Ski lodge winter sign with ladder storage for an entry

Welcome back to 3 unique and wonderful ways to use winter signs.

#1 – Sleigh Rides Christmas card holder sign 

#2 – Ski Lodge Entry Sign with Ladder and Crate Storage – you are here!

#3 – Reclaimed wood Hot Cocoa Bar

Ski Lodge winter sign entryway using Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
I’m not certain I’ve ever talked about my skiing days. But I use to be an avid skiier!

I have a TON of wonderful memories from ski trips. The whispering quiet so loud it hurt your ears. The weighted trees from a fresh snowfall. The powder runs with no tracks in sight.

And there was just nothing better than plunking yourself down in the soft snowdrifts, while enjoying a hot, welcoming coffee out of the thermos, and a great lunch.

Ski lunches were the best! You knew you’d be super hungry so you went all out with protein, fresh cut up fruit and plenty of snacks that would hold you.

Ski Lodge winter sign entryway using Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
And then there’s the welcoming, warm ski lodges or chalets. They generally wore a log cabin flavour, complete with roaring fireplaces, while everyone did the funky chicken walk, clunking around in their ski boots with hot food or beverage in hand to warm up.

So Ski Lodge had to become part of my winter stencil collection. HAD to.

Ski Lodge : Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils mixed and matched with Winter and Christmas Graphics
Ski Lodge comes with just the two words, but teamed up with the mix and match Winter and Christmas Graphics (both sold separately), you can land yourself so many other fun variations!

But this post is more than about the cute sign. So let’s get this tutorial down, then I want to show you my other fav part of this post!

fallen down fence used to make reclaimed wood signs
The day I landed this old fence wood was a good day indeed. My neighbour knocked on my door and asked me if I wanted the wood. I was half way down the street before he finished his question… barefoot.

Never, but never say no to free wood! Because it can become ANYTHING.

Ski Lodge winter sign entryway using Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
How to make this Ski Lodge Sign

1. Locate a reclaimed wood board (more valuable if found barefoot) with a rough texture. Lightly sand, but leave plenty of texture attached.

2. Paint the board with an icy blue tone, but allow the wood to show through. Go heavier in the centre, and fade out towards the edges.

3. Once dry, lightly dry brush over the works with a soft white. The roughness of the board will catch just the right amount! You will not need to further distress this board if you don’t overdo it.

4. Mark the centre point of your sign board, then position stencil, using the engraved registration mark. Straighten, then tape the sides into place so it doesn’t move.

5. Decide where and how many graphics to use (this Winter Collection is HERE), measuring them out, then readjust for centre registration.

6. With a very dry loaded stencil brush, pounce up and down, until you’ve achieved desired coverage.

If you wish for a visual, you can read How to stencil HERE.

– – – – –

Paint source / Fusion Mineral Paint

Board – Champness (blue), dry brushed with Lamp White. Perfection!

Lettering – Ski / Lamp White and Lodge / Ash.

I chose these colours because they ALL had an element of grey and softness to them. Perfection for an icy, faded looking antique sign right out of their pots! No mixing required.

– – – – –

And here comes a variation of what I’m totally doing to my real front entry…

Ladder and crate organizer / Ski Lodge winter sign entryway using Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
I fell hard for this ladder and crates combo to store seasonal essentials by the front door. It’s funky, rustic, cute, and of course… free. 🙂

Ladder and crate organizer / Ski Lodge winter sign entryway using Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
I’m also going to show you how I made that adorable top crate very soon. But I have one more thing to point out.

In my world, crates are perfection on their own. But I’m all about the smallest details. So after I took this shot, I came up with an additional touch that I fell in love with…

I collect all kinds of rusty junk, and added a few details.

Christmas Lights crate / Ski Lodge winter sign entryway using Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
It now resembles an antique card file, someone may have slammed together out of an old crate! 

Well… I hope it does. 🙂

Christmas Lights crate / Ski Lodge winter sign entryway using Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
Using the Merry & Bright Christmas Lights stencil, the design was placed on an angle and off centre, for kind of a stamped look.

The tree image is part of the new Christmas Graphics stencil.

I know the image is kinda hidden, but it’s small details like these in unexpected places that polish things off in a unique way.

winter staging with white stool and mittens in faux snow
evergreen branches in a wicker basket, hanging on a ladder
red lantern illuminated with a battery operated votive candle for Christmas and winter decor
And if you ever land a little red lantern that’s broken, don’t bypass it! Outfit it with a battery operated candle. The flicker it gives off is perfect!

handmade wooden snowflake for winter decorating, made by My Altered State
And this wooden snowflake has my heart.

This beauty is an original, made by my friend Pauline, from My Altered State HERE.

She makes these crazy awesome reclaimed wood snowflakes all the time, and gifted me with this beauty on my last visit to Salt Lake City!

Thank-you Pauline! And sorry some chunks broke off during my travels… but hey, it adds to the quirk of my work, no? 🙂

Ski Lodge winter sign entryway using Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
There’s one more bonus to this sign…

Nothing like pretending you’re a part of the ski scene without all that extra effort!

But then again there’s that revamping of the front entry… 

Funny how that sounds way more painless though. 🙂
Ski Lodge : Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils / funkyjunkinteriors.netVisit Ski Lodge and others HERE.

Get inspired with more Old Sign Stencils projects HERE.

See you tomorrow for quirky winter sign #3!

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11 thoughts on “Ski lodge winter sign with ladder storage for an entry

  1. Donna, the signs keep getting better and better, but how is that possible? They were awesome from the start! Super staging! I love the the blue color over barn wood! I think the S hook idea for hanging ON the sign is genius!

  2. You know I will be getting a few of these. Your stencils are the best. Just have to figure out which ones I want first. Fantastic. Thanks.

  3. That looks wonderful, and makes me want to keep all the old fence boards once the fence gets replaced! Do you still ski? I didn’t last year at all…not for lack of trying. Hope we have some decent snow this year.

  4. Question: You use lovely mineral paints for many projects. Would it work to use latex house paints from bedroom walls and such? Or does it need to be a different formula, perhaps latex is too shiny? Thanks so much!!

    • Hi Kathy! Apparently there is a fusion mineral paint used for walls. You may wish to inquire at their website on where to find it!

      I myself for walls use an acrylic latex eggshell most any paint store carries.

  5. I have everything in this picture but don’t have the talent to put it all together like you do. It’s wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing your gift !

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