Funky Junk goes junkin at The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market

I hope you don’t mind lots of pictures of junk over the next little while… you know… as in new finds.

antique clocks on a vintage stool /

The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market

It appears I’ll need to stock up again, for a very special, super cool event, hosted by The Olde Farmhouse…

antique sewing machine drawers /

I think I’m gonna take in an auction or two… but most definitely the local flea markets on Sundays.

antique mirror /

Because I’m gonna need LOTS of  new stuff! 

Darn… 🙂

rusty junk /

rusty junk /

vintage books /

vintage books /

vintage books /

junk booth /

branch handled toolbox with tools /

And I’ll be packing up the tools as well.

Farmers Market stencils /
And even the stencils and paint! Because I’m going to host an all day station where you can play to your heart’s content with them..

tin letters in a junk booth /
reclaimed toolbox kits /

You’ll be able to win stuff too! Stencils, branch handled toolbox kits… and more.

reclaimed toolbox kits /

Oh gosh… is Maple Ridge ready for the likes of me?! 🙂

dollies  /
junk booth /
I may have to inquire about borrowing this trailer again… or find a larger one. Maybe it’s time I just rent or BUY one!

All this is happening, because come May 30th…

Funky Junk goes junkin' at The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market
I’m setting up shop at The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market!

A junk booth!

A reclaimed wood toolbox demo and old sign demo using my stencils!

A place for shoppers to demo and play!

Ohhhh it’s gonna be so much fun!

This is the largest vintage market the lower mainland (in British Columbia, Canada) hosts, run by the one and only true blue junker Leah Falkner.

I’ve followed her junk travels to the Farm Chicks and beyond, and have always felt we needed to hook up!

I was so ecstatic when she contacted me. Yes! This is my kinda event and I know I’ll feel right at home. My booth sounds like it may be a tent outdoors, so there’s a ton of room around it for demos and such.

The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market
The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market

Leah does more than just hosts the vintage show though. She goes all out near the event with special things on the go…

Follow The Olde Farmhouse on Facebook. There are always all these crazy fun events right before the show!

Watch The Olde Farmhouse’s blog. Approx 75 junk themed vendors will be listed! WOW!

I really hope you’ll come spend the day at this fab market if you’re nearby! I’d LOVE to meet you. Come to my booth and try your hand at building, or playing with a few stencils… or let’s just yak JUNK. It’s gonna be awesome!

And for those that can’t home, I’m hoping to find someone with a camera in their hand that can help capture the day, so I can share it with you.

Now excuse me… but I do believe it’s time to go shopping again…

But where to put it? No idea… minor detail, right? 🙂

Funky Junk goes to The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market.26 AM






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12 thoughts on “Funky Junk goes junkin at The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market

  1. Donna, I am so excited for you! What great finds!!
    I just moved back to Sarasota, FL from Cleveland, OH
    and found Sarasota Architectural Salvage. Couldn’t
    help but think of you! :)))) Retail pricing but on
    crazy, wonderful stuff. I love the stuff you have in
    your trailer. Bigger trailer = more stuff! lol
    All the best to you!

  2. Donna, taking pointers from your photos, when I go to estate sales, I head to the garage first, and then the basement workbenches to see what kinds of metal gadgets I can find. Wood scraps are aplenty too. I can usually get a box of stuff for a couple bucks. The pile in my garage is growing. Your pictures inspire me.

  3. I love the old drawers & oh I would so love to win one of your tookbox kits – I’ll be watching, I never miss one of your posts.

  4. I also go to the garage 1st at estate sales, then the study/office area for vintage office supplies, then the kitchen. Even better is a shed if there is one. I have found great stuff dirt (they are usually dirty) cheap in old sheds.

  5. Wish I could offer to photograph it all for you…that would be fun…but I’d have to fly in from Texas. Yep, I’m so liking those sewing drawers…been looking for some like that. I’m also eyeing the little folding ruler…I’ve started collecting them. Looks like it will be oh so fun for you and all!

  6. This makes me wish I lived in B.C.! I just know your booth will be a smash hit…can’t wait to hear all about it!

  7. You GO Donna…a woman after my own heart. This seems like a great place for find all sorts of wonderful treasures. I’m with you auctions, yard sales, estate sales…..ok just about anywhere those treasures are hiding and waiting for us to find. I wish you great success on your event. By the way… the wooden Dutch shoes!!!

  8. Must be thrilling for you. Have lots of fun! Wishing I could be there, but I’m stuck in southeastern NC!

  9. I was getting all excited, thinking it would be fun taking the couple hour drive up to Albion to see the show. Then I noticed the mountains in your picture with the trailer. Not Albion, New York, so sad!

    • ohhhh … heart sink for sure! I would have loved to meet you Carol!

      This Albion is located in Maple Ridge, BC Canada. Are you sure the trek is too far? haha but really 🙁

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