Old beach sign towel hangers

Beach signs towel hanger using Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils / funkyjunkinteriors.net
I think it’s impossible to have too many hanging opportunities in a home. 

Or on vacation for that matter. Between drying pool towels and beach towels, (tough life I know!) every chair back was used. I was always wishing there were a few more hanging options by the door.

But I will admit… I dreamed this project up before heading to Maui. What if…. I could create a stencil line that would chime in well with vacations, and make something with them while on vacay?

So… I did!

My condo owner was so very gracious in giving me free reign to make something cool. And during the first week of being here, I knew that this project would not only be pretty, but oh so VERY productive!

Here’s how I did it…

p.s. While I desired my planks to resemble old signs, most any stencil will do if you wish for more of a crafted look vs a sign look. 

cutting the wood planks / Beach signs towel hanger / funkyjunkinteriors.net

cutting the wood planks / Beach signs towel hanger / funkyjunkinteriors.net

1. Cut boards to length, and alternate lengths / types of points for a random look. Sand.

The first stop was Home Depot for new, treated boards. I didn’t wish to risk a termite issue.

I cut one like a picket using a jig saw, and the rest were left straight, but staggered.

placing the stencils / Beach signs towel hanger / funkyjunkinteriors.net

2. Position stencils this way and that way so they are all different.

The stencils were designed to fit onto basic planks. Bonus, right?! Gotta make it easy.

They were then placed in a staggered way to get a feel for the finished design.

I wanted this arrangement to resemble old signs collected over time, so some words were flipped the opposite ways of others too.

placing the stencils / Beach signs towel hanger / funkyjunkinteriors.net

3. Paint and / or stain the boards as desired. Then reposition stencils as desired.

As luck would have it, some boards were a little darker than others. I didn’t bring stain along and was ready to water down some paint, but ultimately, didn’t need to. A couple boards were painted with acrylic craft paint, and the other two left as is.

The concept… all the board bases to be toned different from one another.

I also decided to only use 4 boards instead of 5.

stencil supplies / Beach signs towel hanger / funkyjunkinteriors.net
Tip: want a quick paint tray? Slip a plate inside a plastic bag! 🙂 Worked fabulous! What we invent while on vacay… 🙂

acrylic craft paint / Beach signs towel hanger / funkyjunkinteriors.net

The local Walmart in Maui stocked plenty of pretty acrylic craft paint colours of the sea, so here they are.

stencilling sign planks / Beach signs towel hanger / funkyjunkinteriors.net

4. With a very dry brush, (tap onto paper towel or rag to offload) stencil each design, then lift stencil, allowing the image to dry. Lightly sand once cured if desired.

Tips on how to stencil are HERE.

Lake Rentals Old Sign Stencils / Beach signs towel hanger / funkyjunkinteriors.net

Gotta say, if your images are SHARP, you’ve done a good job on unloading that brush paint. Sharpness is key, that is why you want to achieve a very dry brush.

Beach and lake themed signs / Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils Getaway Collection / funkyjunkinteriors.net

And don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours and techniques! 

BEACH and HOUSE were both created by starting with one colour, and lightly going over it with others for an oxidized effect.

How to further distress:

It’s very easy to make these signs look more distressed, but I chose to leave them looking newish this round. But to further distress, beat them with a hammer, and go over lightly with stains or tinted waxes.

Allow stencils to dry / funkyjunkinteriors.net

6. Hang stencils to dry, or soak them right away / then clean.

Tip: To clean or not to clean?

I no longer clean the stencils after using. I just leave them be. Just make sure they have a chance to dry, and there isn’t any crusty paint along the edges of the letters, and you’re good to go.

Cleaning them is better of course, but it isn’t easy. So if you do clean, soak the stencils RIGHT AWAY until you can get to them.

Making old signs in my Maui workshop / funkyjunkinteriors.net

7. Be AMAZED that your workshop is on beautiful Maui garden grounds. Over kona coffee of course.

I understand… this isn’t typical. But let’s celebrate this one for a moment anyway, shall we? Because the stencil line I created FOR Maui is happening IN Maui! 

Making a beach sign towel hanger / funkyjunkinteriors.net

How to distress lettering on beach sign themed towel hangers / funkyjunkinteriors.net

Multi coloured stenciling on beach sign themed towel hangers / funkyjunkinteriors.net

Beach House / Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils Getaway Collection / funkyjunkinteriors.net
Making an old sign towel hanger with beach signs / funkyjunkinteriors.net
8. Add random hooks and screws for hanging.

9. Attach boards to the wall by screwing them in, directly into the wall. No fancy hangers needed.

hallway before
The hallway before. Isn’t it calling for something super cool?

beach sign towel hangers for a Maui condo / funkyjunkinteriors.net
beach sign towel hangers for a Maui condo / funkyjunkinteriors.net
And the after!

The beach signs have become my very fav drop off area for everything beach and pool. Which I truly hope future renters will equally enjoy.

(I wasn’t able to successfully get a picture of the entire thing at once.)

Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils Getaway Collection
I had a blast playing with this stencil collection!  Here’s my original beach stencil post using old fence planks.  

Getaway Collection : Funky Junk's Old Sign StencilsFind The Getaway Collection HERE

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8 thoughts on “Old beach sign towel hangers

  1. Love the signs and I know you enjoying Maui. I used to walk the beach for shell treasures and I had them all over the place. You should make small shelf or catch all to put those beach treasures.

  2. Look at you just whipping up these gorgeous signs like they’re nothin’…I sooooooo love this idea and the way you’ve fleshed it out! I really need to get some of these stencils…we are minutes away from a great lake and just down the street from a river, so the theme of these signs would be perfect for our little cottage-like house! Thank you for yet another amazing project! Enjoy the rest of your dreamy vacay!

  3. Living in SD far from an ocean beach, I redecorated my guest bath in a beachy theme to use shells I’ve collected in AK and HI. It’s a big bathroom and I’ve been trying to dream up something for towel holders. Opened your link and said “YES, this is it”!

    Have you thought about flying to another island for a day trip?

  4. It’s funny that I ran across this today. My family and I were on vacation in Gulf Shores Alabama a few weeks ago and I told one of the ladies in a shop there that the one thing I’d love to see in the condo’s we stay in is a hanging rack somewhere in the entry for all those towels we bring in from the pool These are wonderful!!!!

  5. Love this idea, Donna! I’m sure the owners of the condo will be pleased with all the touches you’ve added to their space – you’re probably their dream renter. Maybe they’ll ask you back again next year 😉

    Nice to hear from a Pro that you don’t have to wash stencils. I’m terrible for not cleaning them right away so now I won’t feel so guilty.

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