Herb garden, old kettle style

indoor herb garden planted in old kettles via Funky Junk Interiors

Growing a small indoor herb garden has intrigued me for awhile. So last time I picked up a few plants for the garden, a few fragrant herbs made their way into my basket as well.

Where to put them? Didn’t have a clue.

indoor herb garden planted in old kettles via Funky Junk Interiors

I just dug around in my junk storage stash and came up with 4 kettle styled containers and thought… hmmm… I like!

herb garden planted in old kettles via Funky Junk Interiors

Nothing complicated about this project. Some potting soil was all that was added.

indoor herb garden planted in old kettles via Funky Junk Interiors

Ok, not quite true. A little spanish moss was added to hide the soil. I just like this stuff. It’s got such a great texture.

indoor herb garden planted in old kettles via Funky Junk Interiors

rusty gears cogs / indoor herb garden planted in old kettles via Funky Junk Interiors

No project would be complete without a few rusty gears! Truth be told, they helped to elevate some of the kettles for added height interest.

 indoor herb garden planted in old kettles via Funky Junk Interiors

 indoor herb garden planted in old kettles via Funky Junk Interiors

 indoor herb garden planted in old kettles via Funky Junk Interiors

My favourite herb is spearmint. I remember while growing up, we had a wild bush of it growing inside our old farmhouse garage. A quick little pinch would have me dreaming of gum. 🙂

There’s also two types of thyme that remind me of homemade soup!

I don’t remember what the fourth is, but it’s all good. I may eventually cook with some of the herbs handy right next to the kitchen, but for the most part, as with most everything else I create…

 indoor herb garden planted in old kettles via Funky Junk Interiors

I just like looking at them. 🙂

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40 thoughts on “Herb garden, old kettle style

  1. Hi Donna, What a great idea plus these are so pretty to look at. I have lemon balm growing outside … I love the smell of it. Every time I go outside I have to crush up a leaf and smell the lemon on my fingers. It is funny how the simple smell of something can make someone feel so good.
    Enjoy our little garden 🙂

  2. Very pretty Donna! I love your choice of teapots with old handles and great patina. I have some spearmint in my garden that is going wild, a little pot is a great idea to contain it! Great project as usual.

  3. Dear Kettled,

    I have not been over here in a long while. But, when I saw the title today, I HAD to stop by! My herbs grow in pots outside near the back door so I can see them every time I go out. They are in larger old pots tho…old canners, roasters, & enamel-ware cast-offs of yester-year. I do have a question tho, how is it you did not have to put drainage holes in the bottom of the pots? I thought a person always had to do that. I would love to winter-over several of them in your smaller pot idea as there would not be nearly enough room for the big ones inside my house.

    looking for pots to POT herbs in

    • gkey, your idea is better for long term. I just plan to enjoy the herb garden indoors over the summer and see how big everything gets. I suspect I’ll be moving the works outdoors at some point, but for now, I thought it made a pretty addition for inside. 🙂 What you’ve done sounds wonderful!

  4. You were reading my mind with your last comment. I was wondering if you were concerned about drainage. or…rusting out the bottoms. I did that with one of my favorite enamelware pitchers, I was bummed but then just plopped it out in the flower bed with some asparagus ferns in it, they will root into the ground but it still looks nice in the pitcher 🙂

  5. Do I spy with my little eye… oregano? or is it marjoram? I love potting up herbs in old tea pots and HUGE kettles! In the fall I cut my herbs back and then cut them all winter long when they start to get long and spindly. Come spring, its back outside! A good thing to do is to put a layer of gravel w/ charcoal to help keep the soil sweet, like you would in a terrarium. My mother-in-law has an old boot of my father-in-laws that is filled with chicks & hens that she did the same way. Bottoms rusting out… yep been there, done that… solution, setting the tea pot on a pretty old plate. It has worked every time! Enjoy your herbs! Do you grow the variegated lemon thyme? It is wonderful with pasta, fish, and chicken.

    Have a wonderful day!!

  6. Oooooohhhh your herb garden is so cute, love old metal containers. Re-using is the greatest.You have the greatest vision re-using containers.
    I had some pots etc. but hubby snuck them into trash pile, got rid of them on me. Only one I still have is a metal pot for hot water at a restaurant that was in my cupboard. Hubs and daughter are ruthless with my stuff, dadgumit. I’ll have to do a thrift store run for containers as I’ve wanted to have a small herb garden for long time. Never used herbs for cooking but I understand the aroma is outstanding. Love your blog.

  7. I love this idea…hummm all those pots I’m leaving a the thrift store never again…can’t wait to try this at home…I love growing garlic…can’t wait to find something old and deep enough to handle my new found herb garden….thanks again for sharing…!♥

  8. Wonderful! Love the gears. Wish I could find some here. I am turning an old rocking cradle into a garden myself. I just cannot decide what I want to put in it yet. I have an herb garden, I may try succulents.

  9. Polly put the kettle on and we’ll all have a herb…LOL. Love your kettles, I have a flower in an old kettle that my mom had many years ago. I think I like your herbs in the kettles better than a flower.

  10. These are adorable! I love to use things like this for planters, sometimes instead of holes, I add gravel or woodchips in the bottom for drainage, and I just read on pinterest to add a baby’s diaper to soak up the water…

  11. So very cute! I am loving a herb garden I saw on Pinterest… herbs planted between the spokes of an old wagon wheel. Such a refreshing change from the ‘wheel leaning up against the house’ treatment. Not as portable as your vignette though! 🙂

  12. I am absolutely in LOVE with your site. My “to do” list just grew 10 fold!

    Did you have to drill a hole or two in the bottom of the pots for this one?


    • Hi Laura! That would be a good idea if you plan to keep them in for the long haul. I personally didn’t because I wanted the opportunity to use the kettles for something else. I’d think rocks in the bottom before soil would be helpful for drainage. Just watch the amount of accumulated water and dump when needed.

    • Hi Kelly! I didn’t in my case, because I use the props many times over for other projects. But if I were to keep them more permanent, I would indeed use a metal drill bit attached to a cordless drill and make drainage holes. They did fill up with water, but I just poured them out. LOL Drilling is much better!

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