One last photoshoot of those amazing fall leaves

While I’m currently going crazy with Christmas decorating in the house and nothing to show for it yet, I thought I’d pay a little farewell tribute to fall in honour of the upcoming American Thanksgiving this weekend. 

I will miss our fall walks in all it’s colourful splendour.

But then again, winter walks are equally as beautiful, aren’t they…

Eeeee… bring it!

(2010 shot but we did get our first snowfall this past week!)

Fall vs. winter… what’s your preference?

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33 thoughts on “One last photoshoot of those amazing fall leaves

  1. Donna, beautiful photos. You are such a multi-talented gal. Thanks! In Texas we really do not get the wonderful fall leaves each year. It is the luck of the draw as to which year it happens for us. (or should say rain, heat etc :-))

    Smiles, Alice

  2. Donna, You constantly amaze me with everything you do. I am from Texas too. I love to see a few colors in the fall. Your pictures are beautiful.

  3. Hands down fall ~ winter is too cold ~ bulky coats ~ windchill ~ shoveling…. should I go on??!! There are a couple of aspects that I do like about winter ~ I just wish the season was much shorter! Great fall shots Donna ~ our trees are almost naked now.

  4. Your photos are lovely. I am always a bit sad to see fall “leaf” us. (sorry, I couldn’t help myself. doesn’t bode well for the day ahead)I do love winter, through December, but after that I am ready for it to go.

  5. Tie in my book. Fall colors and temps, winter white, the stillness of snow covered roads. Crisp winter days outside enhance the yummie scents from the oven.

    Our part of the state has soggy Spring and humid summers but we also have the best Fall and Winter. Yes I’ll take both Fall and Winter.

  6. Thanks for thinking of us south of the border as we celebrate our Thanksgiving this week. That’s so nice! In the part of Texas where I live, we don’t have much of a fall. It’s 100 degrees one day, 70 the next and then cold. One day the leaves are on the trees, the next day they are off. So, there’s not much fall to enjoy and I’m a bit jealous of those who have such beautiful colorful autumns to enjoy. So, I prefer winter. I like cold weather after having such hot summers. We don’t get a lot of snow but we usually have a couple of decent snow events so it’s fun.

  7. Gorgeous fall shots, love the poochie reflection and the wirey, dangly house number!! I love all of our seasons (could not imagine living somewhere without winter) I just wish that our Alberta winters weren’t quite so long. I so love the view of your funky shed in the winter!! 🙂

  8. My vote is for fall! I’m also praying for a mild winter as this is the first year I take my son back and forth to school (highway drive to which I am not thrilled). I travel min. 2 hours each day counting all trips back and forth.

  9. I love snow/winter until Jan. 3, then it can all go away until Dec. 1 the next year. ;^) As much as I dislike cold weather, I NEED snow for Christmas and there is just something about snow that makes everything look brighter and cleaner & just less gloomy, even when it’s cloudy out. I HATE to drive in it though & I worry about my son making the 3 hour drives back and forth from college.

  10. I love fall. I don’t like the snow. I don’t like the heat either but I can tolerate that better than the cold. Great shots. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Beautiful photos — and thanks for remembering the US Thanksgiving holiday. Every day SHOULD be Thanksgiving, don’t you think? I love the changing colors and cooler temps of Fall, but there’s nothing prettier than fresh fallen snow in Winter. I’m not picky, except I do not like Summer. I’m odd, I know, but anything over 70 degrees is too hot for me.

  12. I love fall..It’s hard to believe that the snow will be flying soon..Thanksgiving is days away and Christmas is just around the corner..This year has flown by..Crazy..

  13. Donna your photos are beautiful. Your picture of your shed looks like a Christmas card. Gosh you live in a beautiful place. My season would be Summer, I don’t do well in cold weather.

  14. Amazing shots! I would like to have 1/10th of your creativity and talent…just awesome! Fall vs. winter…hard one, as I love them both. I’m most definitely a colder weather kinda gal.

  15. Knotty trees, dogs, house numbers on old wood, these are a few of my favorite things….Mel’s Designs…I pinned your house number on my Pinterest wall…cute idea! Mel’s Designs

  16. Your pictures are wonderful Donna! I’ll take fall over winter. I live in the illustrious snow belt on Lake Erie in NE Ohio and we get about 100″ of snow a year. Of course, Buffalo always out does us but it sure makes for a long dreary winter.

  17. There is something nurturing about fall, something special that soothes my soul.

    I love sunny October days in West Michigan when the ground is freshly peppered with golden leaves, the time of year when there’s still a handful of show-stoppers sporting their magnificent red leaves. You know the ones! The maples that line Sherwood Avenue and that awesome maple in the front yard of the Rietberg Farm. Year after year, you can count on it to take your breath away as you crest the hill.

    It’s Heaven on earth when my impatiens & begonias are still in bloom while the hydrangeas and chrysanthemums add to the show. I love cool crisp autumn air; a good ole’ heavy sweatshirt, football games and bon fires.

    Nothing beats freshly picked Fuji apples at Klackle’s Apple Orchard where Kodak moments abound. Yeah, I think it’s fall:).

    I’m live in West Michigan, so the leaves are usually peaking out just before Halloween. Perfect time for those Kodak moments as the

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