Moving from PC to Mac review

Moving from PC to Mac - a review

My friend Dan and I have this little ‘sparing thing’ we do. He’s always right in his eyes, but I like to think I’m the one that’s REALLY right. So his right vs. my right comes into play with pretty much each conversation we have. In a good humored manner of course. 🙂

The last right vs. right challenge was the big ‘moving from pc to mac’ debate. I remember going countless times to Dan’s for him to print this, or do that because my dinosaurs just couldn’t cut the mustard. Now, just know, this wasn’t a PC issue entirely.

Moving from PC to Mac - a review

 To be fair… I was working with old (unfunky) junk. Three PC systems including two downstairs to be exact. 5. Yes… 5 computers. Mickey moused and taped together.

But ultimately, Dan finally just got tired of hearing me squawk and TOLD me to move to the mac system because of how it transformed his own work production.

Moving from PC to Mac - a review

I honestly thought I’d never give in. But the day came when I’d had enough myself and needed to walk from a bad situation into the unknown, hoping and praying it was right. Because it didn’t much matter where you went for advice. The PC guy likes his stuff better, and the Mac guy thinks his is the best. So, who’s right anyway?

Moving from PC to Mac - a review

 This poll told me everything  I really wanted to know. Who would know better than someone having used BOTH systems? It was a given. So I went to Dan’s and he built the list on what I needed.

Moving from PC to Mac - a review

 Twighlight zone day approached and grabbing my wallet, I head to this unknown environment in the Abbotsford BC Canada location. But with my list in hand, there was nothing to fear. It was a done deal.

The system was easy to order because although you can tweak a few components to suit, basically a mac system comes as package A, B or C, etc. That narrowed things down ALOT. It was honestly the easiest most painless purchase I’ve made to date. Choosing which dog food to switch to next proved to be waaay more difficult.

I immediately felt… elation? Just walking into the store itself told me I was making a high end purchase. But that could possibly stem from having NOT walked into a computer store for nearly 15 years. Gah… I was a little overdue, no?

Service was absolutely awesome. They knew their stuff and I could get everything I needed in one location. Yes, even the PC stuff I purchased for it. Now THAT was pretty cool and unexpected.

The most difficult part about this purchase was having to wait for the order to arrive. I chose to wait out the new tax coming into effect so it was self inflicted. And it hurt! But I made it. 🙂

Moving from PC to Mac - a review

my cool sales dude

 And then I got the call to come and pic up the ‘miMac.’ 🙂 Squeal!!

The purchase process was so pleasant, restful, easy. A PCer will probably view the buying options on the low side. But I found it a massive relief. Package purchasing is totally the way to go for those:

1. that find it hard to make decisions

2. that don’t know much about what they’re purchasing


Moving from PC to Mac - a review

And by golly I was gonna make room in this heap to get it home too! Right on top of new found pallet wood (of course) and that dog food I was talking about.

Holey moley this monitor was BIG! But I was use to it in about 30 seconds. Honestly. And I started to play. And play some more. With no manual reading.

I was blogging like I always have within 30 minutes. The hardest part was just figuring out where tool commands were as they are simply located in different areas. Once I knew, windy breeze time! 

This guy (Dan) was my walking manual after all. I ran into glitches loading Parallels. (a program that allows windows software on a mac) I even broke out the manual for that one. Dan figured out it was a dud dvd and downloaded the online version. Ah… didn’t think of doing THAT.

Yeah yeah yeah… whatever. 🙂

(thanks Dan!!)

Ok, there are notable differences between some mac and pc components so if you’re thinking of making the switch, you’ll want to read…

Moving from PC to Mac Review

Moving from PC to Mac - a review



The monitor

Pros – 

clarity like no other

27″ size rocks!

slim profile is easy on the eyes


Cons – 

27″ abit too tall, bad for neck




Oh good grief. Are you KIDDING me?!? The monitor clarity is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Turn your head to the side and look outside for a moment. Now pretend that very picture is on your computer screen. Because that is EXACTLY what you see. When I have a photo as my desktop, the monitor looks like a window.

I have purchased a good LED PC monitor but it doesn’t even come close to the Mac LED.

FYI: LED beats LCD. No competition. Get one and you’ll soon see why. The lighting is brighter, truer, sharper, warmer.

If you work with photos, you NEED this quality of a monitor. I speak from experience. I HAVE a good PC LED monitor. And loved it until the Mac one came into my home. No contest. Once you’ve had better, you can’t step down. (remember here.. I am a PC girl!)


I forgot why they even MAKE smaller monitors. What’s the point? Go for the jugular and finally see what you’re doing. You’ll LOVE it!

Moving from PC to Mac - a review

But I will say, the size may wreak abit of havoc on your neck. The stand could use an adjustable feature. But I fixed that up quick with a custom desk so the monitor would slightly sink below the desk level without you even seeing that fact. I know… ain’t I the clever one? (read “Sink That Monitor” HERE)

The monitor itself sold me on trying out the entire system bar none. Teeny weeny fonts on screen look as clear as big ones. You honestly will NOT believe your eyes. No more jagged edges.

Glossy Screen

My first impression of glossy glass monitors was negative. Until I got one. Once illuminated, the glare does not jump back at you like it did in the computer stores. Must have something to do with sitting and looking at it at the proper perspective. I LOVE it and have long forgotten about the glossy screen.

In fact, I now prefer the gloss. Especially when it sleeps. It looks sleek and new like the glass in front of your oven. My pc non gloss variety next door looks dirty in comparison.

All in one system

LOVE. Love love LOVE!!!! I was able to take this thing camping and use it as a computer AND TV. Fabulous! Although this guy was a tad heavy to lug. Leaving it in the trailer was the answer.


Moving from PC to Mac - a review / magic mouse


The mouse


Pros – 

scrolling feature


looks cool

glides wonderful on the right mousepad


Cons – 

scrolls on a whim at times

requires batteries

you need the right mousepad 




Oh my this thing is slim and tiny. And I fought it. I switched back to the PC one for awhile but I couldn’t live without the nifty scrolling feature so I switched back. At times I feel like it’s abit too slim for my hand, like there just isn’t quite enough of it to grasp properly for complete control. But I’ve officially removed the pc mouse and am going with it.


I do find that it’s got a weird quirk of scrolling when it wants to the odd time. If I’m browsing pictures, suddenly my screen will totally buzz through about 10 of them. I generally let go of the mouse and it stops. No idea why it does that and it’s abit unnerving when it does. There ARE other mouse choices so I may investigate that one day. But I LOVE the scrolling feature.

(it may be a default scrolling setting is what I’ve just heard… am checking it out)

Your work surface needs to be the right one so it glides right.  I use a plastic like mouse pad and it works wonderful.

And, you can set it to right and left click too. But it isn’t a default. Took me abit to figure that out. And you now have to have more rechargeable batteries on hand. But the mouse takes awhile to drain them so it’s long forgotten until it quits. Only then do you remember what a pain batteries are. 🙂 But the wireless feature makes it worthwhile.

Moving from PC to Mac - a review / keyboard


The keyboard


 Pros – 


new style of keys


Cons – 

abit small, tends to move around on desk easily

no screen shot button





 “Why is the keyboard so small?!?” is the first thing I hear from others. And I use to be a part of that club. But no more.

I chose the smaller keyboard. You can purchase the wider ones with the cashier style numbers to the right. 

In some ways, I wish I had gotten the larger version as the keyboard tends to wander around on the desk. I don’t know why. It’s heavy enough to stay put for certain. Maybe because it IS so small, I tend to think moving it is no biggie when I do other things. But I’m always straightening it before using it. Honestly, it could be a tad heavier to compensate for the size imo.

Other keyboards are avail but I chose to stick by this one. For now. It came with the system.  I’d purchase the larger keyboard outright if I were to do this again. I think. But I admit I like the extra room on the desk so maybe not. Guess I’ll have to invent something to keep it in place better.


The keys took awhile to get use to. Now? I can FLY when I type. The old style keys now appear to take great effort to push down. Strange how that happens. I now feel I can type faster, but my fingers commonly lose ground on position, like a laptop keyboard. No idea why. Probably because the keyboard is so small and tends to move around on the desk. I need the position ‘just so’ in order to really go to town, kwim?

To screenshoot

Incidentally, to screen shoot on a Mac, it’s command / shift / 4 to select, or command / shift / 3 to full screen shoot. And it automatically goes to your desktop. I can live with that. But where’s the keyboard command?!? Pretty please?


The iMac environment


Pros – 

easy online tutorials on any given topic and all well done

Think OBVIOUS and you’ll soon get the hang of the system

Cooler features than what PC offers


Cons – 

having to go online to learn each step; a big beefy paper manual would be a nice addition

Will take time to get use to, but not too long




If you change systems, expect some frustration. But it isn’t the iMac’s fault. It’s your own for not reading manuals. 🙂


Thinking obvious is the key here. PC hides alot of this and that and Mac doesn’t so you tend to search for things in menus when you don’t have to any longer. Click ON what you want and it’s pretty much there. Anytime I’ve had an issue has been due to just not knowing what to do. The solution was always easy and pretty obvious. But it’s always like that once you know stuff…


There are MANY very cool features that come for Mac. If you think you’ll be doing without on this system vs what PC gives you, you’ll be thinking wrong. The Mac stuff is easier to use. WAY easier. Once you figure out what is where, you’ll wonder why you fought with Windows Movie Maker vs iMovie as only one example.

Talking to PC world

Usage wise, I stuck to what I knew for quite awhile. Once I was proficient with the blogging part, I slowly loaded up my PC drawing program CorelDraw to see how it played with the system on Parallels.

I have to be honest here. I haven’t figured out a decent transition between both worlds yet. I think my Corel 9 version was possibly too old to work on Windows 7, but I don’t know for sure. But I will say, I’m VERY tempted to switch to all mac based programs just to remove glitchy delays. It doesn’t solve working alongside my ‘work pc’s though so I’m still mulling that one over.

Moving from PC to Mac - a review

~ Summary ~

If your computer is on it’s way out, I highly suggest to take the mac leap. Especially if it doesn’t have to talk with PC based software you already have on the go.

You are NOT severely limited to what you can do with the mac platform. I was wrong. I can do MORE. I had no idea. Mac versions are available for 99.9% of what you’d normally use. And more than not, you’ll love the programs better than what PC offers because they’re easier to use!


I am SOLD. As Dan would say, “Get a mac.

Next on the wish list is a mac laptop although I immensely dislike laptops. Hate their keyboards and small screens. But will I be sold on the Mac version? That remains to be seen.

Update – loved the mac laptop! But it doesn’t replace the desktop. 🙂


Moving from PC to Mac - a review


Was Dan right? 

He’s a lucky guy cuz if he was wrong, he’d own two iMacs on his desk right now. But he ain’t gettin’ mine. No how, NO WAY. 🙂

(notice I did not say he was right. Nope… can’t go there.. )

p.s. I’m glad he was though and am very grateful! Thanks for wanting the best for me, Dan!

How about you? What do you like/dislike about your Mac?

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47 thoughts on “Moving from PC to Mac review

  1. Having used Macs all my life (seriously…we even had the 1980s Mac with the 9 inch screen!), I get so excited when someone makes the leap to MacLand!! It’s one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Once you go Mac, you never go back. 🙂

  2. I want a Mac… the next time we have to buy I think that is what we will go with. I have only played at little with them at the store, but everyone I know that has one…..raves about them. SOLD!

  3. I can’t believe you never had a MAC. And you are an artist! I thought all artists had them just for the graphics. We are an all MAC family. I have a Mac Air. It was a Mother’s Day present a few years ago. One or two tips: sign up for Applecare. I think it is $100 a year, then if anything goes wrong, you get all new parts, etc. Also, I think Apple care entitles you to one on one lessons at the Apple Store. My husband goes by himself every few months for these. He took a few pictures and some video at a wedding, then translated that into a video with music. He didn’t even tell me about it. What was funny was that the bride’s father was supposed to edit and crop all the wedding pictures and my husband’s simple video was finished before all the official pictures. Anyway, welcome to the real world. I am interested in how this will change your real job. Ann

  4. Since hubs is the resident manager of all the PCs in his office, he pretty much likes PCs….or so I thought. When my girls graduated, he bought them both Mac laptops. Go figure. Since he cobbles our 3 home pc’s together to save money, I don’t think I’ll see a Mac for awhile. 🙂

  5. One of the first computers I owned was an Apple, back in the day. Green screen, sorta dos like commands. Then PC became so affordable, Windows was everywhere. Well, I converted back to MAC and couldn’t be happier. No viruses. Ease of use. The whole bit. Love them.

  6. At home I have the 27″ mac, My husband and I share the MacBook Air, and my son has a MacBook for school (seriously, the school gives EVERY SINGLE high school student a macbook to use, ALL YEAR!). Then I go to work and have to look at my stupid double screen and do my print/publication work on a darn PC. “Our operating agreement wouldn’t work on a Mac.” Ugh. So, I go home and I’m happy again! 🙂 haha.

  7. Ok, that does it for me! I saw one about 6 months ago and just about died….it was so beautiful, a really small key board and mouse! More desk space. And really the price was not a whole lot more than what I spent on my hp. Mine is just a little over 3 years now so it might be a bit before I get a Mac but having Vista makes me want to throw this one out the window, almost daily! 🙂 Thanks so much for the review!!!!

  8. Oh Donna I am SO Loving my mac! I bought a macbook a few years back after my sister (in college for teaching!) kept insisting to me how Macs just make sense.
    I had glitches, viruses, slooooowness -you name it on my pc’s after a short amount of time. I was so frustrated and sick and tired of restarting- resetting-etc. etc. etc.
    My mac DOES make sense! I switched over and immediately fell in love! My hubby got one too and we have both have iphones- which make way more sense with a mac, too! We are definitely a mac family now. Seriously, the service, the way the computer works, everything.
    Apple ROCKS!!!
    They also have great discounts for students/educators. They really are the best.
    I am so glad you joined the MAC family!! YAY!!!

  9. Congrats on your big move! My 75 year old father just decided one day he’d switch to a Mac and he LOVES it. I’m next on the bandwagon and we’re with you on the amazing clarity of the monitor and that cool scrolly mouse. We had some issues setting up the bootcamp but it’s smooth sailing now and no looking back. I do love how you sunk your monitor. Don’t think I could get my parents to cut a hole in their desk though. hee hee
    Tracy in AB

  10. This post is very timely for me. I recently had computer problems and have been contemplating switch to a laptop. The question is what kind. I have never used anything but a PC so “moving to the other side” seems scary. I enjoyed this article and will remember your advice when I finally make my decision.

  11. Hi Donna,

    Glad you made the switch. I’ve had my 27″ iMac since last March or so. Was using Mac laptops for years before that but I really love the big monitor for mural work. I’ve even added a 2nd monitor so I can slide my Illustrator tool boxes over there, gives me more room to look at the art. When I first fired the iMac up I thought this monitor is Too big but it’s not really.

    Just wondering if you happened to purchase the iWork software suite with your Mac? I never use MS office anymore…I just don’t like the design of window’s software. Too many “features” and tabs and hidden things to locate. I either work in the iWork suite or create a document in Illustrator and then just save a copy in the PDF format. I find that I could delete Corel and wouldn’t miss it at all!

    Good luck and happy computing!

  12. I’ve used both and I made the switch last fall and I love my beloved, er … imac …. it is very intuitive and use friendly. The ONLY negative thing I can say is that everything isn’t written for the mac.

    My rule is NO Microsoft products are allowed to taint my beloved , er …. mac 🙂 … my hubby just bought a laptop with WIndows 7 (booo hiiiisss) and I can truly say that comparing them side by side the Windows machine doesn’t hold even a tiny candle to the mac. My hubby is ready to take the plunge now and get himself a macbook 🙂

    By the way … I have gotten used to the mouse and the keyboard, but you can use any peripherals that you want with it – you aren’t bound to the apple keyboards and mice (mouses??) if you don’t like them 🙂

  13. I just purchased my first Mac about a month ago. I have the same one as you, the 27″ beauty. The first few days after I bought it, I was having seconds thoughts, but that was only due to the price. Now that I’ve played around with it and loaded CS5, I have not looked back and regretted the decision for one second. This computer is AMAZING!!!! Now I just need a Mac Book…. 🙂

  14. Love our Mac, if you turn the button on the wireless mouse off each night, saves your battery time. I just keep a pile of dollar tree ones nearby. I still have trouble getting use to the delete button being backwards from word.

  15. We just made the move to Mac last month. I bought the MacBook Pro and love it!!!!! The only adjustment was getting use to the x to close being on the top left instead of top right. We like it so much that we are going to buy a desktop Mac hopefully around Christmas for the family to use (because right now, nobody’s touching this thing but adults!)

  16. Well, I just purchased a new beastly laptop…custom made and on it’s way, but I went with a PC. I thought about a Mac, but honestly, I have over $600 in PC software and I didn’t want to have to buy it all over again.

  17. Miss Mustard Seed… that Macs are using an intel chip you can run Windows XP or Window 7 on the Mac (in Bootcamp and or Parallels) and use all your existing software. And from what I’ve seen, some apps run faster on the Mac than on a PC.

  18. Yay! I’ve been waiting for this review. I was one that told you to just stop thinking about it and get it. I’ve used macs since 1989. But have used PCs at work occasionally…and HATE them. They are like driving a jalopy (pc)compared to driving a jaguar(mac). And it has been this way since the first time I used a pc. I heard all the talk about how they were better but I’d started on mac. So I used a pc and no, it is not better…it freezed all the time and I had to keep restarting. And it was slow and I couldn’t have all my programs open. And this was suppose to be a top of the line pc at the time.

    Well, I’m happy to say that I didn’t have to use the pc for long at my job…till I convinced them to get me a mac. Then all was good. I will have nothing but a mac in my home. I have a new imac that I use everyday and an older powerbook that I used to use everyday. I’d love to have a mac laptop so that I could blog from the sofa but I’m pretty in love with this huge screen of my imac.

    I’m so glad it worked out for you…but I was sure it would.

    Yes, you have gone to the other side. And it’s so much better there.

  19. Ahhh I love my mac too! I have a macbook pro and it is pure heaven. I NEVER knew how to do a screen shot though, I’ve had mine for over a year and have never read the manual. Thanks for the info!!!! So glad you love your Mac too…but really, who doesn’t? 🙂

  20. MAC, MAC, MAC!! For two geeks we had no computer at home until 2003 since we could use the PC at work. 2003 saw me working from home and IHAD to get a PC since it could “talk” to the work computer. Argh! I was a MAC girl in college (1990) and was responsible for the computers in my college and dept. as well as the liasion with the mainframe for the University. However, I was the ONLY Apple user in my dept. I loved my little apple and she saw her way to travel home with me and on a trip through Yellowstone since I had to write my revisions for my thesis on my trip home. No this was not a lap top. I had to move table s around in cabins that leaked when it rained, find a extension cord and pull the ground out since the “motel” in the park only had two prong plugs and finally I had to move my room from the histoic lodge area to the more modern lodge near Old Faithful since the historic lodge did not have an electrical outlet in the room. Lets just say that the staff that worked that summer at Yellowstone knew my story by the end of the week, because I kept getting asked why I had a computer on vacation. That was 1992! Now days we have the old Gateway PC horse that keeps on trudging along and is good for word processing (albeit slow as molasses) One Macbook 2 yrs old, 1 new Macbook Pro, Ipad, 4-Itouches, 4 shuffles, and 2 nano’s (1 is missing since vacation-where are you?) We are a MAC family and we will (when the time is right ) be getting a new iMac too. The horse needs to go on to greener pastures or is it a cow (remember the box)? Thank you for sharing and listening to me.

    Always, Teresa

  21. I have the last generation macbook pro on snow leopard. I moved from a PC not long ago (my bf gave me his old mac when he got the new pro). It is the best thing thats ever happened to me.

    The system is sooo easy to use. Everytime I touched a PC it would break and I blamed myself. Turns out it was the PC being rubbish not my computer skills.

    Within about 2 minutes I could use a mac nearly perfectly. My BF then told me some shortcuts (apple Q to quit etc) and 1 min after that I could use it perfectly.

    I took it home with me on a trip and showed my parents. My dad can barely switch a PC on and yet within a few minutes of messing around he was using a mac like a pro.

    I think the macbook advert should be like the Ipad advert and say “you already know how to use it”.

    🙂 great review. I cant wait till I have a house with room for an imac.


  22. I have never worked with a Mac! So I can’t say about which I like better. At least you have given me something to consider when I need a new computer.

  23. I have a MAC. I do love it but sometimes I find there are still things and places that aren’t compatible. I will tell you one thing though. The biggest myth is that mac’s don’t get viruses. Not true. You still have to get an anti-virus program. They just get them less. After having my PC totally crash, I will never go back, but I will also be protected to the hilt.

  24. As much as I love my iMac (I’m a through and through Mac person – started off on an Apple IIe back in the 80’s) I LOVE LOVE LOVE my MacBook Pro. Seriously, don’t judge using a laptop until you’ve tried a MacBook.

  25. Donna,

    My husband used to own a graphics company and all they used were Macs. Some of my family members have them and I have yet to hear one person say they don’t love their Mac. My husband and I have been wanting to make the switch once we can afford a new computer. I’ve been nervous about it but your review really, really makes me want to just take the plunge. Now to just make some $ and pay for it! 😉

    Thanks for this excellent post! I’m bringing hubby in so he can read it too!


  26. Welcome to the club! I’ve owned an Apple computer since we bought our first one in Jan. 1980. I would never, never buy a PC and I don’t use any Microsoft software. I love my iMac. Wish I could afford an iPad in addition! One thing you might consider is to see if there is a Macintosh User Group in your area. The one I belong to is great and we love to have new “switchers” join!

  27. Donna, I’m in the researching process of getting a laptop, we now have an ancient PC. The fact that you said the buying process was easy has me very intrigued. While doing my research I have become more and more confused by all the options and what exactly I need. I do have a question for you, why do you dislike a laptop? just the size?

    • Doris, yes, it’s because of the small size. I now have a mac lap top as well and it’s nice, but the bigger screens on the macs are just better with clarity, viewing, everything.

      Either way, both mac screens are far superior to any PC screen I’ve ever viewed. I’m extremely happy with my choice!

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