More of? Less of? What would you like to hear?

rusty tool themed workstation /

If you’re a regular reader here on Funky Junk, you may have noticed I’m kind of a wing it type of writer.

Planning is tricky for me. For if I plan something, it suddenly becomes ‘work’.

So I need to trick myself into believing I don’t need to do something to feel like doing something…

You hear me, right? 🙂

Because I am built the way I am built, I don’t plan even one blog post, except for the weekend link parties. Everything is spur of the moment, as it rolls fresh off the life press. Photos are seldom older than 24 hours.

rusty tool themed workstation /

Rusty Junk Work Station

While my main premise is about decorating with junk, if I just blogged about that, it would’t fuel me quite the same.

Therefore, you’ve come to expect a real mish mash of topics.

Thing is, life simply blends into other areas.

Over the weekend, I took a poll in comments HERE on last weekend’s link party to see who read those types of posts. 77 comments later, you came out in full force! I drank in each and every single comments. Thank you for chiming in!

But in all fairness, most chimed in to that post because they do read those posts.

So today’s post is geared so everyone has a chance to be heard.

I want to know what kinds of things you like hearing about. And perhaps, some you’d rather not.

So…. here’s what I DO blog about… and why.

pallet wood blog office /
Decorating with junk

There is NOTHING like grabbing a bunch of junk and just making it work. My personal favs are when a full room finally comes together, such as the blog office above or my farmhouse bathroom.

rustic old sign paint shelf /
Smaller builds, generally with reclaimed wood

But the smaller projects are quicker and easier to produce. And just as much fun, such as this shelf made from reclaimed wood.

BAKERY sign in a kitchen /
Old Sign Stencil projects

A year ago, I came out with my own line of stencils themed around the old signs I was making. This was created out of a need… I was getting asked to sell the signs or sell decal stencils.

But I desired to remain a designer, vs. a manufacturer, soI held out until I landed the perfect folks to work with.

So naturally, I share my new designs, and creations with you. 

But I do try and pace it out, so you only perhaps see a touch of the product line once a week or less.

Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils Getaway Collection /
Make your own beach signs

I also incorporate lots of junk decorating around a launch, so there’s MUCH more to take in than one simple new design.

Old sign front entryway /
Old sign entry revamp

Most of the signs ‘do something.’ Just like how I really decorate in my own home.

cat in a crate /
sleeping cat in the sun /
Cats (aka CEOs)

Ok, you know how much I love to snag a cat or two in most DIY pictures! Melt…

bikeride through the blue heron reserve /
Bike riding adventures

After acquiring my newest toy, I’ve been hitting the local bike trails.

I’m not an athlete by any means. I jump on the bike, jean and heavy jacket clad, and head through the heron reserve. But always find a story to share along the way, whether it’s about a sunbeam that follows me, or visiting my parent’s farm.

on the beach in Maui /

Oh goodness. I couldn’t imagine not sharing where I hit the road to next. Whether it’s a road trip local to me, heading for the tropics, or offering up Disney tips during Christmas, you know I’m good for a story or 8!

I’m so not one of those planned bloggers that stores projects to post about for when I’m gone. I write about where I am.

a colourful sunset /

Stories from the heart

By far, most of your comments come to life when I share a story that’s hard to belt out. But I also like to write about fluff too, when the mood strikes.

This has also spun into simple thought kind of writeups, I’ve deemed Daily Junk Mail.

My latest hard story to write was How to make it when you’re newly single HERE.

And of course, my life story HERE.

from Crap to Clean before Spring / funkyjunkinteriors.netFrom Crap to Clean

By now you KNOW I’m not a super tidy person. So cleaning posts are a must, while attempting a little revamp to pretty things up and hopefully, inspire you to do the same.

Thing is, it isn’t nearly as fun if I clean alone. I’d much rather challenge you too!

DIY Salvaged Junk - volume 315 Funky Junk InteriorsLink Parties

A link party transpires every Friday night, and runs through Sunday night. Bloggers are invited from all over to bring their latest junk projects, in which I feature special highlights each week.

I also inject a little of my work in these posts, but they’re mainly about what others bring over, for a refreshing change.

Another reason… I don’t write on weekends. I usually use that time to create or enjoy family time. So the weekend post is for two things… to help fuel you with fresh ideas from others, and to give me a little time off. So this link party is kind of ‘an extra’, not an ‘instead of’.

There are more things I write about too of course, but this is pretty much it in a nutshell.

And now I’d like to hear from you!

Is there more you’d like to hear about? Less of? 

Do you have any questions you’d like answered? Ask me anything! I reserve the right to not have to answer though. 🙂

I’ll update with a new post after hearing you out. 

The floor is all yours, friends! Let’s chat…

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62 thoughts on “More of? Less of? What would you like to hear?

  1. Thanks Donna for taking the time to inquire of us what we would like to see more of or less of. I am not real analytical, but instead respond more from emotion. Putting a blog together is like greek to me so I’m afraid I’m not much help with the nitty gritty. What I do know is I appreciate the style of your blog, i.e. the excellent photos with all the good lighting and the easy access to past posts by just clicking on a button. The ease of it is great. I do respond to photos before words. I guess that would define me as some kind of learner, but I don’t recall the title. So in my rambling style you could say your photos draw me in first. The topics and variety of them are great. Which then covers your writing style. Your narratives are heartwarming, funny, serious, thought provoking and analytical. The analytical part is where I will reread a sentence over and over and try to learn the ins and outs of building. The posts where your favorite tools are spoke of is interesting. If I had tools that I understood and could use there is so much more I could do. I am procrastinating on this issue and just gotta do it. And then I remember how you told us on your blog how you just jumped in with both feet to do something. I’ll find that topic easily and push that wonderful button, read your post about learning to do something and doing it even though you’re unsure and presto, I feel like I’m capable of trying something new! In essence, your post is helpful and informative and I love it as it is. I look forward every day to see what you have for us, your blogging friends. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for caring what we think.

  2. I love your site as it is. The photography is amazing and that’s what draws me in. I love your relaxed style and the way your personality shines through. A mixture of stuff is good. I love your junk styling but also loved reading about your holiday in Hawaii. This is definitely one of my favourite blogs its beautiful and seems genuine to me (not too contrived like some other blogs).

  3. I’m not going to be much help b/c I enjoy the variety of your posts.

    I’m here for the junk…but enjoy & continue to enjoy the stories you share about your life & your cats…so cute.

    I also enjoy any of the organization ideas & how you get all of this done! I’m sure the business side is not for everyone, but I appreciate any tips.

    I understand that you want to pace out your stencil designs, but it’s your business…sell girl! Looking forward to a bathroom stencil design!

    Whatever path you take the one thing I believe you do well is giving back. You interact with your readers & the kindness in that is more than anyone could ask for.

    • I was just reading other comments and I concur, your kindnes shines through which is another reason I come here. Thanks, Jane, for mentioning that!

  4. I agree with Claire in that I enjoy your relaxed style and the personality of your own voice. I also really enjoy when you talk about the simple things that you do where you live – like bike riding or fixing up the front of your home. I like to hear about where other people live and what the surrounding area is like because it’s very different from where I live here in New England.

    I’m also a blogger and take cues from other successful stories like yours, so I’d also enjoy more stories about how you grew your readership and key things you did to set up your blog that you feel help made it successful. I’m working to add a lot of small business tutorials to my blog so if you ever take on guest posts, I’d love to be considered.

  5. Hi Donna,

    I have been following you for a long time (I wish I knew the actual date) and your posts/site is one of my favorites. I like the things you make, your style of writing, your conversations from the heart…heck, if I lived next door, I like to think we would be best friends and partners in crime.
    Keep doing what you are doing and don’t make excuses to me about how you “trick” yourself into writing. You are the creator of this blog and I come here to hear what you have to say. I appreciate that you are asking for feedback. No complaints here but I will keep in mind that you welcome honest comments and will try to let you know what I think, feel and want.

    More cat pics, I have 3 myself and they are the bomb.

  6. I enjoy the randomness and I completely understand just doing something that hits at that moment. Creating for me isn’t the best when it is “scheduled”. I almost hate it when I am asked to make something because then it feels like “work” although that is why I do what I do . . . to make an income LOL

    I enjoy all your posts but the ones that get my attention the most are showing how you have used the projects you have made. Sometimes I have things sitting around that I like but just need some inspiration on how to include them or decorate around them.

    The Link Parties are probably my least favorite because(and maybe I’m doing something wrong) but I just don’t always have time to open a bunch of new pages and go through the content.

  7. Hi Donna,

    I love your posts about the stenciling projects/signs and the things you build with the reclaimed wood. Your projects are so unique – just my style.

    The Link Party is a little overwhelming. I get started on it and then there’s just too much going on and when the ads pop up with every photo and you have to click the x to make them go away it’s frustrating.

    Keep junkin’ and bloggin’,

    P.S. Keep snapping your kitty. 🙂

    • Hi Ginger! Those ads on photos bother me too. I’ll see about getting them diminished somewhat… there should ever only be 3, but sometimes they get out of hand. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Hi, I must say I love seeing the things you create out of what most folk wouldn’t look at twice. I am rather a newby at working with wood and power tools but it’s thanks to women like yourself that I have gotten up the courage to do what I was raised to believe was ‘man’ stuff. I love your posts and the blog is awesome, thank you xx

  9. Donna,
    A blog is a reflection of the writer. To sustain a blog would seem to require you to be true to yourself so your passion will be a wellspring of ideas to share with us. We are grateful that you furnish us with ideas and inspiration – “I what -could use a drill myself?!!” Just keep on doing what you do! And Thank You!

  10. Be yourself and don’t change for others. I like your blog and the fact that it isn’t planned out, just like life. If there is something you write about that I don’t want to read I go past it but, that doesn’t mean others pass it. Keep it real.

  11. Your blog continues to be a great inspiration for me and I look forward to each of your postings. I would love to see a segment on basic tools. What these basic tools do by showing a project idea to accompany them. This is an area where I would love to grow my tool box with items that are needed and how to use them.

  12. That’s a BIG YEP to ALL of the above- I love to come here to see what you are creating, feeling and where you might be going. (and the kitties too-please!) Please continue!! If you come up with things to add along the way, so much the better!

  13. How about learning how to use power tools like a mitre saw? I’m very scared of that one but would like to learn , including how not 5o chop off fingers!

  14. I LOVE your blog and enjoy all your posts! But, I especially LOVE your stenciled signs and hope to one day be able to duplicate some. I’d like to see you come up with more stencils, too.

    Keep up the good work. It’s always a joy to see your blog posts pop-up in my email – a nice surprise when they come – and something I look forward to.

    Thanks for sharing. I LOVE all your projects and admire your willingness to tackle just about anything. I finally got some better tools FOR MYSELF – JUST ME – I’M NOT SHARING- and am being a bit more adventuresome with what I tackle, myself. Thanks for the inspiration.


  15. Donna, agreeing with the other writer’s seems to be the trend, and I do, especially Michelle’s comment about the Link Parties. Of all the many things you do that I love, this is my least favorite. However, these parties do give other bloggers and future bloggers a place to feature their work, get support, and keep on working. So the dual edge sword is in your court. You give your readers choices, read current or past posts, challenge ourselves or live vicariously through you. Whatever your decisions are about your site I know they will be the best for you, your work and your life with son in tow!

  16. I love reading everything that you write about , your sense of humor about life is precious! I only read a couple of blogs and yours is one I can’t wait to read. Your love of wood speaks to my heart,I also love wood in all it’s natural glory,aged,beat up,rough edges,there is nothing better to make a home warm and inviting than a piece ( or 6000 pieces ) of nature’s most beautiful resource!

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