The countdown, random stuff and a party

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With every good pending trip, the big countdown is on! So this week will pretty much be a ‘getting ready for Lucketts‘ kinda week.

I’ve dusted off my suitcases and ran into town today, stocking up on stuff I’ve run out of. (why does it take a trip to spur us on to restock?! I’ve been out of this stuff for weeks!)

I’ve also booked my fav default hotel near the airport for the night before to #1. Avoid driving in the dark, #2. Avoid getting lost while driving in the dark, #3. Catch a little more sleep and #4. Can have time for a Starbucks as my flight loads. All wins in my book!

Hometalk Lucketts Twitter Chat

So here’s something super fun while we wait for all this great stuff to unfold.

This here is a fun Hometalk Lucketts Twitter Chat, talking about all things thrifting! And here’s something super cool… if you RSVP prior to the party, you have a chance on winning some thrifting dollars!

If you have never joined a Twitter Chat before, no fear!  I’ve written 2 must reads on how to get set up. It’s super, SUPER easy!

3 Ways to use Twitter

3 Ways to Use Twitter

How to use TweetChat for Twitter Parties

And, for a chance to win those thrifting dollars, please RSVP!

How to participate

Use hashtag #HTlucketts
Use Tweetchat for easy chatting.

Anyone can participate, but you must follow these hosts, and RSVP below to enter to win thrifting money!

Follow us here

RSVP here
Put your twitter handle in the “Link Title” field (example: @Hometalk)
Put your email in the “email” field
Put your Twitter URL in the “URL” field (example:

P.S. Winners will be selected at random from RSVP’s. (If a winner is chosen who RSVP’d but did not attend a 2nd winner will be chosen.)

Leave a comment if you have any questions.

Thrifting Divas clipboard from HometalkIf you love your thrifting, I think you’ll love this roundup with some cool ideas on what to do with some cool finds! Curated by the amazing Heather aka At The Picket Fence from Hometalk.

Visit direct HERE

In other news, I’ve been a super good girl lately and bumped up my bedtime to a reasonable hour. Know what happens when you do that? You get up earlier all on your own! Who knew.

And with that… it’s a few minutes past my bedtime, so I must run! I’m so proud of me…

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13 thoughts on “The countdown, random stuff and a party

  1. I’m sure you are excited! Smart move to stay near the airport! The party looks like fun too. My Twitter account was hacked repeatedly, even after changing the password over and over….I finally gave up! But, I’m sure you’ll have LOTS of activity with thriftiness dollars available ! Looking forward to beating through the crowd (maybe) to say “hello” at Lucketts!!

  2. I have switched to bloglovin to read the blogs I follow. A few moved over, but do not show up on my bloglvin reader. Yours is one of them?!!! I have you on instagram, so I didn’t notice it at first. I have emailed them, but no reply yet. Just thought you might want to know.

    • Hi Julie! You will need a Twitter account to participate, but you may be able to watch it without participating without an account. It’s very easy to set one up, I vote go for it even if it’s for the odd party. 🙂

  3. The Twitter Chat is May 9th at 9 PM. EST. So, if it’s 9 PM on the East Coast, it is 7 PM Central Time?? I always get confused. Maybe there is an easy way to remember the time zones or a website or possibly a phone App out there that can help me remember what time it is on each coast. I’m sure I am not the only one who has issue with this? Or am I? Thank you for the Invite 🙂
    Laura Jo

  4. Great advice and excited by your twitter party. Love those and love thrifting. What more can you need? Good luck with your trip to Lucketts. Good idea to stay overnight at an airport hotel before you leave. We currently live over 2 hours from the airport and it is so stressful driving and trying to make the plane the same day! Have a great trip!

  5. Donna, have a great time in Lucketts! So mad I won’t be here to meet you- am headed up to NYC for the National Stationery Show. I get back on Tuesday night- if you are still around Wednesday I would love to show you some of my favorite places to thrift! Which airport are you flying into?

  6. Ah, how fun! I’ve rsvp’d and going to do my best to make it! It’s more difficult on the west coast when the kiddos are needing dinner and their bedtime routine. I always learn something when I join the fun though! 😀

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