The front entry – Part One

I am soooo impatient! I always thought it was a joke to hear someone say they’d rather watch paint dry. But here I am actually doing it! I need a life…

See this awesome find? It’s an old horse gate that I captured for free before it was taken to a burn pile. This is going to be mounted on the wall with hooks for coats. The chew marks are indeed staying. Character built right in!

This is not a fancy two-tone effect. This is how yellowed the doors were in the entry. Wow. So I went to town (literally, to get paint) and painted everything in sight. My new mission – one room at a time so I’m not dapping or painting for months on end. This is more fun! Shake it up abit if you will.

Everything, I mean everything got hit with white. I have a vision!

This sorry little dresser with great lines I might add, I scooped up for $5 from a garage sale a few weeks back.

So fresh and pretty now! This dresser will come in soooo handy for mitts and hats and keys and mail and whatever you find accumulating at front door entries.

This hugely long bench I found for $15 at a garage sale. It was fabricated to fit inside a truck of all things and there were two, one for each side. See that weird little cut thing on the left? I chose this bench so the cut thing on the left would be hidden behind the front door. The other bench had the cut thing on the right. Ain’t I clever.

This bench is about 7 feet long if you go by the tiles in the pic. It’s massive and perfect for what I have in mind! But ugly. The ugliest grey ever. The kind of beat up grey you may see on an overused ice rink bench maybe. Never mind, I know how to fix that. As much as I would have loved a beautifully lined vintage bench (with a vintage price to match no doubt), when I saw this, I knew I could make it work.

You can’t see it all here, but at least you can spot I’ve cleaned it up some and it sparkles with everything else going on.

And now I must wait for the paint to dry. Grrr… Last night I was in a hurry to set up the room and ended up repainting the top of the dresser again. Ever layer wet paint on semi wet paint? Know what happens? Your curing time has morphed from hours to days. Serves me right for not just going to bed already instead of decorating too soon.

I’ll be working on the tiling too, so I’ll report in how I’m going about that. I’m not taking an easy route there so that’s why I procrastinate so badly with all things relating to tile. I’m my own worst enemy at times, but I thrive to try new things and patterns. I’m betting a few of you get that, no?

This week I’ll pick up some hooks and install the gate. (can’t wait! coats on hangers gets so old and is waaaay too much work for this busy household)

So, stay tuned for Part Two of the entry way coming to a monitor near you shortly!

And tell me. Am I the only one here that rocks back and forth glaring at the curing furniture with accessories in hand WAITING for the moment the timer for curing goes off and I can race and stage it all? Sigh… I think I need more friends.

Edited to add:

I have thought of the BEST way to cure paint… put a fan on it. wow… I’ll be decorating in no time at this rate!

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7 thoughts on “The front entry – Part One

  1. oh this is exciting, i imagine its going to be beautiful. You have inspired me, i just found this cabinet at a yard sale for 10 dollars, and i love the style of, just not a fan of the color, so i will be painting it. I just need to decide what im doing.

  2. Now all you need is a barbed wire wreath with your family’s last name above the gate. Really rustic, but I love your space so far!

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