When cats photobomb

When cats photobomb / a photoshoot of two tuxedo cats Lake and Skye via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

Just a few short months ago, I opened up my heart to two sweet little tuxedo kittens.

When cats photobomb / a photoshoot of two tuxedo cats Lake and Skye via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

Oh how they charmed me! Some tears were still shed with the loss of my beloved Teddy, but gradually, missing turned to fond remembrance. Each day got a little better.

These two purred. They played. And they loved me back.

black and white cats looking out a window / When cats photobomb via FunkyJunkInteriors.net 

And grew up so healthy and strong and even MORE beautiful.

Today, they are my heart.

black and white cats looking out a window / When cats photobomb via FunkyJunkInteriors.net
They show up when I work and when I play. 

They just show up. All they need to do is show up and they make my day… and photo shoots complete.

By just being themselves.

Tuxedo cat photobomb and twig garland / When cats photobomb via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

twig garland tutorial

As for photobombing? Yes, thank-you! Thank-you very much for photobombing every chance you get!

Tuxedo cat photobomb and twig garland / When cats photobomb via FunkyJunkInteriors.net
canning jar lid twig ornament tutorial

Don’t you go changing a single thing.

Rustic wreaths on an illuminated old gate headboard with cat photobomb / When cats photobomb via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

2013 Christmas home tour here

Cats behind an old door photobombing / When cats photobomb via FunkyJunkInteriors.net
Christmas rustic wreath tutorial

Cats don’t just photobomb though… they MAKE pictures sing.

Rustic kindling stars and tuxedo cat / When cats photobomb via FunkyJunkInteriors.net
Firewood kindling stars tutorial

Old wheel Christmas wreath with tuxedo cat / When cats photobomb via FunkyJunkInteriors.net
Old wheel wreaths

Sleeping cat by screen doors / When Cats Photobomb via FunkyJunkInteriors.net
How to install screens on french doors

Square evergreen wreath and twig garland with tuxedo cat / When Cats Photobomb via FunkyJunkInteriors
Square evergreen wreath

Tuxedo cat climbing over unpainted wood / When cats photobomb via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

Tuxedo cat climbing over painted wood / When cats photobomb via FunkyJunkInteriors.net
How to plank a bathroom ceiling

Wood kindling in a rustic baset with long haired tuxedo cat / When cats photobomb via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

Black and white long haired tuxedo cat / When cats photobomb via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

 When cats photobomb, they make my heart sing.

Two cats in a cage / When cats photobomb via FunkyJunkInteriors.net
I was so sad when I got you two. Having just lost Teddy about 2 months prior, I was scared. Scared to hurt more than I already was. I feared what the future would bring.

But I’m so glad you spoke to me. Once I saw you eyeing me from inside that cage, I was a mess in a very good way.

If I had never taken the time to love you, I would have been the one to miss out.

By loving you, you gave back. I no longer have to ache until the end of time.

Thank-you kittens,

for positively photobombing my heart and soul

from day 1.

Are you missing a pet? Maybe it’s time…

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52 thoughts on “When cats photobomb

  1. Thank you for sharing your story (and your kitties). I lost my 22 year old kitty last year and my heart broke. I wasn’t considering getting new cats, thinking our 2 dogs were enough. But my children wanted kittens so off to the shelters we went. Those smart kids. We picked siblings and they are such a significant part of our family now. As scary as it can be, opening your heart again is so worth it. Hopefully it is for our pets as well.

  2. As I sit here writing my comment, I have tears streaming down my face and my heart is breaking. Last October, I had to have my 2 cats put down for health reasons. Shadow was 14 and Fritzi was 12. When I saw your photos, it reminded my so much of Shadow. I adopted him from our local Farm Store. He had always been MY cat. The best lap cat you could ever want! Wherever I went, there he was too! He could have been the third tuxedo in your photos! 🙂 I have thought about getting another cat but I just don’t feel like I can at this time. Maybe someday.

    Thank you for the post though. It brought back a lot of happy memories.

  3. I remember your little Teddy showing up in pics too (ie: the back of your office chair), lol. She was such a dear wee soul, but I’m glad you have two little ones (who love to ‘pose’) now.
    I’ve lost my furry BFF of 12yrs. He stayed with me throughout my marriage, divorce, many subsequent relationships, many jobs and many moves. I have since adopted more furry ‘kids’, but even after 5yrs, I still have an ache deep down for my little guy.
    P.S. My favourite pics are always the ones with one of your furry ‘kids’ in them. 🙂

  4. I know how hard it is to lose a cat, Donna. It’s wonderful that you opened your heart again and let these two sweeties in. I can’t imagine living without at least one cat anymore. Each day they make me smile several times. For me it’s one of the best things in life to have a purring cat sitting on my lap.

  5. Thank you for this post and all of the photos of your sweet kitties. I lost my precious Snickerdoodle in October due to congestive heart failure. I am still missing her so much and have held off on getting another cat because I fear comparing every cat to her and finding them lacking. She was everything to me. Your post has shown me that it is possible to move forward and to love a cat again without dimming the love you had with the one no longer with you.

  6. Thanks for sharing, Donna. Last spring we were adjusting to a life without our long time cat who passed away at 16. I didn’t feel ready for a new animal, as she was so special. The children asked for a new cat, and with a little bit of reluctance we adopted a little grey kitten from the shelter. He has brought so much joy to our house too. Funny, how they work themselves into our hearts.

  7. This makes my heart happy and my eyes a little watery! We have three kitties and a Labrador and they’re all my babies. I just cannot possibly imagine my life without the joy they bring to me each day. Please feel free to keep posting photos of your two tuxedo beauties. I never tire of seeing their sweet faces. 🙂

  8. Donna,
    I loved that post ! Those pictures are precious . I am a cat person too but without a cat at the moment. Loved seeing your guys. Thanks!
    Smiles, Alice

  9. Beautiful thoughts and memories. I lost my beloved dog, Cookie almost two years ago- the anniversary is coming up in May. Like you, I was scared of getting my heart hurt again but I did, and now I have two dogs and most recently, a ginger cat has adopted us! So, once again the house is filled with love. Cookie was my first dog and although no other dog can take his place, I have chosen to love other animals for their uniqueness and not compare them to Cookie.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  10. Love the cat photobombing. It’s hard when you lose one but rescuing one is a way of honoring the one you lost. There are so many shelter animals that just want a home. Love, love all your funky junk!

  11. Your kitties are just precious and your love for them shows through. I share in your feelings for our kitties. Meggie who was 18 years when she passed away was a wonderful little lady. LIttle Kitty who was 12 years when she passed, was precious and such a scardey cat. And, now we have Little Kitty II who is such a joy and rules the house.
    Love your kitty pictures and stories about them.

  12. Your cats are adorable and I know just how you feel. I now live in an apartment and, although I could have one cat, I just can’t afford the expense of properly caring for a pet and don’t like the idea of keeping a cat cooped up in such a small space. I envy you your cats! Enjoy!

  13. My cat is constantly photo bombing my pictures, too! Especially when I’m using my phone to snap a quick pic and then he comes out like a blurry, furry mess! lol. Your cats are super cute. I was never a cat person myself, ever, but we picked up a stray in the Fair office where I volunteer and she was pregnant. She had 3 kittens the week before fair and she had them right under my desk. So they were there under my feet the whole week of fair and I got it into my head that I wanted one because they were just so stinking cute and I knew my kids would love it! One of the best decisions I ever made 🙂

  14. AWWWW! They’re adorable. Sure they photo-bomb you, but in a good way! I think a home is not a home without at least one pet. They complete us!

  15. Hi! I love seeing your cats! I love their photo bombing. It’s just wouldn’t be the same without them! They are so cute and really cause your pictures to turn “real,” not just be a standard picture.
    I have been a reader-stalker for a while and have a little black poodle. But, also, I have a Tuxedo cat, a Ragdoll, and a Tabby with swirls instead of all stripes. So, we are kindred spirits. Love your blog?

  16. Donna – so glad your heart is healing. Your kittys are real cuties! I know the hurt you are referring to. Our lab, Shelby, spent 13 years with us and after a year and a half I finally opened my heart to a seven week old bassett hound. She is now 5 months old and my heart sings when she looks at me with those big ears (yes ears)of hers! Maggie has wiggled her way into my heart right next to Shelby!

    Love the photo-bombs!

  17. After reading your title I thought of the cat memes that have been floating around the internet for quite some time now (icanhazcheeseburger anyone?). After reading through I now understand it isn’t.

    I’m sorry for your loss. My parents lost one of their dogs a week ago (I know, different animal, but somehow alike) after 13 years, which does feel weird, even after not having lived there for 4 or 5 years. I’m quite sure my parents are still coping with it, and will be for some time. I’m glad you found two new loves, and I hope you have years of good times to come!

  18. Those two would have my heart too. Looks like a cat I used to have for 17 years. It’s always hard to lose a loved one but there are so many others out there that need homes. Our two dogs were both from bad situations and we love them so much. Bless you for adopting them. Oh, and love all the stuff you make too.

  19. My hubby and I have photobombing cats as well… I swear the camera coming out attracts them faster than kitty treats! I used to try to herd them out of my blog-related pictures, but having eight of them (yes, you read that right, eight) it was pretty much impossible, so I just gave up. But in the long run, I found that the pictures with the kitties in them were much better… more warm, homey, natural.

    We too just lost our 15 year old cat to cancer; we had her since we got together so she had always been a part of our family. Having the rest of our brood to comfort us was a great help to get past it. I’m glad you were able to open your heart and adopt once again… the cure for passed kitties is- more kitties! They never take the place of the ones that have passed, but they fill new places you didn’t even know you had.

  20. Hi Donna; I have not talked to you in a while. Thank you for such a moving part of your life. I am sorry about your lose of Teddy… and happy you have your two new kittens to help you. This was a great post to read. For all of us who have lost a loved and cherished pet, a little blast of hope for the future. We had our dog of 19 years put down two years ago. I am ready to move on a little but my husband is not. He says it will be no more pets for him. I hope that one day he will change his mind…or I will miss all of that love that our pets give us. My dog Simba was a rough collie and he ruled our home. He was so faithful to all of us. I have a little photo collage on my wall that reminds of him everyday. In this little way our dog still has a presence in our home. Thanks for writing such a great read.

  21. What a darling tribute to two absolutely beautiful cats!! I just smiled and smiled as I scrolled through your pictures – they bring life to every shot!

  22. This post warms my heart! I remember when you lost sweet Teddy and how much you were suffering. I know that pain all too well. And I also know that the best medicine to heal that pain is the unconditional love of a cat or dog. Thank you for being brave enough to adopt these two together so they could remain a together in your new family. I love this post and I love your photobombing kitties! And your rustic bed — SQUEEL!

  23. Beautiful cats Donna, I can feel the softness of their fur by looking at their pictures. Pets leave pawprints forever in our hearts. I always say never again, but it’s never been “never again”. We have dogs because of allergies. I can tell they love to be with you all the time, even when you are trying to work. I absolutely love the door pic and two tails.

  24. Yes, thanks for sharing all these photos…even though I now have tears running down my cheeks because it makes me miss my cat whom I had to have put down a couple of months ago! Such good companions!

    In time, I will open up my heart again though too!!

    • Aww, I’m so sorry for your precious loss Hellen! It is so hard! But I personally had to give up that tough fight. Just couldn’t deny myself something I really needed. I’ve found having others in no way replaced the cat I had, but did enhanced the memories and allowed me to be happy again. Wishing you the best!

  25. The best way to honor Teddy is to give that love to another animal (or two). I love seeing pictures of the cats. We have two calicos (both rescued) and two pit bulls. The vicious pit bulls are afraid of our older cat Gertie. I love them all.

    • Haha, too funny about the scary dog and fluffy little cat! I really love your analogy of honouring Teddy that way… you are so right! It’s a testimony on how I so very much loved her. Beautifully put!

  26. Oh Donna they are just so sweet, I love cats, and I have had several through the yrs. but unfortunately, I became so allergic to cats I had to find a good home for my last cat and it just about killed me, but I kept getting sicker and sicker, finally had allergy tests done and low and behold I am highly allergic to cats and a little bit allergic to dogs. I had always had dogs but when my little buttons died I grieved so, but eventually I will get another dog, they really don’t bother me. But every time I see sweet kitty’s like yours it makes me tear up and want to go right out and get me a kitty. So embrace your little photo bombs and I would love seeing them in your blog every day. We all know they are at your feet day-in and day-out while you are working so it is a given. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your talent, and your kitty’s.

  27. How sweet! I remember your posts about Teddy and am so glad you’ve found others to warm your heart. I lost my sweet Jerrie a few weeks ago, after 20 years of just the two of us. I miss him too much to consider another cat, but you describe kitty love so well it makes me smile.

    • Oh, love those beauties! I don’t have kitties of my own, but have a beautiful Blue Russian grand cat named Violet Rain who I love to pieces, and a big ol’ chocolate lab whose name is Sweet Brown Sugar, and a sweet li’l lop-ear bunny named Rosie. I’m thinking of getting a cat or 2, we always had cats, and a dog or 2 when my own kids were growing up, and of course barn cats a when I was a kid. I have as much fun Christmas shopping for those furry grandkids as I do for my human grandkids!

  28. I am so with you.
    I have 5, all rescue. Every minute of my day, there’s someone wanting to be in my lap, lying on my keyboard, just waiting for my attention. Their little lives are so short, that there isn’t anything so important, that I can’t stop and pet someone in my lap for awhile. My version of stopping to smell the roses, I guess.

    I feel sorry for those who never take the time or who never open their hearts enough to let these little souls in. Their lives will always be missing a little something.

    Your babies are very sweet.

  29. This is obviously a post that resonates deeply with many…I think perhaps because shortly after a furbaby enters your life, they enter your heart forever to stay. Your tuxedo babies are adorable and I’m sure they love you just as much as you love them! I am partial to tuxedo kitties…I’ve had four altogether. My latest one, Cassius, just had to have one of his legs amputated…it was a very close call and I almost lost him…so your post really hits home with me right now…it brought on the tears…not tears of sadness, but tears of gratitude for this little one who has graced my home with his presence and has, thankfully, been permitted to stay with me for a while longer. And yes, tuxedo kitties seem to be born models…the love to pose, don’t they? I look forward to seeing many more photobombing picutures from your little ones!

  30. I agree, the photos look so much better with your kitties in them. They look like they are having so much fun being around you while you work…especially the way they are playing behind the door. Now that is a classic picture!!
    One of your babies looks so much like my cat Pepper…him and his brother are gone (a year apart) and shortly after Gizmo past, I adopted two cats. Like you, I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing, but they sure do complete my life. And Pepsy is always around when I’m working, especially if I’m on the floor…I can hardly get anything done with him wanting to be part of what I’m doing. He gets paint on him almost as much as I do! Even his little nose. lol Pickle is more a daddy’s boy.
    Debbie 🙂

  31. Thank you, Donna, for the post. I am loving your kitties through your posts and pics. They are adorable. You give clarity to my own thoughts on getting another kitty. My Texas had cancer and we had to let him go last September and I still haven’t been able to imagine another buddy like him in my life.

    Your words give me pause, though, and make me wonder…

  32. Loved your story about the kitties. I have read your blog for a couple years now and not sure if I have ever posted or not. But, I remember when you lost you Teddy because, I too had lost my kitty and went through the same feelings. I too, got 2 more kitties and now its quite a different story with those 2 around. It is wonderful how they fill our hearts with so much joy. We are lucky. Just had to share.
    Peace, Teresa

  33. I love these pictures! I have always had cats in my life but they have always just happened into my life. So when I lost Smokey due to illness a few years back I waited and waited but nothing happened for a couple of years. Then early last year a little girl came calling and she has been with me ever since and altho she is very independent, so different from Smokey, she has taken my heart and I love every day with her in it. Thank you for sharing your pictures.

  34. Your kitties are so pretty and I love it when they photo bomb! We have always had pets, both cats and dogs, so we’ve lost our share over the years. It is always so painful and I wonder why we try again with another pet, but there is something so unconditional in their love that I think we pet lovers need. We’ve always taken in the ones that are abandoned and have been rewarded with all the snuggles, purrs and wet kisses we could ever want. Our “Tux” has coloring more like your long haired kitty, but is short haired. Almost every night he jumps up on my side of the bed and curls up against my neck, his little purr engine sending me off to sleep.

  35. I’ve been following your site for the last four years or so, and it is posts like this, that keep me coming back! I love how very clever you are, and how open you are as well. I love seeing blogs that also show who that person is!

    There have been MANY of your posts that I have absolutely adored! But, the posts that have a piece of you in them, make them that much more enjoyable!

    Awesome work, and amazing creativity!

    Thank you!!


  36. I have been trying to find where and what you named these two beautiful kitty kats……… so what did you name them? They sure take fantastic pics. I can never get mine or two of mine to sit still for good pics. Shaymus and his mom Sadie are good, but Siara and Sapphire are little scaredy kats. I also have three pups… Sunshine Maltese Mommy, her husband Shadow Poodle Daddy & our last but not least rescue from the street Skippy Spot aka Speedy who I think is a Rat Terrier mixed with Chihuahua & maybe a bit of Jack Russell? Who knows? lol

  37. omg Donna not sure which kitty love better,
    lake no sky no lake no sky! 🙂 they have grown so such beautiful kitties! and yes let them photo bomb away! glad they your heart sing as do the photos make me do the same!
    sunset beach california usa

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