Tile floor complete! – final reveal of the front entry

Oh my goodness… I’m so happy to report, my front entry tile is now complete!!

Tiling an entry with a pattern | funkyjunkinteriors.net

This was just last night while the grout was going on. THE GROUT! I’ve waited forever for this moment. The dog clung to me pretty tight as a thunderstorm was breaking through the sky. And yup, she stayed put just like you see here in the pic. Good girl!

Tiling an entry with a pattern | funkyjunkinteriors.net

All nice and grouted. Now the wait. Once it dries abit, I scraped it as clean as possible to remove as much access grout as possible, because the next job is twice as difficult if you don’t do this. (and yes, I learned the hard way)

Tiling an entry with a pattern | funkyjunkinteriors.net

The floor comes to life! And this is a proud moment, for you can finally see how nicely (or how not so nicely) you’ve made all your cuts and joins. It’s like icing on a cake!

Tiling an entry with a pattern | funkyjunkinteriors.net

I chose a pattern for the front entry. I designed and implemented the center first, then had the bias tile wrap around the center pattern. It turned out awesome! I love how all the apparatus in the room sits on the bias, and the pattern is free and clear. It’s a neat visual.

What was once this… (which is actually an improved before believe it or not)

Horse gate entry coat hooks

Is now the bright clean and ultra productive space we enjoy. With floor intact!

Ladder storage and old sign coat hooks for a rustic front entry | funkyjunkinteriors.net
You can see how the entry currently looks HERE.

Some of you may have discovered I started blogging when my house was being renovated on. We’re talking pulling out major walls, ripping up floors, new windows, the works. What I’ve been attempting to do was blog about the finished decorating type results on this blog. To see abit more writeup on the entry building and tile floors, you can spec out:

Our Extreme Home Makeover Experience – front entry
Funky Junk Interiors – all front entry posts

There’s abit of repeat between the two blogs, however the building of the rooms of my home are better portrayed in the other blog.

Ahhh…. Sunday, a day of rest, yes? I’m going to go downstairs with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and admire my newly finished floor. Admit it… you would too!

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45 thoughts on “Tile floor complete! – final reveal of the front entry

  1. Really nice job on this project! Your pattern works well in your entry, and the addition of the half-tiles set on the diagonal and the small square accent tile gives the floor a WOW factor and a punch of style. I can’t believe your dog just lay there- mine would have been bounding through the grout! LOL The bench and wall coat rack add so much character to the room, too.
    🙂 Sue

  2. 5kids, you are too funny! Does that mean the hubby gets to do it to your home now because you’ve just shown him even a woman can do it it’s so easy?!? Heehee! Use whatever ya got, girl!

    Sue, the pic doesn’t show it well, however there aren’t just half tiles along the sides. Every other one holds a full tile too on the sides.

    Elizabeth, absolutely (NOT). No offense though, right? 😀

    Thanks Whitney! I still have to go downstairs for, you know, this and that for an excuse to, you know, admire the floor for the umpteenth time. Just to make sure it wasn’t a dream and all. 🙂

  3. Awesome job! I admired your entry before it was finished, but now it has such an expensive, custon look. Love your vintage pieces that give the space such character. Congratulations! It must feel great to be finished.

  4. This turned out wonderful. The floor is gorgeous, but the new wall color, bench and other accessories are just perfect and really make the space. Great job!!

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star’s Fault

  5. Bravo smart girl, the floor looks great! You must be so proud of all your patience and hard work. What a lovely home you’re creating, it just beautiful.

  6. I would sit right down on that floor with my coffee and my laptop and just soak it up!!!!

    it’s so darn hard to balance summer and blogging …I’m out to change that today!!!!

    i’d love to be on your blogroll ….. hehe

  7. Wow, it’s absolutely beautiful, you done good. Is this going to be your next career, tileing, if so, sign my house up….Wonderful work, all your lines sre so straight, you are amazing… Keep up the great work…

  8. Hello!
    I just “discovered” you and will have to come back when I have time to read some of the older posts. Your entry is FAB. Mine is small, but you have inspired me to think of something new on the floor . . . . !
    Have a super day and I’ll return for a long read.
    Betty 🙂

  9. OMG ~ I love the finished product! The tile work is awesome ~ you did such a great job. I cannot get over the difference in your before and after pictures.

  10. Oh Donna, your entry looks amazing! You did a fabulous job on the floor. It just ties everything you’ve done in there together. Beautiful!

  11. I found you through a comment you made on another blog. I just added you to follow. Nice tile job and I like the color. What really caught my eye is that I also have a Husky and she looks very much like yours, except she doesn’t have the black down her nose {she’s white there}, but the body looks exactly the same – especially when she’s laying on the floor like that!

  12. Oh what a beautiful foyer! I hope that your pretty pillow stays pretty. :o) I love your post and I am finding so many great DIY blogs lately. My imagination is spinning wildly. Happy saturday sharefest! You were ahead of me.

    My best, Lynn

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