What made this the best 30 minute trail bike ride EVER!

Crossing the train bridge to get to the Vedder River Rotary Trail - part of What made this the best 30 minute trail bike ride EVER!

What made this the best 30 minute trail bike ride EVER!

I was once told of a story of someone that tended to wind down before quitting time at work. With only 30 more minutes to go, that person relaxed their efforts, knowing the end of the day would soon be here.

Then my friend described what ‘ 30 minutes’ meant to him, which was much different.

His mantra was, “There’s 30 whole minutes to still ______!!! Yes, with about 3 exclamation marks.

I smiled when I remembered this story. Because I heard myself JUST say much the same thing a moment ago.

Funny how good stories stick, huh?

The story

After a very long run of rain over several days along our BC’s west coast, the sun finally peeked out near the end of the day, which made me gasp. My internal bike ride clock was on high alert! Glancing at the time, the sun would be setting in 30 minutes. And I heard myself say out loud, “Of course there’s time to ride… there’s 30 whole minutes left!”

Yes, I hustled to get ready, because with 30 minutes, that isn’t a LOT of time in comparison to my usual trail rides of 2 hours +.

But I didn’t allow that to slow me down. I needed my Vedder River rotary trail ride fix because I was pining to feel happy.

It had been a rather pouty day. Something that particular day didn’t go as planned, but pretty sure all the rain lately played a big part in my usual good mood slipping a little. It was a challenge to remain upbeat and feel creative. I nearly caved, allowing myself an afternoon of slipping under the covers with a couple of cats and binge watching Netflix.

I know these moods come and go now, so I don’t get too worked up about not always being on top of the world… as long as I don’t stay there for too long!

But hey… good news… the lows have kept their distance! And with one of the gloomiest Januarys we’ve ever had out west, that is something!

Besides, my Vedder River Rotary Trail rides always seem to fix what’s broke.

The sun setting along the train tracks of the Vedder River Rotary Trail during one of the most epic 30 minute trail bike rides EVER.

As you can see, the sky was deepening in tone with 30 minutes to spare of sunlight, but that’s ok! I still crossed the train bridge, and did a shorter version of my usual trail ride.

The wetlands along the Fraser River along the Vedder River Rotary Trail during one of the most epic 30 minute trail bike rides EVER.

Oh my goodness… it was like such a breath of fresh air to just get OUT there again. At that moment, I didn’t care if it was 5 minutes. It was one of those days where EVERYTHING in sight felt so beautiful, because after all, the sun was out! Everything looks more vibrant and crisp with sunshine spilling all over it.

The wetlands along the Fraser River along the Vedder River Rotary Trail during one of the most epic 30 minute trail bike rides EVER.

As I rode along the riverbanks with a gorgeous sweeping view of the wetlands, I could feel my frumpy mood start to shift. It was as if a big brooding dark hood was removed off my head, allowing the sunlight to hit me.

There is something absolutely magical about movement outdoors. The endorphins were hard at work, perking me up with every pedal movement made.

The crunch of the gravel provided the music, while the crisp cool air hitting my face offered the perfect wake-up call to step-it-up!

And I mean… the beauty surrounding me just dropped my jaw every step of the way.

The wetlands along the Blue Heron Reserve along the Vedder River Rotary Trail during one of the most epic 30 minute trail bike rides EVER.

It was a spectacular ride. And I would have been more than happy as-is.

But as I reached the end of my ride and turned around to head home, I was greeted with what happened below…

The vibrant sunset along the Vedder River Rotary Trail during one of the most epic 30 minute trail bike rides EVER.

My jaw dropped as wide as it could. I wish these photos did the moment true justice.

Nature’s fireworks of pinks , mauves and yellows lit up the evening sky… without the noise.

It was as if the sky said, 

“Good for you on making the effort! So here is your reward!”

The vibrant sunset along the Vedder River Rotary Trail during one of the most epic 30 minute trail bike rides EVER.

But it got better and better. With each passing second, the saturation continued to crank up.

The pastel turned vibrant sky doubled-up against the water’s reflection.

The vibrant sunset along the Vedder River Rotary Trail during one of the most epic 30 minute trail bike rides EVER.

And then the grand finale really kicked in. The sky turned so vibrant, I lost all my thoughts and words.

How can you go from such a blue-grey day to one leaving you in total disbelief of how lucky you are to be alive in that place right at that time?

I didn’t want to leave. So I just stood there to take it all in as long as I could.

Do you remember my post about how I try and make a given day count HERE?

Trust me when I say, this best 30 minute trail bike ride EVER alone made this day count!

So my message is this.

You may have an off day and that too is perfectly ok.

But I will never forget this moment. That day I was feeling so bad, I had to force myself out the door in hopes to improve my mood about 1 notch. But then it just got better and better and ended with a BANG.

Just goes to show, it’s never too late to have a good day. Especially when there’s 30 whole minutes to go!

Video below…

Click above to watch a short video of the ride… I think it captures the true essence of the moment moreso!


Do you have a similar powerful story? I’d love to hear it!

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  1. While I enjoy a good sunset, a sunrise is my motivation to get going. Truly the dawn of a new day, all things negative disappear, and I have courage to start anew. Even in a dreary cloud filled sunrise, I find strength to put aside the detris of the prior day and figuratively raise my face to the sun. I mentally count my blessings, say my thank yous, square my shoulders, and march on.

  2. Beautiful post Donna and equally beautiful photos! After losing a very good friend I remember watching the sky and seeing very similar sunset to this, it was in the winter also. I remember talking to my friend and saying Oh Laurie if you were only here to see this (she loved the outdoors). Then I thought, well knowing you you’ve found a place that is even far more beautiful!

    Thank you for this.

    • What a lovely way to look at that Sandy!

      I always like to view a gorgeous sunset as a special sign to something… as if perhaps your good friend ordered that sunset for you to let you know she was doing more than fine…

  3. Thank you so much for this post today, I so needed it.
    Today I learnt that 2 friends had died unexpectedly (not connected), that I need urgent tests because there’s a very, very strong chance that I have cancer in my oesphagus or stomach or both (I’ve been telling my Doctors for 18 months something is wrong, but not being heard).
    I came home (I leave my radio on when I’m out) to hear a report about women who had, had still births but were not allowed any contact with their babies. It seems finally times and attitudes are changing. Now you can hold, name, register and have a funeral for lost babies.
    43 years at age 17 and totally alone I had to go through a 18.5 hour labour knowing the baby had died.The baby was taken away and I wasn’t told anything about it because it was stillborn and the result of a rape I was told “you’ll get over it quicker this way.” I was desperately lucky in that a probationary Nurse just a year older than me, brought my baby daughter for me to see for 2 minutes. Today, I wept for her and other Mums and Dads like me. She is my only child.
    In 5 days it is the 1 year Anniversary of my 2nd husband’s death from cancer which I nursed him through. So today was pretty tough….then I opened your post which I only subscribed to late last night and it reminded me that I have never let my wheelchair or my chronic/acute health issues to define or limit me.
    There is still a beautiful world out there, and when I can’t get out to see it for myself. That’s when people like you share, so people like me don’t miss out.
    Thank you for bringing beauty into my sad day.

  4. Those last 2 photos are really beautiful. You should have them printed out and enlarged and frame them, maybe with some old wood that comes from that same area.

  5. Years ago I transferred from the DC office to the Tucson, Arizona office of my company. I was a single mom with two kids and we really enjoyed our weekends. So when Mondays rolled around I was always a bit down. I had a coworker walk into my office one of the first weeks I was there and say “Monday, another 5 days to strive and achieve.” At first I thought he was being sarcastic but he wasn’t he was a truly happy individual and I learned this valuable lesson from him. Monday truly is the start of a work week when we can achieve great things.

  6. Hi Donna! thank you for the stunning view during the bike ride. I surely needed that. How far do you live from civilization? Lol. Anytime i see such beauty it reminds me who created it and He is a good God. He knows when we need these reminders. Thank you again!

    • My location is ‘complicated.’ haha!

      I am located in a small suburban community in the middle of the country however the small town is self contained with its own stores.

      I’m about 5 minutes ride from these trails, and 30 minutes from a ‘major’ town. Although I can get pretty much everything I need within 5 minutes of my home.