How to build 20 inexpensive DIY garden shed ideas to enhance your own!

Could your own shed use some enhancing? Here’s how to build 20 easy and inexpensive DIY garden shed ideas for yours too!

Could your own shed use some enhancing? Here's how to build 20 easy and inexpensive DIY garden shed ideas for yours too!

Welcome to my little rustic garden shed out back!

My backyard is currently fairly plain. However the addition of the small garden shed in the corner of the backyard has become the main focal point!

Small sheds are great as they don’t take up much area, yet still offer loads of storage space! Sheds also a easy targets, or rather, create awesome focal points for flower beds, and quaint decorating ideas to implement each year and more.

Could your own garden shed use some enhancing? Here's 14 easy DIY rustic garden shed ideas you can make to pretty-up your shed too!

Now, before you say, “Yeah but I don’t have a shed plan or even know how to build a shed so I can’t have that kind of exterior!”

I beg to differ. 

That’s because my backyard shed didn’t start out like this by a longshot.

greenhouse to shed

The garden shed before


Here’s the before.

Yup, my now quaint garden shed started out as a greenhouse with a broken frame when I first moved in. It was quite the eyesore.

But the plus? Most of the wooden framing was relatively sound, plus it had a cool gable.

So I filled the interior which had plenty of space for firewood for outdoor storage because I didn’t have anywhere else to store it under cover!

Then slapped on a gorgeous cow mural hand painted for me my a friend, because I didn’t have anywhere else to hang that.

Egads. I needed a new plan.

However, as time went on, small improvements were added, turning it from a tattered storage shed…

How to build a rustic garden shed with reclaimed wood.

The rustic garden shed after


… to quite the quaint little rustic garden shed! All done for free. Now that’s a DIY shed plan most could handle!

How to build a rustic garden shed with reclaimed wood.

Building the original shed – full series HERE

Hard to believe that’s the same wooden shed, isn’t it? But it most certainly is.

Each season, I continued to add changes to enhance the shed even more. From a potting bench, garden signs, plus.

How to fix a rotting garden shed.

Read the Save the Shed series HERE

The rebuilt shed, revision #2


However, the frame eventually started to go. After the back busted out, I had a BIG decision to make. Am I going to demolish the shed or learn how to frame it up again in order to save it?

After comparing the pricing on both, I decided it was worth a shot to try and save the shed. Which resulted in an even prettier after, with many more enhancements such as a front porch, window boxes and more! You just wait!

So as you can imagine, this garden shed has quite a history… with plenty of garden shed inspiration that may work for your own shed too!

Would you like to learn how you can decorate your own garden shed and surroundings with loads of rustic charm to help turn yours into a beautiful shed too?

Whether your own shed holds firewood, garden supplies, your lawnmower, a playhouse, or even a tiny house, these old shed ideas can all work!

Here’s a collection of cute shed ideas to make!

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20 DIY Garden shed ideas to make


The best way to clean reclaimed wood.

1. How to prepare reclaimed wood for building


How to prepare reclaimed wood to build with

The first thing you’ll need is some reclaimed wood. I gather cedar planks from old fences, take the panels apart, remove the nails, pressure wash the wood, then have it ready to build with.

This post shares my entire process… which will convince you to give every piece of moldy wood a chance!

How to build a rustic garden shed with reclaimed wood.

2. From greenhouse to shed


Since this shed has two lives, I felt the first was worth mentioning.

This post shares the first story on how I removed the greenhouse plastic, added old windows, installed reclaimed wood as siding and made one pretty cool looking barn door! All before I knew how to build.

THESE FOUR POSTS share how I built the original shed.

Then it was time to really pretty things up!

Potting Shed sign with rusty rake garden tool holder

3. Potting Shed sign with old rake garden tool holder


Created a charming Potting Shed sign that holds garden tools.

View the Potting Shed stencil HERE

Two planks of wood were cut to the desired length, then teamed up with an old garden rake head and Potting Shed stencil to become a focal point for what was about to come next…


Easy sawhorse potting bench

4. Creating an easy potting bench


Easy potting bench with 2 sawhorses

Two sawhorses topped with treated lumber became an instant potting station or workbench. Added shelves to the side would also be super productive!

In this case, the potting bench was positioned over a flower bed so even more interest and charm could be viewed from underneath.

So start collecting those clay pots now to get this look! This garden shed design offers a great garden display and working potting bench all-in-one!

Get the goods:

Reclaimed wood garden shed shutters

5. How to build easy shed shutters


Adding sign shutters out of reclaimed wood

Attaching shutters will morph a plain garden shed into a charming cottage look!

And it’s as easy as attaching two planks of wood and a few rusty hinges.

grapevine covered garden shed with stenciled shutters

6. Old bike as garden art for a shed


Adding an old bike for shed decorating

Desiring to give the shed some vintage charm, I landed a rusty old bike that fit perfectly in the flower bed. Fun look!

Here’s a few antiques that could become your shed garden art!

Pallet wood garden gate and boardwalk.

7. Build a garden gate from a pallet 


Creating an easy garden gate out of a pallet

Wish you had a charming picket fence around your shed? That’s certainly possible to make, however here’s an easier way!

Grab a couple of pallets in good shape, and create a garden gate and garden walkway to get this look!

Not only will this part of the garden hide compost, it’ll also keep your feet clean.

Find rustic lanterns HERE

How to frame and waterproof a garden shed.

8. How to frame and waterproof a shed


How to reframe and build a shed door

So at this point, the shed blew out. The framework hadn’t been protected from moisture, so the framework simply rotted.

I vowed to do better this time. So I learned how to reframe the rotted sections, and waterproof it with plastic.

This tutorial also includes how to frame a door from scratch!

My fav framing tools:


How to side a garden shed with reclaimed wood.

9. How to add reclaimed wood siding to a shed


How to add reclaimed wood siding to a shed

I installed reclaimed fence wood as my shed siding to get this look! Isn’t it spectacular?

Wish you had some free wood siding for your shed too? Here’s how I did it…

I put out a call out on Facebook for any falling down fences I’d be willing to help clean up.

It worked! Two neighbours called and my truck was loaded several times over, enough to side the shed once again!

I then prepared the wood, then started to build once again. This post shares how.

how to build a barn door for a garden shed

10. Build a barn door for a shed


How to build a barn door for a shed

Next up was to design a new look for the shed door!

Gathering some additional black painted reclaimed fence wood, it was used to give the shed door a barn door look! Isn’t it the cutest?

DIY window box planters on a garden shed

DIY window box planters on a garden shed

11. Easy DIY window box planters for a shed


How to build easy window boxes

Could your shed use some pretty window boxes to hold additional flowers?

These window box planters were so easy to make from scrap wood!

This post shares how to build window boxes from scratch, see the other larger window box and how to stencil them using garden stencils too!

pallet porch for a garden shed

12. Creating a shed porch with pallets


Pallet porch for a garden shed

All was looking great for the shed, however I felt it could use a front porch. After landing some pallets, here’s how the easy porch came out!

Garden shed sign with easy flowerbed edging

13. How to edge flower beds around a shed


Wooden flower bed edging

Desiring to enhance the flowerbed around the shed, this tutorial shares how to use treated lumber to create an easy flower bed edge for easy upkeep.

How to edge flowerbeds like a pro for a garden shed

14. How to edge flowerbeds like a pro


How to edge flowerbeds with curved edges

Prefer natural edging instead? Here’s how I edged the flowerbed borders to get this natural curvy look!

Video – How to edge flowerbeds like a pro



Click above to see how to edge any flower bed using this easy technique!

Read the original post: How to edge flowerbeds like a pro

Garden shed sign with easy flowerbed edging

15. Vertical Garden Shed sign with an old rake


Garden Shed sign with old rake

Desiring to give the garden shed a vertical garden sign, an old rusty rake head was used to create this charming garden sign statement!

So as you can see, the sky is the absolute limit when it comes to garden shed ideas you can add to your own shed.

adirondack chairs makeover pallet style stencils pressure washing

16. Pallet-style adirondack chairs beside a shed


Pallet-style adirondack chairs for a shed sitting area

What was needed next was a neat way to take in all those shed updates! Two adirondack chairs later, they really compliment the rustic shed!

Video – pressure washing old adirondack chairs



Visit video above to see how pressure washing saved the adirondack chairs!

wood walkway for a garden

17. Create a wooden garden walkway


Build a reclaimed wood garden walkway!

A small walkway is the perfect addition to any garden shed! This was an easy build, however here’s a couple other ways to create a garden path:

Garden-themed wood walkway

2-pallet garden walkway

Easy reclaimed wood garden gate

18. Build an easy garden shed gate


Build an easy garden gate

This simple garden gate came together with random boards and a few garden stencils.

The open areas allow light and you even get to catch a glimpse of the yard beyond!

Be sure to check out the other side too as it’s different!

Build a reclaimed wood fence

19. Build a reclaimed wood fence


Build a reclaimed wood fence

When my fence was falling over, it was removed, then replaced with other newer reclaimed wood panels to get this look!

rustic fall shed with crate windowbox and directional signs

20. Fall decorating shed ideas


Fall decorating ideas for a garden shed

I personally love to change up the decor on the shed with the changing seasons. Here’s a pretty fall tour with a window box holding pumpkins, fall directional signs, a pumpkin patch and more!

Wood pumpkins with Pumpkin Patch sign using fall stencils

Make these wooden faux pumpkins

Questions and Answers:


Is it cheaper to build your own shed?


That depends. Access how much work your old shed needs, and do a cost comparison. For me, it wa MUCH cheaper to fix the shed I had.

Plus, the grandfather clause works well in this case so you don’t require anything extra in order to put up a structure on your property.

Is it cheaper to buy a shed kit or build yourself?


I’d say that would depend on the kind of shed you desire. When this shed was on its way out the 2nd time, I priced out new prebuilt sheds, and even shed kits. But all those options require a generous budget. So I personally had nothing to lose in trying to fix my own shed myself. If that didn’t work, I could consider the other options. I just didn’t want to spend thousands to simply store firewood!


greenhouse to shed

So if I can go from an old broken down greenhouse

… to the cutest reclaimed wood shed

DIY window box planters on a garden shed

… to an even better version of a reclaimed wood shed that’s built stronger, I think you can too!

All that’s left is to add a few blooms, herbs and flower baskets, to make your shed your own!

Which garden shed idea is your favorite part?

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  1. I loved your shed that you made out of junk. If only I was younger so I could enjoy it. My heart is with the “old” & I am not able to create too much any more. Being 78 now I get too tired to be able to do for very long. I did enjoy looking all of your pictures. Thanks for sharing & making my day.

    • Thanks Mary! And I completely understand. Personalizing sheds can be as easy as hanging up a small garden sign or planting a few new flowers. The smallest touches can make such a difference from turning a simple structure into something more ‘you!’

      • To awesome and I saw you new greenhouse I love it we are getting new windows soon told my husband I wanted him to build me a greenhouse with the windows, that’s how I found your web site I was looking for inspiration.

        Thank you for that

  2. I’m so glad you put everything together in one big list. Ever since I saw version 1 of your garden shed, it’s been on my to-do list and version 2 made me even more determined.

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