How to spring clean the outdoors with pressure washing tips

Newly cleaned wicker resin outdoor furniture sitting on a freshly pressure washed patio, part of How to spring clean the outdoors with pressure washing tips

Just recently, I got these weird intense aches that literally shut me down midway on the bike trail the other day.

I honestly felt like I pulled a Forest Gump. I was out in the middle of nowhere, like Snow White in full song mode amongst birds and nature, then BAM. I got off my bike, and sat on a bench. And didn’t want to move.

I think it’s the weather change. Our barometer patterns have always wreaked havoc on my system, but this was pretty out of the norm while on a bike.

After several weeks of this nonsense, it started to rain. Then within 30 minutes, the pain vanished. Seriously…  just like that!

Before my ‘miraculous healing’, I had been attempting to push through ‘the noise’ and DIY. Resulting in several failed attempts. Lovely. Why oh why is creativity linked to feeling good?!


With all these apparent failures, I decided to venture outside instead. Aches or no aches.

That’s when I ended up pruning the hydrangea bush. Talk about a change of scenery…

Then that blended into mowing the lawn, and weeding the front flower beds.

I hadn’t been this productive in forever! So at this point, I knew it would serve me best to stick to the outdoors for a spell.

Cleaning up the backyard to prepare for pressure washing

Only, it was so dirty.

A few wind storms over winter had thrown over my wood wall and neatly stacked reclaimed wood I planned to rebuild my new garden fence with. Ugh.

Restacking a few planks didn’t cut it. Too dirty. So I decided to push through the achy breaky zone and go for total broke.

It was now all about spring cleaning the outdoors through pressure washing, aches or no aches!

Cleaning up the sidewalk in the backyard to prepare for pressure washing

I adore this time of year, when you just get to start all over again. I have NO idea what will transpire out here yet, and I like that! Even I will be surprised.

But all I really cared about was no dirt and bare bones for today.

So, I thought I’d share how I go about pressure washing. Because honestly, nothing compares to cleaning the outdoors than doing this first….

Everything out on the lawn to prepare for spring cleaning pressure washing

My pressure washer

I happen to have what I’d regard as a heavy duty pressure washer. It’s a Honda 6X340 11.0 Electronic Ignition. It’s powerful and heavy.

There are much lighter duty ones on the market to suit your own needs, however it’s best to investigate your needs prior. Much of my front yard is in shade year around, so the intense pressure a heavy duty offers is needed.

Mine is similar to the first one below…

Everything out on the lawn to prepare for spring cleaning pressure washing

How I prepare for backyard pressure washing

  • Gut all surfaces by placing everything on the lawn.
  • Make piles for the dump, to give away, etc. Purge purge purge.
  • Outfit myself with rain gear, hearing protection and safety glasses.
  • Have plenty of fresh gas on hand.
  • Hit everything in sight!

The back of my truck got filled up with broken boards (from my reclaimed wood wall that fell over) and loose stuff got thrown out onto the lawn so it would get cleaned as well.

It’s a good idea to get fresh gas at this point. I crossed my fingers and used the gas in the cans from last fall. Seemed to be ok. Just know, gas can go bad.

And now, everything in my path was ready to get blasted.

How I pressure wash reclaimed wood

Wearing rain gear and boots to prepare for spring cleaning pressure washing

Helpful tips

While pressure washing is super gratifying, it’s hard work. Moving stuff, the noise, the pressure on your hands all come into play. Here’s how I work around it…

  • Play with the pressure.
  • Outfit the wand with a wire to keep it on.
  • Position pressure washer so minimal moving is required.
  • Focus on one area. Save more for another day.

I like to regulate the pressure, depending what the need is. High pressure is more intense however can do a better job on super stained areas. Just beware, more pressure can be harder on some surfaces.

It also helps to outfit a wire of sorts to hold the wand to an on-position. It’s hard on your hands to keep the wand lever pressed down when using higher pressure.

I also like to have everything ready to go in one given area, say, the entire backyard. This way, you can simply go from one thing to the next without stopping in between. I position the pressure washer so the hoses can reach all areas possible.

I’ve also learned over the years to separate areas with days. I use to do the backyard AND front yard all in one day. It proved to be a very long day and really hard on me. So now I tell myself, ‘backyard today, and front yard another day.’

Even if you feel like you can do it all in one day, you may feel differently in the evening once you sit down pass out.

A dirty patio before spring cleaning through pressure washing

From ugh…

Cleaned pallet wood furniture on a back patio, part of how to spring clean the outdoors through pressure washing with tips

… to so. much. better! And ready for cushions again!

Honestly, there is nothing but NOTHING that works better than pressure washing the outdoors at the start of the season. I have tried the scrubbing method, and it just doesn’t do the same thing.

So if you don’t yet have a pressure washer on hand, tell Santa he’s late and go get one for yourself.

I loved the sign fabric made last summer, however I’d like to try something different this year.

Cleaned pallet wood furniture on a back patio, part of how to spring clean the outdoors through pressure washing with tips

I think I’m starting to dig that Scandinavian look where you see one rustic table in the middle of a bare, white empty room.


Oh dear. Sorry, junk. I’m sure it’s only temporary.

Resin wicker outdoor furniture on a back patio, part of how to spring clean the outdoors through pressure washing with tips

Ok, ok. Before the chair pads made an appearance for the table and chairs, I admit I added one decorative element, because it needed a statement of some kind.

Large twig wreath on a backyard patio for spring decorating

Decorating with one very big and twiggy wreath… CHECK.

Then I took a quick break and had lunch.

But once I moved the pressure washer to the shed out back...  KAPUT.

The pressure washer was down. Nooooo……

After a few failed attempts to restart the thing, I knew it was time to get an engine guy into the picture. So I went online, and called someone to PICK UP (house calls!) my pressure washer, air compressor and lawnmower!

I haven’t had my machine engines looked at for some time, so I decided to gitter done and do it right this round.

I’ve delayed a few woodworking projects due to being afraid to use the air compressor as is, so I am excited to get that tool working again! More on all that very soon.

However for today…

Resin wicker outdoor furniture on a back patio, part of how to spring clean the outdoors through pressure washing with tips

I am enjoying a few freshly pressure washed clean spaces, where new projects can take place once again!

But first… coffee with an outdoor view. Welcome back!


How are your outdoor spaces taking shape? Do you start with pressure washing the works as well, or use another method?

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8 thoughts on “How to spring clean the outdoors with pressure washing tips

  1. Borrowing a pressure washer in the next week or so (when the snow finally melts) then I will be cleaning all the mossy surfaces in my yard including the white fence that is looking a little green. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Yep, gotta keep those babies in tip top condition from season to season. I am glad you talked about the pressure wash. I REALLY need to do my little patio. So I will go rent one for the day AND maybe do the driveway also. We are perking up down here in almost mile high in the sky Southern Arizona. Got my veggie plants and will get them in the raised bed today. And create some sort of privacy from neighbors prying eyes also for the backyard. Ahhhh Spring!!!!

  3. Well, I have my lists made! That’s about it. Inside projects. Outside projects. Both require a massive clean up and overhaul. And I do have a pressure washer! This year I need to work on the driveway. It’s so scruffy looking. Old aggregate. Cracked broken. And heaving. Hmm kinda sounds like me! Hah!

  4. Such industry! And it looks like spring at your house! We are still in winter storm mode in Lower Northern Michigan, without a blade of grass in sight.

    Like you, spring is always a nice time to re-evaluate all the outdoor decor. Some things are eliminated. Others are moved to another spot. Your porch looks great and the one big wreath is “enough.” Looks just right.


    Thanks for sharing. Brenda

  5. Donna! thank you so much for the inspiration! I have a lovely power washer that I need to get reaquainted with asap! I plan to get busy very soon! I usually have to wait on my husband but heck if you can do it then so can I! Happy Spring from TEXAS!

  6. My all time favorite outdoor chore is pressure washing. When that puppy is ready to roll it’s all mine till everything that can be washed is done. It’s almost an obsession. Unfortunately the only thing I can pressure wash right now is the snow. Hope it melts soon, because now I’m dreaming of the washing time.

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