet setting all over the country! Sounds like a fun time. I just mapquested it and it’s a little far from Ohio, so I’ll probably have to meet you all some other time, but have a great time!

  14. AAAHHH!! I truly don’t know who to even reply to. All of you! Yes, this is for all of you! I’m so over the moon excited to see so many familiar faces that are going to be there! DREAM TALK!!!

    Is it possible to feel like this without actually exploding?!

    Yes! YES!! See you soon!!!

  15. It’s only 320 miles from my house, which is a lot closer than Canada. So I’m going to try to make it. Maybe I can drive there on Saturday and drive back home on Sunday. I’ll bring the Tahoe, in case I find something I like. Hope it works out. Ann!

  16. Hey Donna; I am so glad for you!! How I wish that I could attend this show and meet you and everyone else whom will be there!!!
    It would be an absolute dream come true for me, if only I were so lucky!!

  17. I am beyond excited that you’re coming to the Lucketts spring market! OMGosh this is fabulous! And you’ll be there with Marian Mustard Seed and Karen from Graphics Fairy? Karen’s shop in Lucketts is always my first stop once I get in the door and say hi to the ground hog – you MUST meet the ground hog – she’s adorable! I have met Karen in person and it will be great to see her again and meet you and the others! Hometalk is such a cool site! Wow! My brain is just so excited thinking about all this! I have always wanted to get a booth in the store and at the market but it is so popular, the slots are always taken! You’ll see why once you get here! I have a Pinterst board with local faves that includes a lot of photos from Lucketts and a photo album on FB with pics from a visit around Christmas time. I wonder if the Design House will be open too? It’s to die for! Ok, I’ve rambled long enough. Take care and see you in May! Hugs, Leena

  18. We have craft shows and stuff like that in Colorado Springs, but never anything like you guys have in the East and South. Thrift Stores and Restore from Habitat for Humanity are about the best it gets. I found a palette on the side of a fence outside a business, but boy oh boy, I would have the best time of my life at Luckett’s. You all, have a good one and think of those like me, that just don’t have that opportunity!

  19. Hello Donna! I’ll be a 1st time vendor at Lucketts this year! Looks like I picked the right year to start! 🙂 I’m super excited to be surrounded by all of you superstars! Looking forward to it! — Pauline (Twin Oaks Studio)

  20. Hey my fellow Canadian girl, lucky you!! Great fun! We always frequented antique/junk shops when we holidayed in the U.S. but that was quite a number of years ago, before it became popular. We’ve always loved old junk!

  21. Congratulations! I follow your blog religiously. You have given me so..much inspiration.Hoping you have the time of your life at Luckett’s and bring more inspiration for us all!

  22. Why am I just first now hearing about Luckett’s? I must live under a rock. I can’t believe how many times my work has sent me to Leesburg, VA in the past and I just sat in the hotel room with nothing to do but watch movies on the weekend when I could have hopped in a cab and went to Luckett’s! I am a fellow junk lover! Thanks for sharing or I never would have discovered Luckett’s. Somehow I will have to travel that way again!

  23. Donna, I am STOKED that you will be at Lucketts! I’ll be selling there for the 3rd year, and can see MMS’ booth from my booth. I’ll have my eye on you and will definitely be over to hoot and holler! Can’t wait to meet you! XOX

  24. Oh My God, Donna!!!!!
    What a treat!!!!!
    I just read on Marian’s blog you are going to Luckets!!!
    I am so happy for you!!!!
    And to meet Marian and Karen, that’s the cherry on the top!!!!
    Now tell me, do you ever meet with local bloggers??
    I live in North Vancouver and would love to meet you!
    Let me know if you do a “local bloggers” meet up!
    I am so sorry I cannot go to Luckets this time!
    Perhaps next year, if I plan ahead???
    Lots of fun and success on your trip!

  25. Just read from “Miss Mustard Seed” that you were heading to Lucketts. How exciting! Someday I’ll be back in that neck of the woods and visit that place myself. Looks so FUN! Wish I could be there too! Have a fabulous time! Congrats! Blessings ~ Judy

  26. I am SO excited!! 15 minutes from my house and I WILL be there. I had NO idea The Graphics Fairy lived around here too.. I was just introduced to her blog the other day- how exciting!! More reasons to head up there!! Whoo HOO!!! (as if I ever needed more…)

  27. I just visited Lucketts and felt in love with that place. Now, you, The Graphics Fairy, Miss Mustard Seed and Miriam@Hometalk in the same place is totally AWESOME! Can’t wait to meet you all! Finally an event in my neck of the woods 🙂

  28. Good Morning Donna,

    Janet Metzger here..I am a Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan Stockist and shop keeper at The Empty Nest in Warrenton, Va…a hop skip and a jump from Lucketts! I just may need to come visit you ladies on Sunday…I adore Karen and I met Miriam at Haven last year. It is my husbands birthday, but maybe I will gift him with a quiet day alone…Ha!

    Safe travels to Virginia!

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

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