Vintage cart turned coffee and hot cocoa station

 Learn how to turn a vintage cart into a coffee or hot cocoa station that also stores potatoes, etc. Maximize kitchen space with this easy project! #hotcocoa #hotcocoastation #coffeestation #coffee #funkyjunkinteriors #oldsignstencils #stencils

Vintage cart turned coffee and hot cocoa station

I was working in my workshop on a project, when I heard the screech of brakes. Looking up, my heart did a flip. I knew what that truck held!

Well… I didn’t know EXACTLY what I’d be receiving, but I knew it would be good.

Decor Steals carries loads of vintage reproduction goodness. I’ve been drooling over their stuff for some time now. What they do is host a different steal (something price reduced) each day through their website and Facebook. And I was about to be challenged to make something cool with their steal of the day. Today! On their 5th birthday!

A challenge… bring. it. ON.

Vintage cart coffee station / potato bin / beverage station for Christmas on
(the kit was delivered with the large wire basket, and base only, as shown in the box pictured above)

Dropping down my project in a flash, I greeted the truck driver (bet they don’t get that often…) graciously thanked him (by frantically yanking it out of his hands), and ran for a cutting device.

Rip rip rip… and there it was in its black mesh amazing state. Cool! VERY cool!

A reproduction vintage rolling storage cart! <—(limited time to purchase from here, while supplies last)

I immediately sat it in my kitchen (because the rest of the house was a Christmas chaotic mess) when I realized, it was there to stay. I NEEDED it pronto. For a potato bin coffee station.

Confession… I have 3 coffee makers. (that’s another story for another time). I have a Keurig, a Tasimo and a regular drip coffee maker and it eats up room!

Anyway, my counter is stuffed full of these things and one was sitting on the kitchen island, in my way.

This little vintage cart turned coffee and hot cocoa station would be perfect!

Vintage cart coffee station / potato bin / beverage station for Christmas on
Gathering up a few containers (from my Granny and Grumpa trip!)  and boards, I got to work.

Vintage cart coffee station / potato bin / beverage station for Christmas on


1. 2×4’s were chosen for their thickness. Kinda like a butcher block look.

And because they were nice and beat up. Bonus points for the beat up. Always.

Vintage cart turned coffee station, from Decor Steals on
I was dreaming up all kinds of complicated tops. But easy won the race. You’ll see why in a moment.

Easy AND efficient! My kinda build. If you can call it a build.

2. A pencil was run around the perimeter of the basket, underneath the boards to mark the minimum size required.

Vintage cart coffee station / potato bin / beverage station for Christmas on
3. Using a miter saw, the boards were cut to size and sanded.

But not TOO well. Patina must be left behind here… it’s the junk law.

Vintage cart coffee station / potato bin / beverage station for Christmas on

4. Cool containers I love to look at were chosen, in various tones, heights and texture. 

(visit how I conditioned the containers HERE)

Kinda like a vintage showcase of sorts.

And check out the perfect fit of that little crate down below! I have a fun job for you…

Vintage cart coffee station / potato bin / beverage station for Christmas on
Perfect patina and fit. This was gonna work!

The boards were purposely not to cover the entire top, so one could grab what they needed without lifting a lid.

Edited to add: To attach the boards together, two small board supports were attached from the back via screws. The support boards fit within the cart top, so it wouldn’t slip out of place.

Vintage cart coffee station / potato bin / beverage station for Christmas on
Cutest most rustic thing ever! But we aren’t quite done yet.

Vintage cart turned coffee station, from Decor Steals (stencilling the table top) on
Spinning off an old antique sign I came across, the words and fonts were changed, to resemble crate labelling.

Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils - Click to visit store.

National Brewers Co. Coffee Roasters stencil from Funky Junk's Old Sign StencilsFind National Brewers Coffee stencil from HERE

Vintage cart turned coffee station, from Decor Steals (coffee pod storage in a crate) on
Then the cute little crate got a board separator to help organize the coffee… and we’re ready to reveal!

Vintage cart coffee station / potato bin / beverage station for Christmas on

Vintage cart coffee station / potato bin / beverage station for Christmas on

Vintage cart coffee station / potato bin / beverage station for Christmas on

Learn how to make this vintage cart coffee station / potato bin / beverage station for Christmas or everyday!

Learn how to make this vintage cart coffee station / potato bin / beverage station for Christmas or everyday!

I’m pretty happy with this extra helper! My kitchen island is back, and there’s even room for potatoes and onions now. Awesome!

So! Wanna see it all decked out for Christmas too as a beverage centre?

I’m taking you to my photo studio this round, so I have a background to work with.

Learn how to make this vintage cart coffee station / potato bin / beverage station for Christmas or everyday!
I can see this guy being SO HANDY when you need that little bit of extra space when counters are so limited during the holidays. I’m going to LOVE mine!

Learn how to make this vintage cart coffee station / potato bin / beverage station for Christmas or everyday!

Vintage cart coffee station / potato bin / beverage station for Christmas on

Vintage cart coffee station / potato bin / beverage station for Christmas on

Vintage cart coffee station / potato bin / beverage station for Christmas on

Vintage cart coffee station / potato bin / beverage station for Christmas on
Those 2x4s sure look sweet here, don’t they?

Vintage cart coffee station / potato bin / beverage station for Christmas on
How do you like my industrial candle stand? 🙂

Vintage cart coffee station / potato bin / beverage station for Christmas on
Various S hooks were perfect for hooking up extra cups.

Vintage cart coffee station / potato bin / beverage station for Christmas on

A few greens and a faux present make a nice display for inside the cage. I loved celebrating the fact that you can actually see inside, vs. covering that up.

Vintage cart coffee station / potato bin / beverage station for Christmas on

I absolutely love the cart and could think of several different uses for it, such as a cool laundry hamper and a funky side table in my son’s room. But I’m not sharing mine… 🙂

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442 thoughts on “Vintage cart turned coffee and hot cocoa station

  1. that’s an awesome cart! I would dress it up for Christmas/winter and use it in our boot room for a mitts and hats station… I’d set it over a register and kids boots could dry on the bottom rack (where you have the coffee discs), with hats and mitts inside and some old skates hanging off the side, a crate on top for odds and ends and some S hooks for car keys… Oohhh… I hope I win, my boot room will never be the same without it! 🙂

  2. That is so great! A side table would be nice with a large silver tray for the top, a pile of magazines or books in the basket and a warm throw rolled up in the bottom. I really love your blog!

  3. How exciting! Just ordered this cart for my sister in law’s Christmas gift. She had been looking at them when we were shopping in Canton, TX awhile back. She’ll be so excited. If I got one myself I’d be tempted to recreate your coffee station. Love the way it turned out!

  4. Oh, my. First, I think it would be perfect in my laundry/bath where I use crates for towel storage. Then, I don’t know!!!!

  5. I love your coffee station. I would use it in my new, yet to be, laundry room…I am in the process of moving my washer and dryer upstairs..Yay! I am hanging an old wooden ladder to the side of my washer and dryer (to hang freshly laundered clothes) and this would add to the eclectic look. Thanks for asking!

  6. I’d use the cart as a Christmas gift for my daughter and son in law. They recently bought their first home and they could use this cart in so many places.

    I love your coffee bar idea.

  7. I’m already a decor steals follower, but thanks to them I just discovered your blog. Great ideas, love your style. I’m going to start following you too.

  8. I would use it for vegetable storage and put a lid on it so I could use it for decorating. I love it. I can see lots of uses for it.

  9. Love your coffee station! I think it would make a great end table with either wood or glasses for a top…Love to show off the goodies inside!

  10. I would use this beauty outside of my sliding glass door as a beverage station in warm weather and throw holder when the snow is flying- thanks Donna for the great giveaway and inspiration! Blessings!

  11. I love your coffee cart, I think I’m going to copy it :). It would also make a good log holder next to the fireplace at Christmas with some garland and ribbon to color it up. I love junking, and looking forward to following your blog. I get Decor Steals newsletters daily and have been for awhile. Love it.

  12. I love this cart just as it is. Need a coffee/hot drink bar for my kitchen. Would be so thankful to receive such a beautiful cart!

  13. I would build a plank top similar to yours and I would put this puppy in the bathroom! Fill the basket with toliet paper and place lotions, cotton balls and q-tips in cute containers, anda few other little items on top!

  14. I absolutely love what you did with the cart. I have tried to put a kibosh on my spending but after seeing what you did with this wonderful vintage style cart…I may have to break my own rule. I would love to have it for a coffee stand as well. Also, really love what you did with the whole door idea too.

    • Hi Donna- my morning routine is checking emails from you, decorsteals, and downtoearthstyle to see what your up to. This item is so cool. My daughter is pregnant with her first baby so I immediately thought of ways to make this work for her. It would be great next to the nursing chair. Initially put a ring of themed wallpaper inside the top and some baskets to hold things mom and baby might need. Eventually it can become a toy/book bin.
      Oh now I want one for my craft room- it’s perfect for stacking rings of chaulk paints & waxes (facing out to see the labels) in the center a bucket to hold brushes. A crate on the bottom can hold sandpaper blocks.

  15. If I had one of these, I might have to copy you and create my own coffee station! It’s just so perfect!! Or I’d make a super cool end table with storage for books, magazines, and blankets!

  16. I love the inspiration you gave me for the top! I would do the same only use it as a side table in the living room, my kitchen has no room. So cute & so many ways to use it!

  17. I have been signed up for daily emails from Decor Steal for a couple years now, love the deals! I am kind of an addict!

  18. I would totally use this cart as a coffee cart or maybe a wine/liquor station!Put the wine/Liquor in the bottom and attach hanging wine glasses underneath the wooden boards. I already subscribe to Decor Steals daily deals and love their stuff!

  19. What a fabulous idea! This is my first time visiting your blog, you are so creative! I’ve been looking for a way to corral my Keurig, so I would do something very similar!

  20. I love this and think it would be sweet in any room of my house, like the bathroom with extra towels. Or in the living room for Christmas with a smaller tree in it. Lots of ideas swirling in my head! Thanks so much for doing this drawing.

  21. Love! So many possibilities! I’d love to use this in the bathroom for guest towels and soap; in the kitchen as a side table for additional storage and seasonal decor.

  22. I would use this just as you made it as a coffee/tea serving station with the extra cups/saucers in the belly of the cart instead of vegetables. This would be so cool in our historical property! We love everything handmade and local!

  23. I have to let you know that your ideas and pictures inspired me so much that I purchased the cart. I have been very good at holding off on the spending because everything they have is awesome but I had to purchase this after seeing what you did with it. Thanks for being so creative with something so simple using the simplest of things.

  24. Love it!!! So many uses, probably guest bedroom side table/storage, but may need to move it to the living room over the holidays and decorate, store grandkids Christmas books and have additional space to serve holiday treats.

  25. Absolutely LOVE your coffee station!! I might use it as a side table, with an old, rustic wood tray on top, maybe with vintage books inside and stacked on the bottom.

  26. I have the perfect spot for this in my kitchen. I could store potatoes and onions in the basket and appliances on the top! Love this cart!

  27. Love this cart! I would use it in my entry to hold mittens and hats,
    etc. Maybe put some old beadboard on top for a little shelf. So cute.

  28. I just saw this and LOOOVE it. I am getting married and I think this would look great in our new home. I love vintagey things and would love to use it to store my coffee stuff too!! I would be sooooo excited to win!!!

  29. I am a huge fan of Décor Steals! They rock!!! I have their items all over my house and barn! I just love how you used this vintage looking cart. I would probably use it for a side table mostly but I can see a beautiful pointsettia in it for the holidays!I just love all your Funky Junk ideas too Donna!!!

  30. I’d use it for the retro toys our grandkids love to play with when they come to Papa and Mimi’s house. We have Tinker Toys, building blocks, dinosaurs, wooden puzzles. And they’d look so cool in a basket you could see into! LOVE what you did with this!

  31. omg, I would use it like you didn’t! I’ve been looking for something to make a coffee bar out of and I love this!

  32. There are so many uses for this. I would love to use it in a laundry room, when I get one again. Right now, my laundry room is the garage. lol!!!

  33. I saw this deal on their website this morning and I love it! I think it would be super cute in the bathroom with towels in the basket and other bathroom necessities on top!


  34. We always need extra storage in our tiny bathroom, and this cart would be great for that, especially with the way you created the wood top. Thank you!

  35. Oh my, I think I might just have to copy what you’ve done and use it as a coffee/veggie cart. You’ve just done an amazing job with this little cart and I just love how you’ve made the lid for the top….something that I would also be able to do!

  36. I would use the cart just like yours to store my potatoes and onions. Then I’d try to make a top to have extra counter space for pies, cakes, etc. I love your blog. Thank you for the giveaway.

  37. I LOVE this idea! My daughter just gave me a Keurig coffee maker for an early Christmas present. We JUST opened it this morning – before I saw the Decor Steals daily offer. Unfortunately, we don’t have a great open counter space for it and the other “accouterments” needed for it. Frankly, should I win, I would do exactly what you’ve done at the end of my counter. A new Keuring coffee station for me!! WHOOP, WHOOP! I want to win!

  38. Just tried this – didn’t go through, so I’m doing it again. My daughter just gave me a new Keurig coffee maker THIS morning for an early Christmas present! We opened it up before I saw the Decor Steals offer. Problem is, I don’t have counter space for the machine and all of its “accouterments”! So, should I win, I would probably do what you’ve done – make it a coffee station at the end of my counters! What a terrific idea – I NEED to win this! Merry (early) Christmas to me!!

  39. I love this basket/cart! It would fit in perfectly in my small kitchen with a cutting board/storage. I love all the old wire baskets mixed with some new items and colors, too!

  40. A totally versatile piece year round! I can think of tons of uses in my house 🙂

    ps – I already receive their newsletter !

  41. Right now I’d keep it next to my chair with my current knit/crochet projects in it! Then, who knows! My decor changes with the wind direction!

  42. So many ideas for this–I would use it in my kitchen to hold food items or cake/cookie decorating supplies or in my downstairs area decorated for Christmas with candles and use it to hang stockings or in my bathroom to hold necessities for guests and the list goes on. Pick me!!!!

  43. What a cool item and I love what you created with the cart! I can literally envision it in my pantry (a large one) to hold potatoes or onions… certainly look a lot better than sitting forlornly in their plastic sacks! Or, perhaps, it would look better in my dining room to function as a side serving table with my colorful napkins & tablecloths stored in the basket. Christmas gives even more options, all fun and decorative for the holiday. Thank you so much for sharing your coffee station – bravo!

  44. i can think of so many awesome uses for this amazing piece! Kitchen cart with utensis and towels! In the bathroom with beautiful jars of bath salts and rolls of toilet paper tissues and towels!
    Or a mini cocktail bar! I really could go in and on! Happy Holidays to you and yours!
    From Michelle at Vintage Road.
    Btw. I signed up for your blog and newsletter!

  45. I’d love to give this cart to my daughter…she could use the extra storage space in her kitchen. Love your ideas for the potato/onion storage and the rustic top to your cart!!!

  46. Love the cart!!!If it we mine it would be in 1 of three places…probably switching places around my cabin…1>Bedside in the loft upstairs holding my Kuerig Coffee maker so just maybe I have a little more motive to wake my tired pregnant butt up….2>(Inspired by my daughter): Filled with pinecones, flashlights, lanterns and all the necessities we need in the mountains to get our fireplace going or see in the event a lovely tree falls and kills the power…which happens way more frequently than I care to admit….Or 3> In the kitchen holding my plants I am still trying to keep alive and all my wonderful seed collections that I would love to display beautifully, but just haven’t found a piece that “speaks” to me…lol…Love all you do…I find it interesting I have alot of the things you use to create, just not all the great ideas you have….You continue to inspire me and help mold cool ideas for my mountain home! LOve you!!!

  47. Hi Donna, I would use this adorable cart as a coffee station myself! And to switch things up a bit, I’d use it to store my throw blankets in my living room during the winter months. Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  48. LOVE this cart! I would use it in my craft room for yarn storage!
    LOVE the coffee cart tho!
    Great use of a great piece!

  49. Oh so many ways to use this cart, but I love what you did, how warm and friendly to make cocoa at that little station. Just love it!

  50. I love everything you did with this! I love your style! I’m thinking a cute storage solution for a bathroom with cute rolled up towels, vintage hair accessories (curling irons, crimpers, brushes, mirrors, etc.) and fun soaps.

  51. Let me count the ways!:
    1. Coffee station idea rocks!
    2. Side table with a lovely tray or clear glass round would provide ample storage for all my decorating magazines I can’t bear to part with, plus a convenient place to set my cup of coffee while I peruse said magazines!
    3. Definitely in the bathroom to store towels and again with a pretty tray upon which to place all my lovely bottles of potions and lotions!
    4. Would be so convenient next to the sewing machine to hold yard goods and basket of notions and sewing paraphernalia!
    5. A must for the front (and back) porch for way too many reasons (might need more than one – LOL!) And of course, a shelf on the bottom and top for pretty plants!
    Well, that will do for now but I am sure I will come up with more ideas for this awesome cart!
    BTW, Decor Steals deals arrive frequently at my house. It is the go-to site for unique and wonderfully affordable items that you won’t often find locally. So excited to add “Funky Junk Interiors” to my list of decorating inspiration websites!

  52. I’m already signed up at Décor Steals and have referred many friends. I love when those boxes show up on my porch!

  53. I love what you did with the Donna! I would put in on my covered front porch, decorate for the season and hang a welcome sign on it. I already am signed up with Decor Steals and love to get the steal in my inbox each day. Thanks!

  54. Wow! I just love that cart, and your story behind the making of it!! What an amazing piece, definitely one of a kind. I would put it next to couch during the holidays and decorate with a Christmas theme! Just love Decor Steals, I want to order something every day. In fact, I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my “Love You More” blanket!! Thank you for making this piece! Happy Holidays!

  55. I would love to use this for a home coffee stand area! I already get their emails and loved the things I have purchased.

  56. I’m always looking for interesting ways to display outdoor plants, and I’m particularly drawn to wire mesh and/or metal containers. I might store extra pots down below, and a large plant on top

  57. I would use in bedroom or living room to hold throw blankets and pillows. Could be wheeled outside for chilly nights on the patio too!

  58. I think it’s fabulous! I would use it for entertaining, almost like a teacart. I would roll it out filled with seasonal goodies, depending on the event I was hosting.

  59. I would totally build a top just like your and use it for storing cookbooks and our fabric napkins in the kitchen! Or maybe for pillows and blankets in the living room. ..
    Karen U

  60. By the way, I am a newsletter subscriber at Décor Steals although most items don’t ship to Canada. Hoping someday that will change as for now, I can only look and drool.

  61. I love this Cart!!! I would use it in my kitchen as well! Perfect for extra storage for my little kitchen and with a top on it it would be puppy proof too!

  62. Since we just ordered a fancy new blender for nutritious, power protein smoothies, I’ll decorate for the Holidays … & stash all the extra cups, protein powders, fiber, whey, dried berries, anything our hearts desire ~ in and on this “sweet baby.” LOVE IT, and the many possibilities this piece offers!!!

  63. Well, that is too cute for words and so practical; I’m always on the lookout for an out of the way place to store my potatoes, onions and that pesky coffee maker that uses up my precious counter space.
    Signed up for the newsletter which will be fun to receive, although filled with too many temptations.

  64. You have the best funky junky ideas! I would turn my into some sort of bar cart, I think, or maybe a side table. I sure love the look of it.

  65. I love Decor steals and have been subscribed to them for awhile now but unfortunately they DO NOT SHIP TO CANADA so why this contest is open to Canadian residents I don’t know. If you go to their website it looks like they do indeed ship to Canada but as soon as you put anything in your cart it tells you ” Please Remove ————- From Your Cart In Order To Continue. Shipping For This Product Is Not Available For The Selected Destination At This Time.” And it doesn’t matter what the product is or where the mailing address is. I have tried to order from them on multiple occasions through several different major cities and was never able to. I contacted them about this and was informed that they used to ship to Canada but had too many problems with it so they stopped. So I guess I have to have a super popular blog in order to do business with them? Sorry to be so negative but this is soooo frustrating!!!

    • Hi Rose, they indeed don’t ship to Canada yet, which I agree is disappointing. For the giveaway event, I was able to get them to include Canada though. I should have stated that part in my blog post, my apologies. I will go edit right now!

    • I’m in the U.S. and feel for my northern neighbors. That would frustrate me too. So if I won (doubtful with the number of hopeful subscribers!), I’d tell Donna to pass mine on to someone in Canada.

  66. I’ve been getting Decor Steals’ emails for a very long time now! I LOVE their fantastic offerings ~ all their items are great! I’ve purchased WAY too many things from them: so much so that my hubby is starting to say, “Here’s your daily DELIVERY … !”

  67. I love, adore what you have done with this piece from Decor Steals! They have such great stuff. I also like the idea of putting scarves, hats and mittens in it next to the door. I’m bookmarking your blog too.

  68. I would love this sitting beside my big comfy chair with all of my “stuff” that I have to keep handy! Mason Jar lamp on top and I like to keep my Bible beside my chair. Also, I love looking at magazines when I get a chance to sit down for some quiet time and they would go along with the book that I am currently reading along with my little personal items…lip balm, hand cream, nail file, you know all the “girl” things we have to keep really handy…will go in the bottom box!

    Love your great ideas and products! Keep them coming!!!!

  69. awesome..reminds me of the old laundry baskets years ago…really cute rustic country chic…I like your idea..but might use next to fireplace too..not sure..but, awesome none the less.

  70. I’d use this cart to for cozy throws in the living room. With a cool top like yours, it could double as a side table for hot cocoa and popcorn on movie nights!

  71. An awesome decorsteal! I would copy your idea except use my cart for my electric teapot and all my teas! Love what you did with your cart!

  72. Wow, you are incredibly inspiring and so is this rolling cart! I adore what you’ve done with yours and would LOVE to own my own as a charming addition to my kitchen and pantry! I’d definitely try to recreate yours and decorate it for the holidays and all year through. This vintage style rolling cart is super cool, thanks for the chance to win it and for the awesome sale on it too! 🙂

  73. I love how you are using it, but I can see it for many uses, in the sewing room with fabrics, tools hanging, patterns, and half completed projects, outside for a beverage station, in the dining room as a wine bar, bottles in the basket, tools on the hangers, glasses on top or on the bottom shelf, and a plate of cheese….even next to my painting station with cloths, brushes, cans of paint, projects working on…..just love its versatility!!

  74. I would have a top made for the cart, because I am not handy like you. I would use it as an end table and depending on where I would use it as an end table I would then decide what to put inside it. There are so many possibilities for the cart.

  75. Hi! I was thinking of using it as a laundry basket at first, but then I thought of another idea. We are in the process of fixing up our basement. My husband is making me a little work out area and I think it would be great to store exercise DVD’s in a box on the bottom shelf, and maybe sew a cute liner for the basket part to hold bands, a jump rope, and some smaller hand weights and a couple towels. It could be really cute!

  76. What a gorgeous cart! If I won, I would use it in my kitchen for storing fruits and veggies plus displaying cute decorations, since I don’t have a lot of counter space. I love your website and all of the wonderful ideas you share!

  77. Donna, Thanks so much for the chance to win the rolling basket! I love your coffee station! I would use the basket to hold all of my yarn/string or all my fabric in my art studio.

  78. This is fantastic, Donna! I love how rustic and gorgeous this is. That cart would be very welcome in my home, though I think I would probably fill it with crafty loveliness in my craft room!

  79. I have been a subscriber of Decor Steals newsletter for quite some time. You have amazing ideas, I love how your cart turned out.

  80. I would probably make a round top and put magazines or some such item inside and use the cart as a side table in my living or guest room.

  81. I would use this in my laundry room to corral some things. I would borrow from your idea and create a board on top as a folding station. (Although I would probably purchase one, because I don’t own any of those tools you mentioned)

  82. I would use the cart in my little space that I have made into an art studio for mixed media art journaling.

    I have been getting decor steals emails for months now. Love them! So I am already signed up!

    Awesome giveaway!

  83. i would use it to hold my wanna pieces of metal and burlap and screws and dooli bobs and whatamacalits waiting to be something beautiful

  84. Hi Donna! I would love to have that fabulous rustic station cart you have created with Décor Steal’s initial inspiration! I would use it as a pet station for treats, toys and outside necessities :). I love your website as you are one of the most creative people I have ever come by.
    Thank you for all of your amazing ideas! 🙂

  85. This cart is so cute. I love the coffee station you built. I think it could be used in so many different applications, it boggles the mind.

  86. Just gave my bedroom a make over. I would use this as a night stand, I would put a round piece of glass over it. I would fill the inside with some large sea shells, star fish and some small pieces of driftwood. Second idea would be in bathroom with rolled towel and rolls of tissue etc.

  87. I just signed up for Décor Steals newsletter. Thank you for sending me to her site. She has so many wonderful items for sale, hard to pick just one.

  88. Thanks Donna for sending me to Décor Steal’s site. I just signed up for her newsletter and can’t wait to go to her site every day. Love your wonderful coffee cart. Ingenious!

  89. Love this little cart. I love how you used it with a reclaimed door. I have an old door I’ve been trying to work with. Now I have the motivation I need to try something similar. Read your blog daily and appreciate your ideas and this giveaway! Thanks!

  90. I would use this vintage storage cart for storing throws/blankets, top it with a glass top and lamp for an end table.

  91. well seeing this cart at the end of your kitchen island, that’s a perfect spot for this in my kitchen as well. I’d put my potatoes and perhaps onions in it. it’s just lovely, and thank you.

  92. Whatca great cart! Hmm so many things to ise it for, but I think I would start as a small laundry cart for my tiny bathroom! Already follow Decor Steals on FB and get there daily emails too, and todays deal is a steal!

  93. I’m not sure what I would use it for – it would probably change depending on the room and my mood. It’s awesome though!

  94. I am so in love with this cart. I have the perfect little spot in my living room for it. I would use it for display. I have so many little items that I can see being displayed here.

  95. i am a little confused can i enter being from usa? well i would use it pretty much like you for coffee but inside i would have dog food and treats, dress it up seasonally love this cart it would be the nicest thing in my house, thanks donna xx

  96. This is sooo cute! I would use it for and end table in my living room with a top like yours and some of my fun vintage stuff inside and on top.

  97. I love coffee,
    I love tea,
    I love hot cocoa,
    Seems like you made something just for ME!

    I love the Coffee Station – it’s calling my name – I really need a place to show off my Kerug coffee dispenser. I was just given one and my husband & I are having so much fun dispensing coffee & hot cocoa to friends…and especially to each other! 🙂

    • It’s awesome!! Even if you don’t really have room for it, the wheels make it easy to move around in a pinch. Mine is staying put in the kitchen. Unless another need calls louder of course! 😀

  98. This is ithe coolest, sweetest gotta have it! My wheels are just spinning with all the ways I could use this…. corner of my bedroom: to store quilts and pillows; living room in a corner for board games, throw blankets or Christmas presents; kitchen: just exactly how you have it, as a little coffee station! Oh criminy! the things I could do….oh wait, a big ol plant stand for the patio or my big boston fern……I could go on and on! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  99. This cart would serve as a traveling project wagon.
    Whatever project I am working on will hold the supplies
    needed for my next creation. Funky and fun!!

  100. I’ve been wanting one of those rolling carts for the longest time – it would look perfect in my vintage farmhouse laundry room. I’m in love with the crate look you gave the boards on top too, Donna – love every bit of it!!

  101. love it! I’ve made a vintage coffee stand, but not as detailed as yours…I’d change mine out! I’m signed up already…thanks for the chances!

  102. What a wonderful giveaway and photos showing different looks, thank you!

    In the winter I might use it for kindling, pine cones, fatwood and matches… well, maybe the matches elsewhere.

    Or maybe in our foyer for gloves and hats.

    At other times, bathroom supplies like shampoos, conditioners, scrubs.

    Or maybe it would go in my office for paint fan decks and other color samples that don’t have a permanent home yet.

    No matter where it rolled, a shallow box would be at the bottom without dividers for our “container cat,” who has never met a hard wood or plastic box or bowl she did not want to sleep in.

    I might even spray paint it. : )

  103. I would use it in my craft room! It would hold either my Circut or Sizzex!
    The basket would hold the items I need !

  104. Donna, I love what you’ve done with the rolling cart but I think I’ve found a better solution for it in my home. I have a small empty corner in my tiny little dining room that has been crying out for ‘something’. I think I’d turn this into a mini-sideboard that would just fit into the corner. It could hold on to those extra serving dishes that just don’t seem to fit onto the dining table when hosting a big meal. On the bottom shelf, I’d put my baskets of cloth napkins.

    For other times, I’d turn it into my teacher’s supply cart and stock it with boxes of markers/pens/paper. I love to sit in the dining room to do my nightly work so being able to just reach over and grab what I needed would be perfect!

    On a side note, as a Canadian I know it is discouraging to see the fab finds available to “USA only” shoppers. If any of you Canadians live near the border, I have heard of several businesses that serve people just like us. You order whatever it is that your heart desires (that cannot be delivered to a Canadian address) and have it shipped to their address. They send you an email as soon as your order arrives at their warehouse (they’re like a holding company) and then you just pop on down across the border to pick it up.

    A side note: I’ve lived in 3 different provinces in places that weren’t always close enough to be a cross-border shopper. This is really only convenient for you when you live close enough to do the cross-border hopping/shopping (e.g., Toronto/Buffalo/Niagara or other similarly situated locations). A teacher colleague does this all the time for those most-wanted items.

    • That’s a great idea Jan, thanks for your thoughts on this!

      I’m still trying to come up with a way where we don’t have to do that driving though.

      Decor Steals was very gracious to at least offer the giveaway portion for Canadians this round, since they don’t normally.

      Baby steps… 🙂

  105. I would use it for my scrapbook supplies that I like to keep handy and use all the time…oh I can imagine the possibilities!

  106. I love what you did with the rolling cart. I think I would use it in the bathroom with big fluffy towels rolled up and extra toiletries.

  107. It would make a great end table. The basket could hold a current book or two, plus a rolled up fleece blanket. And the top would be handy for a hot drink or snack! Plus some cool vintage coasters!

  108. I think it would work well w/ a plant inside the basket & it could still have a top for use as a table. Just lift the top to water. It could even be a classy way to harness my dirty laundry in my closet. Then I ‘ll wheel it off to the laundry room on laundry day.

  109. Too bad us Canucks can’t buy them – it really is a steal at $68! I would use it under my kitchen island which right now is just open and serves as a spot that the dog waits for food dropped by the toddler. It would be nice to have something there to store root veggies and prevents the dog from hiding out!

  110. I need one of these to put all the Christmas stockings in – tooooo many for the mantel. Can’t wait. Merry Christmas!!!

  111. This would be great in my living room between our 2 recliners. I would use the bottom box for our 3 dogs toys, the wire basket for a couple smaller decorative pillows and blanket, the wood top for beverages. I also like the idea of hanging hooks on the back of the wire basket for a remote holder to hide those ugly remotes.

  112. I have been receiving the decor steals emails for about a year now, I always look forward to seeing what cool items they have and have purchased a few =)

  113. I LOVE this cart! I’d either use it to organize my laundry products or as a cute storage place for my son’s crafty items. Thanks for the chance to win!

  114. Love the coffee station idea. I love this. Would use in the bathroom to hold towels for guest and use a box on the shelf for soaps, shampoos, etc. Boards on top would also give a small counter space next to my pedestal sink. Thanks so much!

  115. Love your idea! Think I’d use mine to store winter mitts/hats so the dog can’t steal them from basket on the floor!

  116. Hi Donna, we live Rockport, Wa on the Skagit River, just a few miles “as the crow flies” from B.C. The river is roaring today and our community is glad the ran has stopped!

    Our washer and dryer are in full view in the backroom/kitchen in this 1905 farmhouse. The cart would look perfect under the antique red dropleaf table. We would use it for the never ending laundry.

  117. I can absolutely see this on my lanai with orchid pots and potting supplies below, a few blooming orchids on top, and hooks suspending paraphernalia like spray bottle, watering can, and a few small orchids mounted on driftwood or shells. The open wire would be perfect for allowing the water to drain through. Lovely!

  118. OOOh I would love to win a rolling cart like this! I even have a rusts crate to put in the bottom 🙂 I would use it in the new mudroom we are working on!

  119. This might be nice to hold an extra throw or two and decorative pillows in the family room. Maybe stack some games underneath. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  120. I would use it for an extension of my island in my kitchen and fill it with my antique pots and plates and put my extremely large cutting board on top to show it off instead of hiding it the pantry because it doesn’t fit anywhere.

  121. I love what you did with amaze me everytime!!! I would use it in my washroom, I would fill the basket with towels

  122. Taken by this cart that you have created. Honestly we live in a smallish house and am still in the process of figuring out what to remove in order to use the cart!

  123. I’m already a subscriber to Decor Steal, love getting their steal in my email at 10:00am daily, I love their flash steal!

    anger_family @yahoo dot com

  124. Taken by this cart that you have created. Honestly we live in a smallish house and am still in the process of figuring out what to remove in order to use the cart!

    I did sign up on the Decor steals website, and commented on their FB page, shared on my Pinterest. I am very keen on this cart.

  125. I cannot TELL YOU how much I LOVE this! I saw those (the notices come to my in-box), but the budget just wouldn’t allow. I would use this in my craft room (which I will be renovating this summer) for pillow forms and the bottom shelf for boxes of ribbon. Then I’d put a top on and put my work lamp on top. I’m a big believer in vertical storage.

  126. I love this cart!! I would set it up in my laundry room!! It would be great to hold all the supplies and roll out of the way when I am not using!! I love the idea of a cocoa station!!!!

  127. Love it…bought it…thanks to your inspiration!

    I get the Decor Steals email and had not made a purchase in awhile. Awesome idea for our kitchen renovation… I keep telling myself I should give up coffee but your post might keep me going for just a little bit longer!

  128. I LOVE this cart! I am thinking it would be great in my hallway filled with hats and mittens. On the bottom shelf I would put socks for those coming to my house (and take off their shoes) and don’t have socks on!

  129. I’d decorate it for Christmas with some some giant sugar pine cones I have and some rusty star garland to weave through. Maybe fresh greenery off some pine trees too.