Pallet wood sawhorse coffee table

Pallet wood sawhorse coffee table using Vintage Market, part of Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

Pallet wood sawhorse coffee table

About a week ago, my son attempted to bake bacon in the oven. A cookie sheet with no sides was used.

(let this be a warning… don’t do this)

After the timer went off, I checked up on things, and it wasn’t quite done yet. So I added a bit more time, then sat down to write a blog post.


Smoke started billowing out of the seams of the oven… apparently the fat ran off the sides of the pan, and hit every conceivable thing that would make it smoke. 

I quickly grabbed the oven mitts, and ever so carefully, pulled the pan out, and carried it to the back patio to get it outside pronto. Once outside, it tipped, and the fat ran all over the deck. Drat!

Better out than in, right? 🙂 

Now imagine if you will, walking from patio through the kitchen for a solid week. I was going a little crazy tracking in bacon fat!

So over the weekend, I finally yanked out the pressure washer and cleaned up that greasy deck.

I LOVE a clean deck! My son and I even had lunch out there today!

rustic saw horse before
Using this sorry little sawhorse for a coffee table. Hmmm…

The size was certainly right, but the top needed some ramping up for sure. 

So thanks bacon grease… you encouraged me to create a pallet wood sawhorse coffee table!

Pallet wood sawhorse coffee table


vintage market saw horse coffee table funky junk's old sign stencils-003
Cutting some pallet wood to size, it was attached onto the top of the sawhorse with screws, staggering the wood joins.

vintage market saw horse coffee table funky junk's old sign stencils-002
The ends were left with older, weathered cuts, showcasing plenty of nail holes for good measure.

Pallet wood sawhorse coffee table using Vintage Market, part of Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

About the stencils

Vintage Market was stenciled onto the one side of the sawhorse for a little extra somethin’!

Stencils are from:

Farmers’ Market HERE

Vintage is from Market Extensions HERE

Tips on how to stencil are HERE.

Pallet wood sawhorse coffee table using Vintage Market, part of Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils
Check out that distressing. Looks like it was found in the back of some warehouse!

Perfect. If stenciling matches the thing it’s on, I call it authentic myself.

Pallet wood sawhorse coffee table using Vintage Market, part of Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils
And this little pallet wood sawhorse coffee table really is the perfect size for a patio table!

To give it a little more detail, an angled strip of wood was also attached to both ends.

vintage market saw horse coffee table funky junk's old sign stencils-009
And a big ‘ol hook for good measure too!

Pallet wood sawhorse coffee table with rustic coasters / funk junk's old sign stencils
One of the mini gate coasters finished this one off. Coffee time!

Funny story… when I was stencilling on this today in the front driveway, the little girl across the road wanted to see what I was making.

Conversation swung to vintage market, where I explained, “That’s where you can find some really cool rusty and junky stuff to bring home, like this sawhorse!”

Her reply, “WHY would you do THAT?!”

“Because some people like old stuff vs. new stuff.”

“Why not just get it new?”

Pallet wood sawhorse coffee table with a pallet wood sofa on a patio / funky junk's old sign stencils
I should introduce her to my blog… 🙂

Find the Vintage Market stencils at:

Farmers’ Market HERE

Vintage is from Market Extensions HERE

Visit many other unique sign projects with stencils HERE

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29 thoughts on “Pallet wood sawhorse coffee table

  1. Hi Donna! I am enjoying your periscopes and enjoy reading comments. How does one do that? And I really like your coffee table on the deck. And glad you are feeling better. Thanks a bunch.

    • Hi Joanne! I plan to do a post on Periscope. I’ve been a little bashful on sharing them because I wasn’t sure how long I’d stay at it! 🙂

      It’s a mobile phone app you can upload. If you follow someone, you can have notifications turned on so you are alerted to when they go live, so you can join in the chat feature! It’s really cool!

      They then stay on your notification list for replays for 24 hours. After that, you can watch them online (desktop only I believe?) on You can also access the broadcasts on Twitter too if you follow that person.

      I’ll get this post up this week to better explain things! It’s sitting half done in draft mode as I type.

      Thank YOU!

  2. I ate outside yesterday too! Aren’t we having fabulous weather? Love the sawhorse coffee table. I have a couple old saw horses in the garden and am not sure what I want to do with them yet, but that looks lovely. Also, love the periscope video. I’m not sure what it is and have to go find out about it, but love seeing your smiley face and hearing your voice. Really nice.

    • Hey Veronica, yes yes and triple yes! This weather is just what this junker needed. I feel like a different person with my sunlight.

      Periscope is a phone app you can upload. I’ve already responded to Joanne’s comment with more info (#1) but I will do a blog post this week better explaining it, and to offer a place where everyone can comment with their desired topics. How fun!

      Thanks for the kudos, good to see you!

  3. Love this table this space is nice and welcoming. I use sanding and stain to distress wood. Love the video I don’t do periscope because in the country our internet isn’t the best. Looks like fun though. Neat project always fun to come by and see what you’re doing. I’m back to inside projects this week myself. The clock is ticking and once we move the fun shall begin!

    • Hey Carole! Yeah, Periscope does eat up bandwidth and lots of it. Very glitchy with a poor connection. I have trouble at times with a good connection!

      Looking forward to what you yourself have in store! Sounds exciting!

  4. This is really cute! I wish I was as confident as you are with tools! I did learn to solder last year and am not stopping there, just need to find more time in the day!!! I love your blog! karen…

    • Hey Karen! The fear factor goes away with power tools if you just get a little time in with using them. I have to constantly sloooowwww myself down when I use the saw, because it feels as effortless as answering the phone now… which can be dangerous. The right amount of fear is a good thing so you respect it.

      One big tip that saves me: excellent hearing protection. The noise is the worst part, and once that’s gone, half the battle is won. 🙂

      I’ll do some Periscope broadcasts perhaps on basic tool usage too. Maybe if you can SEE how easy it is, you’ll be more likely to try…

      Thanks for coming by!

  5. It looks great! I like old stuff over new – it has character! Your porch looks very inviting! (Nothing like a bacon grease incident to get everything all clean, huh? Definitely better outside than in!)

    • Hey Cecilia! I’m sitting in that very seat as I type this… LOVE IT! The sawhorse is the perfect size for my laptop too!

      I’m now wondering if it would have been better to get bacon grease all over my floors inside… maybe I’d have a cleaner house?! haha (not likely…)

  6. Hi Donna:

    It’s lovely weather here in Ontario too – thank goodness – after a week of gloomy rain.

    You did an amazing job on your sawhorse coffee table and thank you for the bacon/oven warning! I see this on Pinterest and such and have always wondered “where does ALL the grease go?”

    You are so talented!

    • Oh Elaine… all that grease created a year around skating rink! It could have been our cut of bacon too, who knows. We’ve tried it before with great success, but just don’t ‘blog’ when making it maybe… haha

      Glad you’re having great weather too, eh?! 😀

  7. I love it!! Who wants new when you can reuse, up-cycle, and re-create something wonderful out of something ordinary, or old and worn out!!!! 😀

    • I tend to agree Dayna, although this project made me pause for a few minutes. It could pass for a little too rustic, even in my book! But thankfully in real life, it does look really cool.

  8. LOL – My daughter cooks bacon in the oven all the time, but she uses a pan with high sides. I’ve done my share of burning things and filling the house with smoke though! Your little sawhorse table is too cute!

    • Oh Angie… some people are cooks, and other people would rather beat up beat up wood. I think we both fit in the latter one without effort!

      I envy one thing about the rich and famous… and that’s their in house chefs. Where do I sign up?!

  9. Sawhorse is awesome! I’m always on the hunt for them…love them for table legs! Thanks for the tip on periscope…I had no idea how to follow you on there. Looks fun to join in the chat!

  10. Thanks for the lesson and I love your coffee table. Have fun at the movies with your son. Thanks for sharing.

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