Closet organizer for small closet types – triple your space!

Struggling with a small closet? Discover how a closet organizer for small closet types can triple your storage space and make your life easier. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to organized bliss! I’ve now installed this closet system in 3 closets and have never been happier!

Closet organizer for small closet types - triple your space!

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I’ve been ‘blessed’ with small closets in my house. This makes storing all our shirts, coats, other clothing, and wardrobe accessories tricky!

It’s not like it’s an easy reno creating more storage space that simply doesn’t exist. So I’ve just put up with the lack of racks and such. A dresser with drawers helped some, especially for folded sweaters, but not nearly enough. I just prefer everything hanging up so it’s easier to take care of. And what I really needed was some simple shelf space so I had the ability to fold what I wanted behind a closet door.

There was only one thing to do. Make better use of the closet space I DO have.

So I hunted around for the perfect fix…

And at long last, not only did I find a simple solution for all my smaller closets, it was so easy to do, easily tripling my closet space!

Here’s what I did:

Closet organizer for small closet types – triple your space!


Supplies you’ll need:


A simple closet kit like THIS ONE

Cordless drill (I like Makita)

Drill bits that will drill holes

Construction measuring tape

Construction level

Square wicker basket storage


Primary closet – before

Welcome to the master bedroom closet. I know… I know. After painting the inside of the closet, I never did replace the original closet bar because I didn’t have a place for all these linens.

So I had to take a step backwards to fix this right… which will give you another closet storage idea too!

Linen closet – before


My clothing was hanging in a spare room for the time being… which was still a waste of space as-is too. So it was time to switch this around and do it right!

Linen closet with shelves


First up was to outfit the spare closet into a linen closet. So I installed some IKEA shelving inside this closet which fit perfectly! (read my post HERE)

Find some other ideas for wood storage shelves on Amazon HERE

Building an easy clothes closet from a $50 kit! |

Temporary hallway closet


Which left no place for my clothes. So my version of a walk through hallway closet came into effect by placing a shower curtain bar over top of two doorways in the hallway. Hey, it worked! 

But after hitting my head umpteen times on the clothing while walking back and forth, it was time to move to my next step.

I decided to check out to see what Walmart had on hand.

And this is why I delayed the closet project for SO long. My original intent was to build a really cool closet organizing system with metal pipes or something. However, at this point, I didn’t desire to delay this closet organization project one more second! Something simple will do.

Where to shop for this closet kit


HERE is a similar ClosetMaid in Bright Wood found at Lowes.

And another similar closet kit at Walmart HERE

How to build an easy clothes closet from a $50 kit! |

Locate a simple closet kit like this one HERE.

Unpacking the closet kit


And that’s when my eyes landed on a simple and cost-effective closet organizer for small closet types. DONE!

The closet kit went into my shopping cart. I mean.. it’s a closet. It’s behind closed doors. I’ll save cool for where I can see it this round! I needed a full working closet stat and if this worked out, I have two more to redo as well!

The pros of picking up a closet kit

  • holes are pre drilled
  • shelving is precut
  • hardware is included
  • instructions are sound so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel

How to install a simple closet kit


1. Spread out the closet kit in a large empty space on the floor. Remove the parts from the bags, and organize everything so it’s easy to grab as needed.

2. Read the directions completely before starting.
. How to build an easy clothes closet from a $50 kit! |

View drill bit kits HERE

Tool tip: I really love tool kits that travel. This Makita drill kit has both drills and bits so everything is easily mobile and intact. But it doesn’t last forever… I’m well overdue for an upgrade as most of my bits are stripped with many rusty.

But a drill bit kit is a very worthwhile purchase which makes installs or builds easy.

How to build an easy clothes closet from a $50 kit! |

Assembling the closet shelves


3. Start with assembling the shelves.

I chose a closet style that had shelves in the middle of one closet bar on the left, and two closet bars on the right. 

To assemble the shelves, the smaller shelves were positioned against the longer sides…

How to build an easy clothes closet from a $50 kit! |

… then attached using a cordless drill from the outside of the shelves.

I love well thought out kits! Saves me the hardship of endless measuring and drilling holes if I were to build this from scratch.

How to build an easy clothes closet from a $50 kit! |













Closet rod hardware


4. Gather up the closet rod hardware, choosing the right drilling bits to accompany the different sized screws.

When attaching the rods to different surfaces, you need:

  • Wall mount side – left – thicker drill, long screws, anchors
  •  Shelf mount side – right – thinner drill, short screws

Doesn’t the closet pole hardware look so happy? Remember those faces, it’ll come in handy for what’s next.

How to build an easy clothes closet from a $50 kit! |
The rods are adjustable white enamel, oh so pretty and smooth! The little hole is designed to hook onto the lower hinge bracket tooth. (see smiling faces with one tooth above!)

How to build an easy clothes closet from a $50 kit! |

Attaching the closet rod brackets to shelves and walls


5. Position the shelving where you wish for them to go. I positioned mine pretty much in the center of the closet, but you can shift them around to a certain extent as desired.

6. Install the closet rod brackets to the sides of the shelving.

See how to triple your small closet space with this simple closet kit! Installs quickly and is so price efficient. Fits nearly any sized closet! Click for full tutorial. #closet #closets #closetkits

How to install the shelf and wall brackets


Installing the shelf brackets –  first

  • decide where to place the bracket
  • pencil inside the holes for reference
  • pre drill surface
  • screw bracket on

Installing the wall brackets – 2nd

  • measure height off floor vs how far away from the wall shelf bracket is
  • pencil location on wall
  • pre drill drywall
  • mount anchors by pounding them in with a hammer/rubber mallet
  • screw bracket on

Using a construction level, check that the bars are level before installing the brackets to the wall.


How to build an easy clothes closet from a $50 kit! Ikea basket storage in cubbies. |

Inserting storage baskets into shelves


7. Slide desired storage wicker baskets or storage bins into each shelf cubby.

I’ve had these little square wicker storage baskets originally from IKEA for many years, and was thrilled they fit perfectly!

Affiliate link – HERE are some similar baskets on Amazon.

Check out many other wicker storage baskets on Amazon HERE

And then it was time to officially move in! YES.

I was never so happy to see this hallway cleaned up.

See how to triple your small closet space with this simple closet kit! Installs quickly and is so price efficient. Fits nearly any sized closet! Click for full tutorial. #closet #closets #closetkits

8. Move in!

It was such a delight hanging my clothing by colour and type! T-shirts to the far left, sweaters to the right, by colour… you get the idea.

I chose 3 storage baskets, which were filled with small items such as socks, underwear and other smaller garments. The storage baskets were placed on the lower 3 shelf spaces. 

Then the rest of the shelves were used to store folded jeans, and other pants.

The floor under the single closet bar can also be used for shoes or a smaller shoe rack. I’m personally storing my air conditioner in that spot, then swapping it out with my oil heater as needed. All the shoes fit downstairs so it’s all good!

See how to triple your small closet space with this simple closet kit! Installs quickly and is so price efficient. Fits nearly any sized closet! Click for full tutorial. #closet #closets #closetkits
What a difference, huh? Even  small spaces have half a chance!

Oh, and by the way, I did upgrade my hangers after this post! Another move that was long overdue. I eventually chose plastic hangers with felt protectors on the shoulders similar to THESE HANGERS. 

Since my plastic hangers are thicker, they do take up more space. That’s why I like THESE hangers with wire hooks better.

But that’s ok… that makes me purge my clothing more often too!

Upgrade your closet hangers with THESE OTHER HANGER ideas!

Building an easy clothes closet from a $50 kit! |

The primary closet before:

Closet organizer for small closet types - triple your space!

And the primary closet after! (original)

Closet organizer for small closet types - triple your space!

As time went on, I’m still in love! I just love how the new, improved closet system works! This simple closet system suited my own needs perfectly.

The shelf doesn’t quite reach 8 feet high so you could consider that there’s a top shelf above the regular shelving as well.

See how to triple your small closet space with this simple closet kit! Installs quickly and is so price efficient. Fits nearly any sized closet! Click for full tutorial. #closet #closets #closetkits

Everything has a place!


If you have more wall space than I do, you can choose similar closet kits that host wider shelves. That would be nice. But while this isn’t a fancier, more spacious walk-in closet, I’ve made my own closet work well for my needs just fine!

Regardless, a quick afternoon, I got a whole new closet. And now I’m questioning why I waited so long! 

easy closet kit for teen's room

Learn how to easily triple any small closet with this easy to use closet kit! Click for full tutorial. #closets #closetrevamp #closetkit

easy closet kit for teen's room

View this smaller closet redo HERE – includes painting the wall

Because next up, I also upgraded my son’s small bedroom closet with the same kit, moving the shelving over to the far right! This gives him as much rod space as possible on one side, which is plenty for his own needs.

Then ultimately, I also outfitted my entry closet (as shown above) like my son’s with plenty of room for boots and shoes in the shelving , and we’ve been closet-happy ever since!

So yes… a simple closet kit like this offers immediate closet storage solutions. It’s really been a huge game-changer for us.

And I’d use them again if I had more closets to do! But I’ve run out. How lucky am I?

Could these small closet organization ideas work for your closets too?

View all my closet revamps HERE

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46 thoughts on “Closet organizer for small closet types – triple your space!

  1. Last summer we put the Closetmaid Kits in both of our boys rooms and we love them. Now we just have to be patient and do our walk in closet. It is going to take more pieces, so we will probably need to wait another year or so. It is so worth it to go this way though. The custom closets are so similar for ridiculous amounts of money.

  2. What an awesome transformation. Ive always wanted one of those organizers. The house Im in now had a wire system already in it (yuck). I have to say I love that you have wire hangers….so Joan Crawford of you! Fabulous reveal!

    Lucky 7 Design

  3. WHAT a transformation and great tutorial!

    I have a closet that looks a LOT like your before photo but filed to the brim…might need to get out my drill gun this week…and make a couple drop offs to the Goodwill! Bring on the spring cleaning!

  4. I love both your closet makeovers and am getting ready to put Gorm shelving in my pantry/storage area. One thing I do splurge on when I’m back in the US on visits is those lovely soft, grippy hangers (but only if they’re going for a steal in Marshalls), They really do keep Tshirts and shirts nice, especially when you’ve gone to the trouble of ironing them.

  5. It looks great Donna. It looks a lot more expensive than a $50 walmart kit. I have spent $100s on closet systems from Lowes that I did myself. This looks like a winner. Love the baskets.

  6. Your closet looks spectacular!

    Aren’t those kits the greatest! We have put in 13 closets in 4 houses so far… Yep you read that correctly. The larger kits are wonderful as well and can usually be found at Lowe’s, Home Depot, and sometimes even Target. In all honesty we will probably be installing sets number 14 and 15 once the addition is built in order to help keep costs to a minimum.

  7. Well that didn’t look too hard and now you have a great organized closet. I thought it was funny though that those little wall brackets look like little faces with one little tooth in their mouths (I’m a little nutty that way).

    I enjoyed the Poppies at Play Tour of Homes. I did link up but didn’t link my house. I linked posts about my cousin’s authentic little cottage. I linked them up to SNS too. If you get a chance, check out the backyard of her cottage. I think it’s right up your alley.

    Enjoy your week!

  8. Ha! I’m glad I’m not the only one that saw the brackets as a one-toothed smiling man! Nice job on the closet! I think I want to run out and do the same now! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. ‘closet innards’!!! LOL!!!

    Never will I think of the inside of a closet in any other way! I LOVE that!!!
    Yours is sweet and thanks for the directions and the whereabouts to get the innards! I NEEDED this one!!!!!!

    The baskets are great too!! And color coordinating the clothes??? Well, let’s just say ‘you’re speaking my language’!!!


  10. For $50 and an hour of your time, that rocks! We did the Container store Elfa shelving and it took longer and was much more expensive (even though I waited for their Annual Sale.)

    Nice job, Donna!

    We have more closets to do (the builders back on ’59 didn’t screw the shelves and brackets supporting the hanger bar into studs. Nope. They nailed, yep smooth inch long nails, right into dry wall. Dorks – lol. (So they’re all just barely hanging on…)

  11. well donna about time ;). i cannot believe it took you sooooo long. must have been distracted by all of your other projects. our last house had a small walkin closet so i had a closet planner come in they wanted an outrageous amt of money so. i changed the plan to meet my needs and it was my christmas present that yr from my honey bear ;). one of the best ever.i personally love closet maid and have some of the wire baskets in our present closet great for socks and sweatshirts.
    its so nice to actually see what you have. pretty and organized ;).

  12. You’ve inspired me! I have been putting off this project for too long- next trip to the “big city” I’m picking up the components and getting started! Thanks for the “how to” and before and after pics- Congratulations- yours looks great!

  13. I knew I loved you! That is the same closet system that I put together for my kiddos…It is configured differently, but the same idea. It is the best. We have one tiny closet and two kids sharing a room. When we moved in it had one bar…what a waste of space!

    Thanks for all your clever and charming ideas you share!


  14. Yep, I have those closet systems in all our closets. But they were here when I bought the house, so I can’t claim to have put them up. They are very handy though. I really do love that you have your clothes color coded. Might even get me inspired to clean up my closet.

  15. They make closet organizers?!! LOL

    I share a standard builder’s size closet with my hubby; read as: lots of folded clothes in dressers and on free-standing shelves. Plans are on the drawing board for a re-hab, but that is a ways down the road…

    Our previous NEW home had a HUGE L-shaped walk-in closet with tons of room and outfitted for all kinds of sins.

    Yours looks fabulous! Simple, neat, clean, organized…hmmmm, maybe I’m a bit envious? Maybe. Wink. 😉

  16. Donna-
    Sweet closet! I’m so jealous. For one that you have a closet…and two that it is now ORGANIZED. My little country bumpkin house had 2 closets in it when we moved here 15 yrs ago… and now were up to 4! (that’s if you count the water heater closet!
    Anyway– great tutorial- RTA (ready to assemble) closets and furniture are quick and easy…I’d rather have RTA closet-as the furniture is cookie cutter-UGLY…sorry.
    Now about the photos???
    Cody taking pictures of Mom working? You’ve trained him well, if that is the case. Otherwise…you have your camera on a timer? and I must have missed that tutorial…
    You’re so busy!

    have a great week.

  17. Donna,
    This is great!! Worst part would be clearing out all the stuff at my house. =)

    I was thinking you had some posts on how to save your blog, but could not find it.
    Am I thinking of someone else??

    thanks and blessings
    barbara jean

  18. So loving how that looks, I have 3 girls that share a room and I’m thinking this might help. The shelves would be wonderful for linen and/or shoes. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Great job. Your next upgrade as you add clothes should be new hangers. Metal hangers do a number on your clothes.

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