Saturday Nite Special brings you… anything goes!

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special


Welcome to the 5th edition of Saturday Nite Special!


The theme this weekend is anything goes! Feel free to post a previous or current project you are proud of so we can clap along with you! I’ll be doing a highlight post after the party selecting some of my favs, so watch for that one too as you may be in it. 🙂


Party runs until Sunday 11pm so you have all weekend to join in! Yippee! Let’s party!


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I promised to keep you in the loop in re: to me preparing for the Christimas show, so here’s something I’ve been working on. I needed a brochure and biz card, so I put on my thinking cap and came up with something unique for the card.

 Always on the verge of creating something not done before,  I decided just a plain ‘ol card was.. well, plain. I wanted 3D eclectic something or other, that more resembled my style of decorating. So, I created ‘the eclectic handmade label card.’ (scrapbookers will probably groan.. I don’t scrapbook and never have but maybe I should!)

I love the quaint look of labels. Isn’t the round one the cutest? The card consists of 2 real labels and the last being a printout on stock. The round one has my phone and email, the 2nd the blog address …

… and the 3rd, the main logo. I stuck on a white hole reinforcer for strength and for the pop of brightness to tie in with the other whites. This is a prototype so it’s roughly cut as you can see.

On the back of the main card, I created another funky label with my full name and mailing address.

I’m one to like clean cards and all too many times I see them bombarded with soooo much info. These tags were simply a fun way to get all the info in but in a unique fashion.

When I get to the point of handing out a bazillion of these things (like tomorrow even… yeah), I’ll do something more time efficient no doubt!

For the brochure, I like working in CorelDraw. It’s a vector based drawing program I use for my vehicle graphics. (I have another life, maybe I ought to tell you about that some time if you’re interested…)

Here’s a closer screenshot of part of the brochure. Look! My dresser made it into print! 🙂

As cute as the colour brochure turned out, when I printed it out from the black laser printer, it turned out alright. I’ll probably just go with this version for the show as the other attendies are in a black and white brochure as well. I’m going to display the brochures in the clipboard as you see here and create a stand of sorts (out of rusty pencil rod steel… thanks Dan!) They’ll be handed out to the other participants in the show to get the word out.

I’m so glad that’s over!  I want to go play with paint and tools again. 🙂

(in case you were curious, Funky JunQUE is the client blog I’ve been feeding for an online portfolio. I can’t imagine they’d want to know about our link parties and such..) Check it out and let me know what you think if you wish!

So here we go! Rules are simple and same ‘ol:

1. Please link up to your post, not your home page address. How-to HERE.

2. Please link back to this party from your post others can join in the fun!

Party runs till Sunday 11pm. Happy weekend inspiration to all!

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20 thoughts on “Saturday Nite Special brings you… anything goes!

  1. Donna, the thought and time and creativity that you put into the everyday item is what sets you apart. These business cards (although they are so much more than that) obviously took a lot of time to design and create, and it shows that you really have something “special” to offer. I also find your other “client” geared site to be very impressive. I wish you all the luck in the world. I think the statement that you are making is one of individuality, creativity, professionalism, and competence.

  2. I love the business card idea. I recently did a craft show and bought the rectangle tags with the reinforced hole and string attached to use for my business card, but everything didn’t fit. So your idea takes that to the next level and is just too darn cool.

  3. I love the business cards and brochure you created. They’re unique and fun and I think they show off how creative you really are! Love them! Thanks for hosting the party. Have a good weekend…

    pk @ Room Remix

  4. Oh my goodness, thank you so so much for featuring my magnets as your hot find today!!!! You are such a sweetie!! I just love participating in Sat. Nite special and was so unhappy when I wasn’t able to link up last week-end. Thank you for all your work setting up this linky party every week-end!

  5. Thank-you so much for your input! I was humming and hawing about the whole thing and you’ve helped put my mind at ease once again. You gals are just the BEST.

    What a surprise to wake up to so many fun entries to browse through! Time to make some coffee and go play. 🙂

    FJ Donna

  6. My friends all think that since I am the visual creative type that I would be a scrapbooker too, but I have never made one either. I just love your unique take on the business card and it fits so well with your style. I LOVE it when I see great design. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I’m ridiculously late, but I *did* show up! Girl, those biz cards are fabulous…ya know, I was blowdrying my hair today thinking “how much would a plane ticket cost so I could go to Donna’s open house???” I wish I could swing it. I’m so goshdarn proud of you for going for it! Can’t wait to see pictures and hear how everyone ooooed and awwwwed at your creativity and style :O)

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Saturday Nite Special brings you.. vignettes!

Welcome back to Saturday Nite Special linky party #2! This weekend’s theme is all about vignettes! I cannot wait to see what everyone has in store!

No vignettes to share? I’d bet you do too! I use to call them displays before blogland. Most anything constitutes a vignette. We all have stuff sitting on tables, windowsills, mantels etc. So fluff, arrange, click and come out and play!

TIP: take a pic of your vignette and view it in your camera first. It’s weird but if it doesn’t picture well, rearrange and try again. This really works! The eye of the camera is different than your own eye taking it all in.

The party ends Sunday midnight and the prize to the chosen winner is a feature of your project and blog!

 *Revised: you no longer MUST be a follower to win.* (more on what Sat Nite Special is all about HERE)

And here’s a vignette post that can help you on your way! So grab a button if you wish, link up your post and come on down! If you have no vignettes to share and you wish to link up a non related project, feel free! But this round I will be voting on the vignette entries to celebrate our topic.

Here are a few from my own home. Right click/open new window on the bold text to visit these posts.

Fireplace mantel vignettes

See how simple this mantel is? Because of the massive size of the objects, it does work. Nowhere is it written you have to jam your ledges FULL.

Layer it!

Build up those items like building blocks, creating interesting layered visuals.

Rustic bathroom window sill

Take one last look at that glass washboard. It’s now a wooden glassless frame. Sigh….

Kitchen window sill

Yes, I totally consider this a vignette! And the tap is even part of it. Consider what’s standing in front of your arrangements and make them a part of the picture.

Funky stereo cabinet

Vignettes should marry what they’re on top of. Rustic underneath = rustic on top.

Kitchen office

Must play well with others ~ This display is open for the entire upstairs to see. So I placed things that go with the entire upstairs rather than office depot plastic weirdness.

Laundry room fun! Where else to try an old sewing machine?

Create a story ~ This is a mantel I did for my mom just for fun. I didn’t spend a wadful of time on it but felt it was on topic too well to pass up! This mantel is chalk full from memories past. (No I didn’t think to take a before pic!!! But the mantel was full of cups, cards, and vases. She was due for a fresh new look.)

 The iron and white crock belonged to my grandma. The old wooden thing is my dad’s milking stool.

Here is the entire mantel area. My mom is such a good sport. 🙂 All the things she had on hand. And each item contain great meaning to her.

I totally got a kick out of the red paint on the window pane! Window is from my parent’s barn. Rogers can is from the farm kitchen.

The china cow I scooped up from the fancy china cabinet area and is a precious gift to my mom from my dad. (miss you dad!!) The pussy willows I believe are still from the farm. The green plant is REAL. If I had a plant like that, it would be rust coloured…

The cow pic was taken by my niece. Funny! And the chain on the window? I yanked the window off her garage wall and left the mounting chain in tact. She was missing some metal in her house anyway. 😉

This little stove is old as well and a gift from the family.

I found the milk can in her garage and is a precious item from her brother’s farm.

Enough about me! Let’s see whatcha got! Link up,  have fun and good luck!

To link up:

1. Make your post, then once made, click on the TITLE of your post for the correct address. Links simply brought back to your generic blog address will be deleted so if you link is gone, please try again! How-to HERE.

2. Please link back to this party within your post by either the linky button or text so others can join in too!

Weeeee! Fun!

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26 thoughts on “Saturday Nite Special brings you.. vignettes!

  1. Wow, I’m #1 in the the linky party, this has never happened to me before. I think it has something to do with the baby going to bed early tonight! 🙂
    Love your vignettes. Your home is so warm and cozy and beautiful. I loved the post you did the other day about layering your vignettes. I’m off to the thrift stores soon to look for platters and trays for my home. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!!

  2. Thanks for hosting! My vignette is really a few vignettes, as I accessorized my built-ins…thought that fit the theme.
    As I was scrolling through your post I was noting the things I liked when I noticed your kitchen sink faucet, hey, I have the same one!

  3. Thanks for joining the party, ladies! It’s so fun seeing what others are doing with their stuff!

    The party runs Sunday as well so there’s plenty of time to submit for those that are currently vignette-less. Just think how pretty your house will look by Sunday evening. Do it do it do it, go go go! I wana see! 🙂

    Thanks for your compliments!

    Funky Junk Donna

  4. Thanks so much for hosting. Quiet Saturday nights are no longer boring in blogland. I love your vignettes, they have so much texture and interest. And your photography skills make mine look sad, very very sad. But, until I can get a new camera I have been playing with the settings on mine and have had some improvement at least. I have the same black beadboard tray and Pearl washboard. Am I guessing that the glass on your beauty broke since you took the pictures?

  5. Thank you for hosting this party! Every single one of your vignettes is perfect. You have a real eye for gathering and layering. I have to give a shout out to your niece for taking that awesome cow picture.

  6. Just linked up a couple of vignette posts! It never fails to amaze me that I continue to discover *AMAZING* blogs that were somehow below my radar, such as yours. Fantastic blog, I’m so thrilled to have found you!
    All the best,

  7. I continue to be nearly speechless with your links. Oh. My. Goodness. You have NO idea how many times I’ve sat down today when I shouldn’t have just to gaze at my computer screen. My son is giving up on me. LOL!!

    Ok, I’m off to do my dishes. It’s only 8pm my time… eep. But I’ll be back. 🙂 Thanks to all for making this such a wonderful party! Thrilled beyond belief here!

    Funky Junk Donna

  8. LOVE your mantle, girl. And the kitchen window vignette is when I first fell in love with you. I cheated just a bit with my post, but I’m like that. Thanks for hosting…looking forward to seeing everyone else’s stuff and copying, er, getting inspired by their creativity. :o)

  9. Great vignettes!!
    Love this for a party.

    Thanks for thinking of it.

    Love the sewing machine, and the office/kitchen ones the best.
    Oh, and the window frame. =0))

    Thanks and blessings

    barbara jean

  10. I love your vignettes! Thanks for stopping by and checking out mine. I will need to look over your blog and get some new ideas for my home. I just found you last night. Thanks for hosting. This is a new thing for me and I just seem to fall into something new. Fun.

  11. Love your vignettes.
    I came by way of Meagan Marie Pretties.
    I just had made a post after coming across your linky party.
    I’ll put your button in my side bar.
    Have a wonderful day!

  12. Boy, do I ever wish I had freinds in my area that liked to junk and repurpose like I do…..only online do I see people who have a passion to make old things into new decor……..I live in an area where everyone decorates from Kirklands ….yuck! Thanks for an enjoyable stroll through your site…you have an eye for junk!!!!

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