The pallet bed tray that turned to the dark side (of Canada)


me – “I wanna make a Canadian flag out of this pallet.”


son – “Why?!?”


me – “Because my party is patriotic themed this weekend. Grandma had flags all over so we need one too. But I don’t want this big huge red and white thing on the mantel…”


I had big plans. I was gonna make me a wood and black Canadian flag. And have every one of you wishing you were a Canadian. I could vision all  of you humming our anthem and running out for farmer jackets after this blockbuster. This was gonna be BIG.


Please. Someone remind me to get a real sander. This clamp and sand variety flips these things off like my dog sheds hair.

Tool sponsors would be wise to contact me. I can’t stop sanding these things it appears…





My decal/stencil worked!


(I made the decal myself on my sign making apparatus. I’m not selling cut decals at this time)


Brilliant, right?

Not really. But I tried it anyway. Here and there and everywhere. And hated it. It reminded me of someone painting their own car with a sloppy paint brush. During a dirt storm. In the dark.  With their eyes closed. It depressed me on the mantel and was even too… whatever for my son’s room.

me – “Why isn’t this working?!?”

son – “Mom, it looks like the dark side of Canada.”

Oh. That’s why.

Well, I’ll have you know, I shall have no pallet do me in! So I messed up made up my bed with my new sheets I haven’t shown you yet and got to work.


The new look is a crisp splash of creams, tans and blues….



…  because of the cute sheets I scooped up for $5.



So… can that ugly pallet look nice with all this fluff?



Sure… if you cover most of it up. ๐Ÿ™‚


Hoity toity design talk…

“The depth from the feline tone aids to marry the rustic flag accents, anchoring the room so the components don’t have a tendency to float within all the dreamlike features.”

Are ya buyin’ it?


Awww… look. A message… (I swear it was there)



And a little Jeanne Oliver handbag on a sawhorse just sweetens the deal, doncha think?



My new messy bedroom gone to the dark side. Of Canada.



“Teddy! Are ya buyin’ it?”


I think Canada just froze over.


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55 thoughts on “The pallet bed tray that turned to the dark side (of Canada)

  1. Donna… Don’t give up on it! It was such a great idea. The black is just too dark. I think you should go over the black with grey instead. The grey with brown pallet boards will look really cool and more muted and rustic and therefore, will fit better in your home. Just my two cents!

  2. Love those $5 sheets and I think that pallet looks nice…what I am I missing? Maybe I’m FJI brainwashed, I think everything you do is brilliant.

    Looking for paint colors for my house so I notice everyone’s walls these days. What is the color of your bedroom walls?

  3. It’s to big…make something smaller for your bed so it won’t be so combersom (sp?) to tote around…your bedding looks soft and comfy along with the bench, jeans and messenger bag…some call them Pairie Bags…I call them Rag Bags…or Ruffle Bags…cute any way they’re named…they haven’t caught on her in Nashville yet…but I hope to be the one that brings them here…lol….hope over to Mel’s Designs from the Cabin and check out my pitch fork design on the mantel….Mel

  4. I like it! where do you find pallets that small??? I’ve got a project for one, but all I seem to find are full size pallets. Any tips on where to look?

  5. I like the pallet but since red is my favorite color, I think I would have liked it better in a really distressed red. Your cat does compliment it though. That bed looks so comfy slightly messed up.

  6. Love that you admit your mistakes. How many times do we all make something that seems like a good idea until it’s done. I think it would still be fabulous if you muted it.

  7. The darker hue of the Kit-tay amalgamates the deep and meaningful color aspects incorporated into the pallet ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ha-ha……what I really want to know is why you have such better quality pallets in Canada? Awesome project! Stop by my blog and say Hi sometime, eh? Don’t make me ‘un-like’ you…….

  8. …Canada just froze over?
    Please no, slap a little red on there and all will be well in the world! You know what happens up here after fall… ๐Ÿ™‚
    ahh…you make everything look great!

  9. I was gonna say the same thing as a few others have already mentioned, it just needs a good sanding to soften it up and wear it down. The black is too stark of a contrast to the wood. I think if you go over it with your sander a few times it’ll end up looking worn and fabulous!

  10. I say sand it down and soften the darkness…too. You may even try some muted red tones.

    However, it looks fine in that gorgeous room!

    Patriotism is what it’s about anyway. You most certainly are Patriotic…


  11. You’re hilarious!!!! I LOVE “painting the car . . . a sloppy paint brush . . . during a dirt storm . . . in the dark . . . with eyes closed!!” Love your blog, become giddy when I see the emails! And I think the pallet looks great on your bed!

  12. When I worked for Carlisle as a fashion consultant we would have said something like, “The colors of the pallet flag provide a road map that incorporates the darkness of the animal, the laptop and beverage container contrasting with the light warm tones of the wood and the linens.” I think it is nice. And, you rescued it from oblivion. It might look good on the wall of your basement office.
    Just noticed the staging again. You Painted A Wall in Your Bedroom! What is next, red hair?
    Also wish I could be Canadian, but I am culturally part Canadian. My Great something grandfather Robert Gaumond came to Quebec in 1642. They stayed there for two hundred and twenty years until they came to Massachusetts. Ann G. (for Gaumond) W.

  13. Why don’t you just give the whole thing a white wash and sand it some more and wash it some more and keep on doing it until you get the tone you like? But then, kitty would be the only black thing in the room to “anchor” it, and it might go to her head! Better sleep on it!

  14. Donna that is the most creative dark side of Canada I have ever seen. You amaze me with all of your creations out of pallets. To think how many of those pallets get thrown out every day.
    I love your “messy” room, it is so neat. Hey, I’m like the kitty….it’s purrrfect.

  15. Goodness #40 Nutbird, I need to hire you for a writer! And… no red hair for me. Tried it once ‘by mistake’ and I don’t think those double takes were of the appreciative kind… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the laughs, all! Your comments are sure making me smile. I ought to ruin a few more projects… I think this is more fun! ๐Ÿ™‚


  16. Hilarious! I actually liked the pallet just the way it was. Then I saw your pretty bedding and thought how gorgeous, but dang, a hairy cat is on there getting it all dirty. Looks just like my bed, with a hairy cat on there, especially right after I put new bedding on, cat has to be there. THEN you put the pallet on the bedding. Guess I would rather have the hairy cat on there. (Beautiful Teddy btw – I’m a HUGE cat lover).
    Connie (akaLOU)

  17. Ahh Donna it’s definately not that bad. In fact it’s great! If you want suggestions I like the ‘sand the sh*t out of it’ one. Or maybe paint it white instead of black?

    You are the funniest, most real blogger out there. I adore you and your blog.

    Loves from Brisbane, Australia!

  18. Hihi, gone over to the dark side huh! Well the idea was brilliant, the salvation too, but in between? Maybe not so much. Glad to see that not everything you come up with works out. But it hasn’t changed the fact that you are still a palette goddess in my book.
    Is there a master list of SNS special parties somewhere. I am trying to come up with some sort of posting schedule (that I can than break immediately).
    xx Marianne

  19. hi. i kinda thought it was cute. but maybe you would like it more if it didn’t have so much contrast? maybe you could either sand everything lightly so it was just a little less noticable or put a stain over all of it. i liked the idea of putting it over a mantle or maybe you could put it on your porch (if you have one) or somewhere outside your house. like hung on the exterior or side of your house. that might be cute ๐Ÿ™‚ cute idea. good job.


  20. You know that I love all things Canadian ~ think I would like this one better with a dark red ~ the black is not doing it for me. Surprised ~ I know if I usually do not like something I just don’t comment but since it is you and I am still saving to fly you East to do my stairs ~ I thought I would throw my 2 cents in. Hugs Donna!

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