The front entry – Part 2 – Horse gate for coats

I wanted to finish my entry with a slightly unusual twist. I knew I needed coat hooks and a bench at the very least. So I waited until I found just the right ‘stuff.’ The room simply developed around what I found.

Part One is here. Welcome to Part Two! But I’ll do abit of recap anyway with the finds.

So, I scooped up an old horse gate for free from someone’s burn pile. Complete with authentic horse bites.

And then found this ugly $15 bench that was prefabbed to go inside a truck.

Put together, this little area creates a unique and productive front entry! Loads of hooks for coats and even more room to stash those shoes.

The hooks you see above are new, but they have an old wrought iron look to them. I fell in love with them instantly but had to buy boards they were already attached to. But no worries, buying hooks that way was unbelievably cheaper than purchasing them separate. Hooks were found at Rona in Canada. Home Depot carried them separately but were out of stock.

The galvanized buckets are ready for quick drop offs or pick ups to and from the vehicle. The cute white pillow is from a local thrift just yesterday.

Another dumping ground for bigger stuff. Right now this little box holds my cordless drill, bank misc., a hockey ball, a bag of screws… just general clutter that gathers at the front door in my house. The LADY tag is an old original cow sign from my parent’s farm.

Neglected little $5 dresser that was once used in a barn…

… recieved a fresh coat of white paint…

… along with a little distressing. However it didn’t stay like this for long.

Update: Oct 2009 – this is how the dresser looks now. 🙂 A thin coat of glaze and some jewellry (random house numbers) morph a plain dresser into a room feature!

The layered platters make a wonderful key drop area.

How about a little art in the room? This wreath wrapped in ivy is being held onto a door with a plate hanger.

I smile when I look at these. My buddy Vic yanked these window frames off an old barn and knew I’d figure out something to do with them. He was so right! I adore the outcome. Inside the frames are CNC routered samples I’ve painted up.



Part 3 – tile floor HERE.

The room is now light and airy, and ultra productive!

A few more finishing touches are in the works like the (eeep!) tile floor I need to finish, some new lighting and possibly some sheers to cover the two little windows on either side of the door, because one of the windows is cracked. I’ll no doubt eventually find something that will work perfectly one day.

What do you have at your front entry? Are you a closet gal or are you a hook fanatic like me?

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54 thoughts on “The front entry – Part 2 – Horse gate for coats

  1. Lovely job as usual, you have really done a lot with all your freebees that you gathered up, it all looks great, love it. I like coats and shoes in the fron closet, I am happy it has a door, cause sometimes it doesn’t look so pretty inside. Lol…

  2. Everything looks great!!! I want you to come to my house and spruce. it. Up! I have all this stuff, but don’t have the talent in displaying these little areas. Oh, I look at this stuff all the time, but it’s something I really struggle with.

  3. We use hooks for coats behind my front door. We don’t have a separate, front entry. We hate this, but deal with this. We just don’t like walking through the front door right into the living room. We use the side door instead. I use hooks in the bathroom for towels. It is so much easier than using towel racks.

  4. Girl, I’m in love! That gate is saweeet! Furthermore, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you’re floors are unfinished! Who gives a care if there are no baseboards. I had to LOOK for an imperfection in that picture and MAN, you can pull off unfinished floors better than anyone I’ve seen. Makes me want to go pull up all of those baseboard… they’re filthy anyway:) That dresser will praise your name forever for such a fancy spot to show herself off. You’re a natural! Thanks for linki’n up!

  5. This has got to be one of my most favorite posts I have read in a long time. I absolutely LOVE what you have done to your entryway. I’m incredibly inspired by the coatrack you made. I love that the bite marks are still in the gate. 🙂 So neat. And love the hooks. Next time I’m at Rona, I’m gonna be looking for those bad boys. My entryway has no closets…in fact, our “coat closet” is on the backside of the house. Totally out of the way. So I definatly love how you incorporated so much storage. Love!!!

  6. Okay-I confess.. I love everything you do! Could you PLEASE yank that barn gate off of your wall and ship it over? Please, please, pretty please?????????????? It would be so perfect at the top of my stairs. I don’t have an awesome foyer like yours or it would be there. I will be on the lookout for one! You mentioned some sheers over the side light windows by the door, you should check out the window treatments post I did a few posts back, there is a picture of simple burlap treatments frayed and tied onto a swing rod, and I think something like that would be perfectly rustic with your barn gate and that great mirror!

    I’ll be stalking you some more soon…


  7. Aww ladies, you’ve made my week. 🙂

    Ya know, sometimes my ideas are a tad off the wall. I wonder if I’m just nuts for making myself giggle at what I create or if anyone else would really like this kinda stuff.

    You are proof that I’m not alone in this eclectic creative way of decking out one’s home. To me, putting that extra spin in a slightly different direction makes me say, “I have something no one else has.” Some may be very grateful this stuff is in my house (LOL) but the mass majority of you ‘get it.’

    Thanks for sharing my passion with me! Your comments really confirm I’m onto something and encourages me to push my desire for all things unique that much further.

    Just, thanks! 🙂 Now if I could only earn a living doing this… workin’ on it!

    Funky Junk Donna

  8. I love your mud room! Love the gate, love the dresser, love the wreath, love everything!
    Thanks for the nice comment you left about my dresser submission. I take it as high praise coming from you. You inspire me.

  9. Ahhhh, my comment was just deleted. It was so smart and funny too!:) I guess I will just have to say what a wonderful job you did in less words and not half as awsome as my previous post. Your treasurs are beautiful. Professional, beautiful.

  10. I just came across your blog and I love it. I am decorating my home right now, first time in eleven years. One room at a time. You have given me some ideas to save and use.


  11. LOVE your entry, and your blog! I found you through Wildflowers and can’t wait to go back and read older posts~
    I am a hook girl, as we have a 1928 farmhouse and there is no entry closet (or coat closet, or linen closet for that matter!). You have inspired me to do a bit more in my entry…

  12. you amaze me. i thought i was so nifty, free junk find something cool, etc.. .
    if that makes sense!
    love love your gate and bench!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I am in LOVE!!! That horse gate coat hanger is pure dreamy! This is my first real visit to your blog… Misti from Studio M sent me! I knew if she loved your ideas that I would too… and she was NOT wrong! Can’t wait to check out more. …Tamara

  14. That gate is amazing , wow , how creative , I myself also am a fan of hooks , I have a closet too but hooks are made for using , couldn’t live without them .

  15. I just found your blog via The Inspired Room. I love the idea of the horse gate for a coat rack! I am a country girl at heart, living in a NorCal suburb, with not a clue on how to really decorate my home to make it “mine”. I love looking at blogs that help with that, so thank you!

  16. I cant stop visiting your entryway! I must look at it once a week, sometimes more (does that classify me as an entryway stalker?). Its just so cool… love it!! In fact, I have a old fence I was considering using for something similar but I wondered if you scraped any paint off this bad boy before you used it? Mine has old paint all over it that I’ve been chipping away at for weeks as it sits under my garage carport looking adorable. Although it looks rustic, would it be safe for my kids if old paint was chipping off and ending up on the floor? What about lead? What would you do? 🙂

  17. We have an 1886 farm stead so. of Butte Mt. & already have most of the things here to make most of these projects I just needed the ideas. Thank you so much. Great ideas indeed.

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