1. The secret to a more productive space

Pallet wood coffee table / The secret to a more productive space via https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/
Over Christmas, I did a really gutsy move. And I’m now convinced this is the secret to a more productive space.

I ditched my coffee table.


The secret to a more productive space via https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/ 

We all need coffee tables, right? I mean, what about when company comes? You need a place to set your coffee. Or so I thought. 

The secret to a more productive space via https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

I guess it all depends on how you use your living room. My son and I sit on two side chairs. And we love to slide those chairs wherever they best serve us at the given moment. In order to do that more effortlessly, wheels on the trunk ottoman and toolbox side table made ALL the difference.

But removing the coffee table was the key.

The secret to a more productive space via https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

gate window screen tutorial is HERE

The secret to a more productive space via https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

And it was the single most best decision ever made in this room. We now have floor space! And if a side table is needed near the sofa, I’ll bring up a bench or something. But only when needed.

We now have a fully productive AND roomy room to use it the best way possible. Our way.

In order to reclaim a space, I’m a big believer in completely emptying a room except for your main components, then slowly bringing back only the things you love and need. 

Even so, removing the one white elephant in the room can dramatically change how it feels and is used.

Your rooms need to be fully productive and work for you. There are other ways to store things you don’t really want or need. But don’t let your favourite spaces become storage units. Make them beautiful, make them work, make them yours.

Don't allow your favorite spaces to be come storage units. Remove the white elephants and reclaim your space! Part 1 of a decorating advice series via https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

My challenge to you: Ditch the white elephant.

Pick a room. Any room. Especially a room that isn’t particulary working well for you. Remove ‘that thing’ you know you want to. Even temporarily. Try the room out without it. It’s my bet you won’t miss it at all. And you’ll love your room even more. 

What would you like to remove?


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1. The secret to a more productive space


2. How to create a new room you NEED

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31 thoughts on “1. The secret to a more productive space

  1. I really want to take everything out of my living room and turn it into a dining room. We have a family room in the basement we rarely use because we spend all the time in the main living room. The main living room is small and off of the kitchen, there’s no room for my 6′ farm table, we don’t have a dining room, so it has to be downstairs in the other part of the family room. I have an entire collection of kitchen/dining roomish stuff including an old hoosier cupboard. 2 reasons I haven’t done it yet are #1 I just bought new linen furniture for the main living room and don’t want it to get abused. . . #2 the only bathroom in the house is on the main floor and it makes for a long treck to use it. . . but you never know. . . I may just get the urge with the new year. . .please visit my new blog (real simple style) @7grands.blogspot.com

    🙂 d

      • I’m starting to think that except for bathrooms and probably kitchens, the labels put on a house’s blue print or floor plan are just suggestions of how to use them. And I say probably kitchens because I know of a couple people who use most of their kitchens for non-cooking activities.

        I’d say go for the transformation, Debi.

  2. I moved around the living room just before I decorated for Christmas. I don’t know why I didn’t do it before! The first thing my daughter in law said when she visited was “Oh my gosh! The living room seems so much bigger!” I moved stuff around and took out two end tables. Neither was necessary and it made all the difference in the world!

  3. This is perfect for what I’m doing! I’ve decided to “revamp” a lot of my spaces to
    Make it more functional! Currently working on my craft room! Took everything out
    And starting from scratch! New Years Resolution… Make my space work
    And exactly how I want it. No Rules!!

  4. Great idea! Although your coffee table is pretty sweet, I am sure you will find another spot for it. New floorplan gives you more open space and once your tree is put away for the season you may just get lost in all that space!! Love yours shutters and your fireplace! You do amazing things with the stuff you find! Happy New Year!

  5. Goodness this hits close to home! My favorite room is my craft room which has become a storage room for all those things my adult children could not part with but could not fit in their new homes/dorms/apartments. I wonder if they would notice a Craigslist ad for some familiar stuff?

    Maybe mama needs to reclaim her room! Kim

  6. I recently ditched my dresser. We moved into a smaller home, with a smaller master, and with the dresser in the room you had to practically turn sideways to get past it. Fortunately, we have decently-sized nightstands that now serve as mini-dressers. Then I got some hanging shelves for the closet to store the overflow. It worked out great, and we haven’t missed the dresser at all, really. I’d much rather be able to move around in the room a bit!

  7. If you’ve got suggestions for a breakfast area that never, ever gets used, I’d love to have some inspiration. We call it “the dog room” because the dog’s food and water are in there. Its really a part of the kitchen that is just wasted space.

  8. looks nice and roomy. I had a hard time giving up my coffee table a few years ago. It’s a throw back to the 70’s and 80’s when we always used them. But some habits die hard and I still use one at my lakehouse. LOL!

  9. My desk is my “space to tackle”!! It has been my catch all all through the holidays! I’m debating on paper storage….What can I use??

    What a fun mini series.


  10. I took the challenge and eliminated my trunk/coffee table. It really did free up space and make the area seem so much bigger! And it was simply a clutter catcher. Every flat surface seems to be in my home. Now we have room to move to freely move around. Great insight. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Donna – we are doing the same thing with our coffee table – and like you it will not be in storage! It’s out the door! Much more space to dance around in!

  12. Funny enough i did this about a year ago and i have NOT missed it. All everyone seemed to do was dump stuff all over it so that it always looked a mess. i pull up a small wooden chair when guests need somewhere for coffee…but i am thinking of buying a really tiny nest of tables that can be spirited away when not in use!!!

  13. I sold my coffee table this week. The space feels larger and less confining. The coffee table was like a barrier to sitting on the couch. Now I have room to dance, too!

  14. I have been threatening my husband to do something like this. We have a galley kitchen attached to the kitchen dining area. It’s like 2 rooms and a hardly used large dining room attached with a small partition wall dividing the space. Whenever we have company everyone is in the kitchen. I want to get rid of the kitchen set and start moving cabinets and appliances until I see what works. It will be tricky because of the sink and oven, but it’s better to feel it out before you make permanent mistakes. I’m great at those. LOL Our kitchen will then basically be 2 1/2 rooms, but life it short.

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