Happy New Year ice storm musings

Ice storm on a rustic shed in BC Canada \ funkyjunkinteriors.net

Happy New Year, dear friends!

And what a new year it has been in our neck of the woods. We were hit with a major ice storm right after Christmas, and it’s been cold enough to hold onto those temps and most of the ice.

Ice storm on a rustic shed in a snowy back yard in BC Canada \ funkyjunkinteriors.net

It’s starting to get old now though with crusty, dirty roads and hard to walk on sidewalks. However the overall look is still a winter wonderland, even if crunchy.

After Christmas, I had planned to visit some nearby family, however that didn’t transpire due to this storm hitting.

Ice storm on a rustic shed in a snowy back yard in BC Canada \ funkyjunkinteriors.net

It’s been a very relaxing, quiet Christmas through New Year’s time just puttering inside the home. I had given myself permission to not have to work, but that’s all I’ve pretty much done due to not having anything else to do!

Funny how that works… if you tell yourself you don’t have to, you’re more enticed to do it anyway…

Iced over truck during an ice storm in BC Canada \ funkyjunkinteriors.net

Iced over truck during an ice storm in BC Canada \ funkyjunkinteriors.net

So when this ice storm hit, I allowed my truck to stay fully encased for several days and didn’t even venture down the driveway. I had been dieing to see my bike trails in the ice storm however it was just too dangerous to even attempt to walk the sidewalks for a spell.

It was even tricky getting to my back yard to take these shots.

Snowy back yard and ice storm on a rustic shed in BC Canada \ funkyjunkinteriors.net

Christmas is still up, however the decor is more winter, so nothing really feels out of place nor is in my way anyway, so there it stays.

How’s that for major relaxed?

Grapevines encased in ice in a snowy back yard and ice storm on a rustic shed in BC Canada \ funkyjunkinteriors.net

Having so much solitude during this time had me jotting down some thoughts… What do I really want? Where do I really want to go? Getting them on paper seemed to help although most of my answers just held more questions.

What topped the list though? International travel and moving!

Good grief. Those are two very big scary thoughts!

But it’s the scary stuff that intrigued me the most this past year such as taking on a new island when in Maui (I’ve still yet to write about) and venturing down the scary Road to Hana.

I suppose that means I need to keep pushing myself into those unknown zones in order to keep internally growing.

And then major cabin fever set in. It got a little too quiet. Thank goodness for my cats.

De-icing the struck after an ice storm \ funkyjunkinteriors.net

De-icing the struck after an ice storm \ funkyjunkinteriors.net

So I got inside the frozen ice sculpture of a truck from one side (cold water and vinegar helped pry open my passenger door), moved the truck into the sun and started de-icing so I could venture out again.

Every. Single. Ice chunk was removed so it wouldn’t slide off and hit other vehicles. I read in a road report Facebook group about other vehicles getting broken windshields and other damage thanks to  undo care of others not removing vehicle ice, so felt this was worthy to mention.

Still debating on writing a blog post on how I de-iced the truck… I certainly learned a few new things. And have the sore neck to prove it…

First stop, groceries and coffee shop! It was nice to eat again. And I even made it out to my son’s on New Year’s Day over a 5 Guys burger.

A snowy river view at Peach Trail along the Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack, BC Canada \ funkyjunkinteriors.net

But not without a quick pit stop on the way into town with phone in hand, to grab a couple of pictures from my beloved river trails… yes! And so gorgeous!

An ice sculpture along the Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack, BC Canada \ funkyjunkinteriors.net

How creative is this ice sculpture?

A snowy river view along the Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack, BC Canada \ funkyjunkinteriors.net

Ahhh. So much better!

Solitude was indeed nice for a spell. But apparently only so much of it!

How has your downtime been?

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19 thoughts on “Happy New Year ice storm musings

  1. Your river trails are just as beautiful encased in ice! Gorgeous! Downtime has been wonderful here. I recently had surgery and am not working so plenty of time to ponder and heal. Sometimes good,sometimes a little boring. But I feel I have been given a chance to embrace new horizons.

  2. Happy New Year!

    I can’t believe the cold…the ice! I did not think it got that cold back home…yikes!

    It is a good reason to take a break and reflect. Looking forward to seeing where your next adventure takes you!

  3. Have some fun outside and build some snow cats! 🙂 The icicles look so beautiful, driving in such icy conditions is no fun though. Stay warm and safe!
    Happy New Year, Donna! I wish you health, happiness and good luck with your plans for this year!

  4. I live in Victoria and boy do I miss winters like this. I love frozen and snow and all the magic that it brings. I’m thinking of re locating in the next couple years, maybe your area would be a good choice?

    • Hi Nicole, by Victoria do you mean on Vancouver Island? Winters like this are very hit and miss in the Fraser Valley. The farther east you go, the more snow. Hope really got dumped on but with no ice. I personally would not recommend moving out here for the potential of winter maybe one week out of an entire year… maybe we should swap houses for a spell and feel this all out? I’ve been curious about Van Island myself! 😀

      • Yup I’m in Victoria on Vancouver Island. I thought you where further up north for some reason. I love winter, real winter with snow and freezing. We don’t get much of it here. House swap………yes!

  5. Winter has its own beauty..quiet, winter walks in the woods are great. Of course ice storms are a different animal. Enjoy the view with a good book, a fire in the fireplace and a cup of tea. Unlike summer, you can hibernate without guilt!!

  6. Happy New Year!

    We’re supposed to be getting hit with some precipitation — rain, sleet, snow — so we feel like sitting ducks. There’s nothing happening at the moment, but the warnings have been sent out. I live in North Carolina, so we don’t have the equipment to take care of the snow. Now, I’m from Ohio, so I know how to drive in this stuff, but the people who have always lived here are immobilized by a few inches of snow. We’re just going to stay home and do stuff. Thank goodness we have our bread and milk, because any time there is a weather warning, those things are the first to go off the grocery store shelves. I don’t even like milk sandwiches!!! lol

  7. Oh my!! Happy New Year Donna. That was quite a storm. I’m glad you were able to get the truck de-iced. I really loved that last photo with the ice sculpture. It’s photos like these that make it worth our while to brave the cold and snow!

  8. Cats are a big help. We had an ice storm here as well but not with snow or as bad as yours! I am glad I have lots of books, just in case.

  9. Donna,

    Happy New Year!

    I cannot imagine why you would want to move with your beautiful home, and area you live in. The pictures you have shared on your bike rides and the snow and ice pictures are amazing!

  10. We had our snow in before Christmas. Ice storms are beautiful but so dangerous and they seem to last forever! Glad you were able to get out.
    Love the Road to Hana! Haven’t been to Hawaii since 1992. A return trip is high on my list!

  11. AHHHH so you’re the culprit who sent the snow, cold temps, and ice to the South!!!!! My poor family is in Alabama, ARkasas, Florida, Mississippi, and North Carolina and they are just not use to it. ME…. I am in Arizona in the SE corner. WE have been cool but not like that.

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