When neglected fall flowers emerge

When neglected fall flowers emerge / what transpires when you take a little time to smell the roses... via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

Today rolled out in an unexpected way. I had BIG plans to get that dream workshop painted today, but sadly, only got to filling the holes. Where did the day go?

While the filler was drying, I turned around outside… and gasped.

neglected lavender bush before
SHOCK. Did my yard truly look this dreadful?! Oh yes it did. Where have I been?!

Right… a few trips here and there were priority.

Ah well. My neighbours haven’t fired me yet, so time to roll up the sleeves and do a little work before they do…

fall weeding and yard cleaning
I was soon in way over my head. Trimming shrubs and pulling weed after weed, that wheelbarrow worked overtime. This was so not on my list of things to do today!

And that’s when I put the tools down and sighed. 

Every single year I vow to have an AMAZING yard and astound those neighbours of mine by keeping up with it. But I rarely do. I suppose it’s all about commitment. I just get these squirrel moments where I’m in some zone and don’t snap out of it. Or maybe it’s an old thing. 🙂 

While in my moment of despair, I looked up, and after I squinted juuuuust a little, I caught a glimmer of… life after weeds.

cut lavender for drying on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
My poor neglected lavender. I totally forgot to cut and dry it.

Apparently you’re to cut it before they complete their bloom, so the petals retain their fragrance. 

Oh well. This is what I had so I may has well do something fun with it.

(weeds? what weeds?)

fall hydrangeas on a ladder on FunkyJunkInteriors.net

Do you know what happens to dried colorful dried fall hydrangeas when you leave them outdoors?

faded fall hydrangeas on a ladder on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
 They turn a lovely shade of rusty gold. Gorgeous! This will come in handy.

When neglected fall flowers emerge / colourful fall flowers in a bait bucket... via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

And this was the result. From neglect to showcase, these colourful fall flowers were most certainly ready to emerge. A galvanized bait bucket did the trick.

When neglected fall flowers emerge / colourful fall flowers in a bait bucket... via FunkyJunkInteriors.net
When neglected fall flowers emerge / colourful fall flowers in a bait bucket... via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

I’m so glad I found the weeds today. They led me straight to all this beauty, ready to burst out, if only given the chance.

Sounds a little like life, doesn’t it?

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12 thoughts on “When neglected fall flowers emerge

  1. Beautiful,Donna! In early summer I like to go into our field and pick the wild Queen Ann’s Lace. I think I just may go and see what little treasures the field holds for me in the fall!

  2. Yes that’s life for ya.. great ideas to use the flowers in such a Bucket..
    This photo image would look awesome in a large size hanging on a wall in a laundry area.. lovely shot!


  3. I wish my yard was so neglected. I spent from 7 AM this morning in my back yard………. took me two hours (on & off)to get the mower started……. you do not want to talk any way about pulling weeds till you come to my house and see the invasive vines I am fighting…………….. and worse. I think you have a beautiful yard.

  4. Now is the time to hunt around for fall seeds found on plants on their way out. I was at a local park with my grandkids and discovered some huge seed heads just asking to be taken home and redistributed in my garden! There were some lamb’s ears stray plants, which I love, but I don’t have a good wintering over spot in my house, yet. We have 5 cats living in 3 separate parts of the house, so it’s difficult to keep them out of growing territory! I have wild flowers at church which are in need of transplanting in better spots- next on my gardening list after all the peaches are off the tree. The herds of wild horses and deer up here, in Virginia City, NV., will take care of that problem! When the fruit is gone, the horses won’t be trampling the flowers under the tree. They’ve already trimmed all my grasses and low growing wild ground cover for the winter!

  5. I too have neglected hydrangeas! I like to cut them and use them on my Thanksgiving table – that is if the wind and rain haven’t beaten them up too bad by then! LOL I was looking at my dead coneflowers the other day and I was thinking about cutting them down and then a wild finch settled on them and started eating the seeds! If I hadn’t neglected the flower bed, the birds wouldn’t have anything to eat (or so I tell myself to lessen my guilt!)

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