8 Rusty junk sign themed tool and paint stations to make!

Vintage coke crate paint storage, part of rusty junk sign themed tool and paint stations | funkyjunkinteriors.net

Rusty junk sign themed tool and paint stations

Today, I felt a need to play.

I should have painted the boy’s bedroom, and I should have mowed the lawn, along with some flower bed weeding while it wasn’t pouring rain out for a change.

But no. While still clamouring around in my pjs, I wandered to my newly cleaned up photo studio, desiring a more creative outlet.

See what happens when you clean up the place?!

reclaimed fence wood into a tool storage station

One of my fav things to do is come up with 10 minute projects, as I call them.

Today I was inspired to create a new tool junk styled station. I love pushing myself, to see how I could store different things from my heaping pile of junk.

So let’s make one using reclaimed wood… and other rusty junk!

So, it all started with 3 fence boards I got from that fence lottery win.. of sorts.

Rustic signs made from Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils on reclaimed wood | funkyjunkinteriors.net

Rusty junk sign themed tool and paint station

I always have a surplus of random signs made from stencils, so I grabbed a few to see if I could come up with a theme of sorts.

Sayings, like coffee, cabin, market, pantry… and honestly, this is when my mind started reeling with so many idea for any of those themes, I had to rethink the purpose of my project again!

Tools. Paint. Yeah! Ok, got it.

The making of a sign inspired reclaimed wood tool and paint work station | funkyjunkinteriors.net


  • Dry-fit 3 fence planks side-by-side.
  • Use a sign board across the top to dream up a theme.
  • Dry fit rusty junk on the planks to decide what you’d like to hang.

So I dry fit three fence planks together,then layed various sign boards across the top, then outfitted some rusty junk into place to get a look and function going.

Adding rusty hooks, hinges, a bulletin board, a funnel, anything goes!

Where I collect rusty junk from

This is where having rusty junk comes in really handy. One of my fav places to get it from is Granny and Grumpa’s who are near me.

mounting the boards onto the wall with a level and hammer

How to install

  • Screw one plank onto a wall, with 1 screw so it’s easy to level.
  • Attach the other planks the same way.
  • Once level, insert more screws for stability.
  • Screw accessories to the planks
  • Load it up!

Tip: If your shelf is geared to hang weight, you may wish to use anchored screws.

Mounting is easy. One screw per board for a start, then using a level and hammer, the boards were hit until level, then more screws added. Done!

The making of a sign inspired reclaimed wood tool and paint work station from junk | funkyjunkinteriors.net

The finished result

After the main reclaimed wood organizer was hung, I added the desired hooks and such, then filled it up with whatever I desired to store! In this case, paint supplies.

I then attached other vintage crates and toolboxes to the wall that could store more.

Let’s take a closer look!

The making of a sign inspired reclaimed wood tool and paint work station from junk with oil can reciept holders | funkyjunkinteriors.net

Market seemed to be a suitable sign for this station as it could mean anything!

MARKET is part of the Farmers’ Market stencil from HERE

Branch handled reclaimed wood toolbox shelf with oil can reciept holders, part of a tool junk work station | funkyjunkinteriors.net

Toolbox Shelf

A branch handled toolbox  was installed on its side to work as a tall, vertical wall shelf.

Very quirky but fun! And it doesn’t take up much space either!

Two oil cans became receipt holders.

And that weird black thing that use to be a weird red thing is holding various masking tape.

Coke crate paint storage, and branch handle for stencil hanging, part of a tool junk work station | funkyjunkinteriors.net

I love this branch with the offshoot, which just makes for an interesting hook!

A rag was great on it too, but I’m always in mid stencil mode, so hanging a few up while working or waiting for a stencil to dry after cleaning would be handy.

But this is why playing is so important, and valuable….

Coke crate paint storage, part of a sign themed tool and paint junk work station | funkyjunkinteriors.net

Coke crate paint storage

I am in LOVE with storing my little paint testers of Fusion Mineral Paint inside this vintage coke crate! They all fit! 2 deep even.

Coke crate paint storage, part of a sign themed tool and paint junk work station | funkyjunkinteriors.net

And a little vintage barrel became the perfect place to either store rags or to be used for a garbage can!

Rusty funnel as a pen holder, and coke crate paint cubby, part of a sign themed tool and paint junk work station | funkyjunkinteriors.net
Rusty funnel as a pen holder, and door pull hammer holder, part of a sign themed tool and paint junk work station | funkyjunkinteriors.net

Oil funnel paint brush holder

A rusty oil funnel got stuffed with paper to close off the bottom hole before adding pens and paint brushes. It’s perfect!

I love how this rusty junk sign themed paint station turned out… but then I went down memory lane… here’s a few more fun ideas to store your paint or tools!

rusty tool themed workstation : funkyjunkinteriors.net

MORE Rusty junk sign themed tool and paint stations

Here’s the junk styled tool station I came up with awhile back.

Rustic old sign themed paint shelf from reclaimed wood | funkyjunkinteriors.net
And then there’s the paint shelf from cut up signs

DIY 2x4 ladder for stencil storage | funkyjunkinteriors.net
The DIY ladder where stencils are stored

Learn how to make this stencil trolley from an old vintage crate and stock lumber! #storage #organize #stencils

That later became this stencil trolley!

Learn how to turn a table top into a compact tool station on a wall for indoor use! #tools #toolstorage #workshop

A table top turned compact tool station with screws in jars

Antiques cupboard paint cart storage on wheels | funkyjunkinteriors.net
And the repurposed cupboard morphed into a paint cart.

Junk styled workshop with pallet tool shelves | funkyjunkinteriors.net
Oh right. And then there’s my entire workshop… AND paint studio. This post is getting out of hand. I’ll quit now.

All I can say is, thank goodness for rusty junk!

As I don’t know where I’d store my junk without it…


Get any new ideas for your own tool or storage needs?

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17 thoughts on “8 Rusty junk sign themed tool and paint stations to make!

  1. Hi Donna! Really like your weird black thing that use to be red. What a cool way to store rolls of tape and such, and really like the branch handled tool box turned long sided and hung up! I LOVE quirky! And then the coca cola case for storing paint. AWESOME! Would love to transplant your items in my home. It is fun coming up with ways to use unusual or even everyday items in unexpected ways. Thanks so much for sharing. Always makes my day!

  2. I will come and paint your son’s room AND mow the lawn if you will come and organize my craft room. I also have 2 kitties you can play with (also two pit bulls who are afraid of one of the cats). I am only kidding but if you were closer I would do it.

    • Patty, if you lived closer I would completely high five you and make this happen! 🙂

      It would be such a fun challenge to work on another’s project or room for a change. I’ll have to give that some serious thought!

  3. I am thrilled that I have found your blog! I too am a lover of junk and rust, there’s just something about it that you cant explain. Can’t wait to see more and explore some of your past post :)!

  4. Very clever! I love it. How did you get the 3 boards to stay together or where they already like that?

    Thanks for,sharing

    • Hi Mary, I installed the 3 boards directly onto the wall first. The post showcases exactly how I did it… start with one screw each, then level them, then add more screws. I obviously don’t mind drywall holes. LOL

      • Wow, I would never had thought of that! And I’m sure my husband would have hoped I never did… lol Thanks Donna. 🙂

  5. Hi Donna,

    Okay, the part where you mention that you hung a just cleaned stencil to dry made me think of my stencils! How do you clean your stencils? I have several stencils that I’ve used a couple times and now there are a couple layers of paint on them. Could you maybe do a post on how to clean them? Love your blog!

    • Hey Sharon! I use to clean, or at least, attempt to clean the stencils early on. I wrote that for the benefit of those that still do. But I gave up! LOL

      I now leave them as is after painting, aside from ensuring the edges are left sharp. I find because I use so little paint on them, they are fine left as is.

      Trying to wash all the paint off has potential to harm the stencils, so if you do try it, I’d suggest to soak them right after painting, until you can get to the task of scrubbing. With what, I am not completely certain. Maybe do a google search on ‘stencil cleaners?’

      I’m in the middle of writing a post on my fav stencil supplies, so I’ll do some sleuthing around for it!

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