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Welcome to Party Junk 260 – Funky Junk’s Best of 2014… and yours!

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Happy New Year everyone!

Boy oh boy, there’s nothing like a deadline to get you out of the holiday groove and back to work! 🙂

I nearly forgot to post this weekend’s link party. Not sure about you, but I’m still in holiday mode, so I haven’t created one. new. thing. yet. Other than more mess in the kitchen and living room from our late night movie marathons and chowing down on holiday treats! 🙂

So this weekend, a reg link up will indeed be in place, along with YOUR best of 2014!

Being naturally curious, I dug through my own google analytics and had to laugh… 2014 reader favs were all from my new bathroom makeover back in January!

I’ve also included my own favs from this past year… so here are mine…

I’ll feature some of yours next weekend! So please link yours up too so we can take it all in!

How to make a farmhouse window on
Make a farmhouse window / Funky Junk Interiors

Desiring to recreate a farmhouse feel, I started with the bathroom. This was my first ever attempt at window molding. Note all straight cuts with no miter joins? Easy!!! So easy I wish to do the rest of my house like this now too.

How to plank a popcorn ceiling instantly via

How to plank over a popcorn ceiling / Funky Junk Interiors

I did say dream farmhouse, right? Gotta have a planked ceiling… so over the popcorn I went!

Salvaged Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover on
Farmhouse styled bathroom makeover / Funky Junk Interiors

It appears the entire room was a hit… here’s the main reveal. I have to honestly say this is my fav room in the house, and I need to implement this look throughout. Maybe after I purge, I may get on that!

And now below, are my own personal 2014 favs…  did your fav get included in the mix?

sawhorse pipe lamps on
Sawhorse pipe lamps / Funky Junk Interiors

Challenged with a couple of rough saw horse brackets I got sent, lamps resulted. 

stepladder side table on
Stepladder side table / Funky Junk Interiors

Having a tall bed that ate up a LOT of room, this ladder side table was truly the answer. I adore it to this day!

signed up toolbox sidetable on
Old signed up toolbox sidetable / Funky Junk Interiors

So done with my son’s remotes strewn all over the living room, they now have a home in this vintage toolbox. Now I just have to train the boy to use it… 🙂

pallet tool shelf on

Workshop makeoverwith a pallet wood tool shelf

Gotta admit, my proudest DIY of the year for myself was to morph an ugly single car garage into my dream workshop… for FREE! The entire thing was created from curbside finds.

You have to spend a bundle to have something cool – said no junker ever. 🙂

drill handled toolbox on
Another pallet wood drill handled toolbox

A friend asked me to create a toolbox with her grandfather’s drill… no prob! I love this one better than my original! I truly plan to create a video or ? on how I do these toolboxes, they are my fav thing to make!

pallet gate on shed on
Pallet gate for the garden shed / Funky Junk Interiors

Desiring a gate to hide the ugly compost mess, a pallet and two hinges were all that was needed. It’s the perfect companion to the old shed!

vintage cart beverage station on
Vintage cart beverage station / Funky Junk Interiors

If I had room for this set up, this would be in my kitchen as is! I LOVE this vintage cart turned coffee station. Visit the post to see how I use it in my real life kitchen.

Funky Junk's Christmas Junk collection on
Christmas recap 2014 / Funky Junk Interiors

This season, I have the 12 Days of Christmas gang to thank.

This event puts the pressure to perform on you hard… and it’s just what I needed to create all these wonderful things. It’s hard to pick a fav because I truly love them all. But I really do love the deer head mantel, Tree Farm sign, and sleigh shelf! Click the link to visit them all in one post.

I’ll do more roundups on my fav inspiring posts, most newsworthy posts, etc. later on too. This year has quite simply been one of the most amazing to date in my life. So visit back to ensure you see it all!

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15 thoughts on “Funky Junk’s best of 2014… and yours!

  1. happy 2015 donna! such a treat to see many of your projects in one post! you are truly an amazing artist, everything here looks related, yet totally fresh and unexpected at the same time! thank you for the never ending inspirations!

  2. Thanks for the party Donna ( and the parties every week all year – they’re so appreciated ! )
    Loved seeing your projects again – especially that bathroom!
    Happy New Year

  3. Donna, you’re so awesome! I’ve never seen any one person with as many unique and freakin’ awesome ideas as you! You’re the most incredible inspiration and a true blessing to all who know you. Rock on 2015!!

  4. Hey girl, I just totally enjoy your sense of style, since I look at junk just like you do and it is wonderful to not feel so strange about my quirky taste. I have a question about your ladder table next to your bed…I can see my cats having so much fun climbing that. Do your guys climb it? I wouldn’t mind but I do wonder about things getting knocked over or broken. Thanks!

    • Hey Susan, thanks! And worthwhile question. They have never bothered. One attempted to get on a shelf once but he didn’t fit so he gave up! 😀 They really have no interest, strangely enough. And I have stuff on there that wouldn’t get broken even if they tried.

  5. Donna you have had an amazing year in blogging and I have enjoyed all of your hard work. LOL Seriously you are amazing and I just want to thank you for all you do and for the inspiration that you give to me and encouragement on my own blog. ((WARM HUGS)) Jo

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