Public speaking on a new chapter

When people ask what I do for a living, I still stumble over the question. Because the story keeps taking new turns.

Fraser Valley Women's Expo / Public speaking on another chapter, on

It’s particularly funny when I go through customs. I have to rehearse so I don’t stutter. (Never stutter through customs.)

“What do you do for a living?”

Don’t stutter… don’t stutter…

Fraser Valley Women's Expo / Public speaking on another chapter, on
But the last trip I finally had it down. I simply said very confidently,

“I am an interior designer.” 

END. OF. STORY. With not a stutter in sight. And that’s saying something. 🙂

Truth is, I am a signmaker turned junk decorator that managed to ditch the day job in order to do the fun job, that takes photos and writes stories, but now I’ve created this line of stencils so that makes me a signmaker again.

I’d better practice that one up just a little more… 🙂

So last night, while I was pacing the floor, rehearsing for my next speaking engagement at the Fraser Valley Women’s Expo in February, the new direction made me screech to a halt mid sentence, and revamp my story. Just a little.

This time it will be how I can help others create beautiful things for their own home, through the art of old signs.

It was nice to take a different angle! Because there’s so much more to us than just our meagre beginnings.

We all have revolving stories. And if your own isn’t changing in some, at least small way, I’d like to suggest to shake that up! 

Because there’s someone waiting to learn from the new you. You included.

So…this round I will be public speaking on a new chapter… talking about how I morphed my once sign biz into….

Funky Junk lands in Signcraft Magazine  / Public speaking on another chapter, on
Painted old crate stairway  / Public speaking on another chapter, on
…another sign biz that I actually love this time. And this time.  ðŸ™‚

Fraser Valley Women's Expo 2015 / Public speaking on another chapter, on
Fraser Vallen Women’s Expo
Sat, Feb 28, 1pm

I’ll be sharing my tips on how I make cool, old signs for my own home… and some stencils will be coming along… with maybe even a few newly released designs! We are working on it! 

Visit HERE for more stencil and newsletter info.

Thanks once again for having me, Expo Shannon! I can’t wait to get my ‘old sign on!’

When’s the last time you’ve tweaked your story? Or are you a little overdue for a new chapter?

Disclosure / I have partnered with FVWE for this event.

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12 thoughts on “Public speaking on a new chapter

  1. Thanks for the chuckle this morning Donna re: what to call yourself. I struggle with that one too and for the most part people walk away shrugging their shoulders. How do you sum up “Jane of a few trades”? Good luck and have fun at the Fraser Valley Women Expo! I know a few women who will most likely be attending so I’ll tell them to check out your presentation.

  2. I love this! We wear many hats–interior designers, writers, photographers, junkers, teachers, business women, entrepreneurs. It is hard to define us, ha-ha! Good luck at the sexpo!

  3. Hi Donna,

    I am just so proud of you. I have been following you since pretty much the beginning of your journey in Blog Land. You were still working at the sign shop and dreaming of your future. You have come into your own so beautifully. You are indeed an inspiration to a lot of women. Don’t lose sight of your empowerment for others. You are doing a great job at creating your own life path and motivating many others. Yea! I don’t want to sound too serious, so call yourself whatever you are that day! How about that?

  4. I wished I lived closer (I am in Connecticut) because I would love to attend. I think you should say you are a Design Star and a kitty lover when you go through Customs. I LOVE to say I am RETIRED and loving it!

  5. Really appreciated this, because I feel like I am morphing as we have worked on the challenge for this month…like a caterpillar becoming the
    butterfly. The more work I do on the organizing and and releasing things to keep only what is pertinent for this period of time and the goals ahead….well, the more I can See the goals….feel how real they can be.
    So the story keeps changing; being refined. Like a gemstone with multiple facets to reflect the light….

    And you are so right….never stutter while going through customs!

  6. Ok! I have to say it again (have I said it before? Or was that in my head?) Either way, I love your blog, website, and story! I truly find it all to be very inspirational!

    I have just read your article regarding our stories and changes in our lives. You know that familiar saying “Everything happens for a reason”? About a month ago I went through a series of “changes” and not one of them were because I decided to make them! (Wait for it!) Prior to this, I’d asked myself quite often what I wanted out of life. What would make me happy. Let me tell you, its slightly alarming when yourself answers back with “How am I supposed to know??” 😀

    Now, for the first time in a very long time, I think I can actually FEEL what the answer is. Okay? (that’s your line) But why are you telling me? (still your line) 🙂 I think there are two reasons…creativity and the need/desire (no matter the force behind it) to make it on your(my)own. I believe at this point in my life, its time to do something I can get behind. Something I can be proud of. My question(s) to YOU 🙂 are…How do you find the determination or focus, to stay on task while working from home? How do you avoid distractions? How did you know you were making the right decision to leave your day job to begin with? (Umm…remember those decisions made for me? Yeah, this was one of them!) WHICH, is not something I would’ve EVER done on my own! And here it is! –> Everything happens for a reason!

    Thank you ahead of time for any kind of advice you can offer! Thank you for sticking with this email long enough to reach its end! And! Congratulations on your next, new speaking engagement! Did you mention customs? 😉


  7. You’re also an inventor. So maybe an artistic inventor recycler? Kind of a long title. I’m so happy you decided to play with junk full time! You are an inspiration and I love to visit your blog and say to myself “I might be able to do that!”. Thanks for all the creative ideas!

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