How To Make Retro Star Pattern Custom Throw Pillows Yourself!

Learn how to make your own Retro Star pattern custom throw pillows cheaply, with no sewing required! Featuring a step by step tutorial on how to create repeating retro star patterns using stencils.

Follow this tutorial to learn how to make retro star pattern throw pillows by yourself using easy-to-use stencils!

Well hello outdoor living patio decor season! Which means one thing. Time to haul out the pressure washer, then style the patio once again!

I love giving my summer patio a fresh look each season. And this year will be exceptionally different! I’ve already landed a new-to-me white picnic table, and have retired my beloved pallet chair after 9 years so I could have room for something fresh and new!

Take this patio tour of the pallet furniture HERE

But I’m keeping the pallet sofa

However, onto new ideas! 2 resin wicker chairs I had on hand looked really nice with the pallet sofa and also offered more room for the grill. So I switched things up, when a fresh black and white color theme came to mind. Again! This neutral look is so fresh against wood.

However the wicker chairs would need some decorative pillows… and that’s easy to do.

Grabbing two IKEA throw-pillow-covers and a couple of coordinating pattern stencils, fresh new customized throw pillows coming right up!

It never fails to surprise me what a difference a couple of new accent pillows make. They offer the look of comfort, along with all the perks of the fresh new look I was after.

And boy did the pillow cover fabrics turn out cute! Star trends in bold patterns are strong right now and these decorative throw pillow designs couldn’t be easier to make.

These really aren’t outdoor pillows, but under the patio cover they do really well. I just bring them indoors if we get a stretch of rainy weather.

So today I’ll share the instructions on how to DIY retro star pattern custom throw pillows, then soon share an entire patio update with all the new changes!

DIY retro star pattern custom throw pillows


Supplies you’ll need:


Retro Star and Retro Star large stencils from HERE

Fusion Mineral Paint’s Coal Black and Casement 

Dome tipped stencil brushes

White cotton pillow covers (the Gurli brand I used are no longer available)

Black cotton pillow covers

IKEA 20″ feather insertsGet 10% off Fusion Products through Funky Junk Interiors

Get 10% off of ANY Fusion paint or products mention in this post!

DIY retro star pattern custom throw pillows

View both Retro Star stencils HERE

Where to find Retro Star pattern stencils


Retro Star and Retro Star Large are two repeating star pattern stencils, one with smaller stars, and the other with larger stars. Teaming them up together was a given! And they are perfectly sized to fit 20″ couch pillows.

DIY retro star pattern custom throw pillows

Designing the pillows


The stencils were teamed up with an IKEA gurli 20″ cotton throw-pillow-cover in black and white to achieve the fresh and crisp neutral theme pillows I was after.

DIY retro star pattern custom throw pillows

View both Retro Star stencils HERE

Stenciling the star pattern


1. Iron and remove any lint off the pillow cover.

2. Insert something completely flat and waterproof inside the pillow cover to avoid paint bleeding through.

I used the bag the stencil came in however a plastic bag would work too.

3. Position Retro Star stencil in the middle of the pillow cover, and attach with masking tape along the sides.

4. Apply Fusion Mineral Paint’s Coal Black to the stencil brush, then remove a little on a rag so it’s not too wet.

5. Tap brush through the stencil until coverage is even.

Tip: Fabric absorbs paint so the chances of paint bleed are much less than when you stencil hard surfaces.

DIY retro star pattern custom throw pillows

How to continue the stencil pattern


6. Lift the stencil, and ensure the back feels dry.

7. Re-position the stencil by sliding it to one side, overlapping like-minded pattern along the edges. Tape down, then continue stenciling.

DIY retro star pattern custom throw pillows

8. Continue stenciling until your pillow cover is complete.

Doesn’t this Retro Star pattern make one striking custom throw pillow?! Love the vibe!

Video – Stencil a white retro star pillow



Click above to watch a short video of the pillow stenciling process.

So let’s make a coordinating pillow next!

DIY retro star pattern custom throw pillows

View both Retro Star stencils HERE

Stenciling with Retro Star Large


Retro Star Large was started in the middle of this black IKEA pillow cover, stenciled in Fusion’s Casement, then the pattern was once again extended on all four sides until the pillow cover was complete.

When stenciling, I started at the outer tips of the large stars, then swiped towards the middle. Watch the video below to see how.

What a neat effect!

Video – Stencil a black retro star pillow



Click above to watch a short video of the stencil process!

DIY retro star pattern custom throw pillows

Adding feather pillow inserts


After the pillow covers dried, two IKEA feather pillow inserts were stuffed inside the pillow covers for the ultimate smooshy feel and look!

And here’s how they look on the patio chairs!

DIY retro star pattern custom throw pillows

Coordinating retro star patio pillows


Aren’t they the cutest?! I love how the two custom throw pillows bounce off each other in color and style. They sure offer a nice pop of color and pattern and make the perfect match! And they sure make those deeper chocolate wicker chairs pop!

I think these retro star patterns have both a vintage and modern throw pillows vibe, don’t you? It can go both ways!

DIY retro star pattern custom throw pillows

The black Retro Star Large pillow pattern  took on quite a neat effect! Love how the big white stars visually pop off the black cover. And they’re large enough where the image brightens up the black pillow base.

DIY retro star pattern custom throw pillows

This color combo looks bright and clean against all those green plants and rustic wood accents!

So let’s take a closer look at the other pillow next!

diy retro star custom throw pillows

Well, how pretty are you? Love the little black Retro Stars popping off the white pillow cover. This pillow really adds a dash of brightness with a whole lotta star quality style.

DIY retro star pattern custom throw pillows

Other ways to use these star patterns:


DIY retro star pattern custom throw pillows

Guess where else these Ikea hacked pillows look decadent… on the white slipcovered couches in the living room!

The geometric patterns and color scheme are so timeless, so these pillow covers will always look right in season.

Honestly? Stenciled pillows make the best throw pillows for so many reasons… here’s a few! 

Why stenciled pillows are a good idea


  • saves storage space when you wish to change them out
  • saves money from needing to purchase more pillow forms
  • easy to customize to any color theme
  • use any stencil that fits

DIY retro star pattern custom throw pillows

And now it’s time to pour a coffee, and truly enjoy the fresh new summer patio oasis that is taking shape! I still have a few more accessories to put out, but it’s really starting to feel like home again. Boy have a missed my outdoor space!

But I certainly feel that much further ahead thanks to a couple of pretty new cushions for a whole new look.

What will you be adding to your own outdoor living spaces to freshen it up for the season?

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    • Thanks Teddee! That one certainly pops, loved how it turned out too! And now I’m even more encouraged to finish up the patio. I don’t even think I decorated it last year. haha

  1. Stencils and pillow inserts! Two of my favorite decorating techniques! It’s so much fun to freshen up a space and make it feel new again. Thank you for sharing yours!

  2. I LOVE this stencil ( I have the smaller star stencil)! I have some white pillow covers and am going to use black paint as you did, I just love how they look! 😍

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