When sneaky friends and curbside workshop tables team up

Now that I’m home from my most recent adventures, I have been mulling over what to start working on next. I had thoughts of maybe firing up my dream workshop again.

But after quickly building for Crafty Affaire, then dumping my unsold stuff off, then heading to Toronto, then going on that weekend cabin getaway thing, well… I needed another vacation just THINKING about going there. The garage was one hot mess.

metal rack full of reclaimed wood-003

The wood storage looked good so far! But… I’d need tables. That would require some planning and spending, since I don’t have the right size reclaimed wood on hand. 

Too bad there weren’t just these tables on the curb or something….

curbside workshop tables

Be careful what you wish for I say… can you believe this?!

I had calculated requiring about 3 tables total. 1 12 foot for the garage, 1 8 foot and 1 6 foot for my office I’m redoing.

Can you guess the sizes of the THREE tables that were found?

Read above. Within inches.

And wood topped to boot! 


Well, I spotted those tables on the curb flying out to an appointment but didn’t even have time to take a picture of them standing there. And they were too big to take with me. 

Then friend Vic, who happened to be there, approached me and told me he’d put my name on them.

“But I’m so worried they won’t be there!”
“Don’t worry. They will be here.”

And off I went, giddy and biting my nails the entire way there and back.

Three hours later, the tables were there. YES! But no one to help me load. 

And then neighbour Jake rode by on his bike… Frantically rolling down my window, “JAKE!!!!” And he rode right over and helped me load up.

before workshop
I had anticipated leaving the tables outside with the metal rack I just found because of (heh) lack of room, but it was raining. Maybe I’d just set one up inside to, you know, get it out of the rain. Until I could do the garage right of course.

Off I went to clean…

before workshop

Ugh. Lots going on here.

Complete with crappy rainy iPhone pics. Perfect before pic I say. (silver lining much?)

So instead, I started tossing stuff out and gave another friend Dan a call. 

“Need any of this stuff?”

“Yup, I”ll take it! Be right over.”

before workshop

Only then was I able to get the now very wet tables inside to dry.

Curbside tables

I’m just over the moon FLOORED I found the right wood topped tables. This doesn’t just happen! Does it?!

Ready to open one up…

before workshop

I decided this was a REALLY good time to maybe remove that shelving and paint the wall instead. 

Gee… maybe I should continue the workshop project… YA THINK?!?!

I say those sneaky friends and curbside workshop tables knew exactly what they were doing the whole entire time…

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17 thoughts on “When sneaky friends and curbside workshop tables team up

  1. Boy! You have your work cut out for you! I wish I had a garage! The tables were a great find! I love it when I run across a great find! I feel like I won the lottery! Can’t wait to see the end results!

    • Jayne, I will remember your wishful words while I struggle to find room for everything I desire to store. I keep TELLING myself I have enough room. I just need to get rid of more stuff in order to regain it! 😀

  2. That’s awesome Donna! And, NO. Those things don’t just happen. And especially not when it’s EXACTLY what you need to the size. Was meant to be! Nothing like having an organized space to start projects in. — But that hardly ever happens in mine!

    • What is this ‘organized’ word you speak of? And why does it leave the building as soon as I enter it?!

      I think creative people zone out to the point of not seeing the cloud of chaos we leave behind. Now the trick is to stay there so there’s nothing to ever clean up!

      • So right Donna. We don’t see it. If you find a way to clean up after a project, let me know! The regular way is too boring.

  3. That’s So Awesome Donna!

    First, Miss Mustard Seed finds a free wood counter for her new studio, & now you find free wood tables for you workshop office etc…

    Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: (Matthew 7:7)

    Love following along on your journey

  4. WOW — lucky you to find those tables.. I am gathering supplies to build an Art /work table with Pallet wood – thanks for the inspiration..
    Sure looking forward to seeing the finished wood shop in your garage = your huge under taking project…


  5. You know Donna sometimes people get knocked down and suffer heartbreak and financial woes, but some show their true character by pulling themselves up by the bootstraps and working hard to build a knew life. I’m a firm believer that you work hard, be good to others and good things happen to you. You have come a long way, and it is time you have a little luck to go with your hard work. I bet your son and your family are so very proud of you. It is always a blessing to have such good neighbors.

    • Thanks Patty! Best thing that ever happened to me was to travel through hard times. There’s nothing left to do but change for the better when there’s nothing left!

      Sometimes we need a good swift kick in the right direction. Grateful it was just my turn. 😀

  6. Oh, my gosh what a find! It was totally meant to be. You put the info out and the universe supplied! How awesome is that? I would die for a clean and functioning garage!

  7. I LOVE this story! I am the biggest believer in finding what you need on the street,dumpster, etc. if you put that thought out there, it will materialize. I have seen this happen again and again. Your wood storage is awesome too!

  8. The Junk gods smiled down on you! (hehehe) Its a wonderful feeling when what you need is provided for and free to boot! Those are cool looking tables. Can’t wait to see your workshop finished.

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