5 positive-thinking tips that will dramatically change your life

A bike ride along the meandering Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack BC, part of an inspiring read, 5 positive-thinking tips that will dramatically change your life

Welcome to my happy place. Which are my trail bike rides I attempt daily when the weather cooperates.

It’s a place that not only do I enjoy because it’s beautiful, I also know how beneficial it is to my mental well being. I can be in the darkest of places, however placing myself in new surroundings with an emphasis on living in the moment listening to all the sounds is like a mini-vacation from our everyday thoughts. 

If you don’t yet have a place you do this, I highly encourage finding one! These mental escapes can be as simple as reading a good book.

Along these same lines, I’d like to share something that transpired on Sunday.

I had been festering in a dark place over an issue that has been on the grow. And I couldn’t seem to get out of the never-ending thought loop. And the more I gave in to that, the worse it got. I tend to be an over thinker so this can be par for my course. Some days it takes a full DAY to overthink a situation through!

Can you relate?

So I made myself get up and go to church.

Despite how my face looked, which was completely covered in stress and overtired. I coaxed myself with, no one will care about how I look. BTW: Once I made that mindset, my face started to change and I looked ‘reasonable’ before heading out the door. LOL

I’m so glad I went. The topic of the sermon was mental health. But perhaps not quite in the way you may think that means.

Since we all have brains, what that really means is how we treat and talk to ourselves has a direct reflection of who we will ultimately be and what we do. Negative brings negative. Positive brings positive.

I had to smile. I thought, yep, I’ve already been down this road with Kim Klassen’s Write Your Heart’s Desire class. She has prepped us well on the strengths of how important it is to be kind to yourself in thoughts and words because what we think has a direct relationship in what we actually do.

I took so many notes. Am I the only one that jots notes in a church service?! Notes help me reflect after the fact and ‘go back there’ again and again.

After the sermon, I was absolutely captivated and happily planted in all thoughts positive!

As for my previous situation, I started to push myself to see it in a positive light instead. What good things have transpired and how can I further help support good changes, vs. bickering internally about things that aren’t working?


Once I retrained my brain to think good thoughts, more good thoughts came. And the earlier resentment started to fade away. Funny how that works…

Just a note: After the service I went out for lunch and sat across from a very negative personality. It made me feel sad for her and I was grateful that I knew how to treat myself and others better.

Being happy and kind just feels good. And who doesn’t want to feel that way?

It’s my belief that when we know better, we appear to do better.

A beautiful river scene along the Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack BC - part of an inspiring post of 5 positive-thinking tips that will dramatically change your life

So, what did I learn on Sunday?

5 main points were made on how positivity drastically improves our demeanour, motives, and life in general. Here’s what they were…

1. Chemistry

– Learn to work with what you have, what you were born with. These are the things we cannot change however we can change what we do with them.

2. Connections

– Hang around inspiring, positive people. What they say does affect you.

3. Circumstances

– Realize you have the power to overcome obstacles – react productively and positively.

4. Consciousness

– Be aware of how you talk to yourself. How do you talk to a dear friend? Do that to you. 3/4 of what we think is negative. Change that %.

5. Choices

– Choose to do good. Influence those around you. Take care of yourself. Exercise. Eat well. Get healthier. There’s something everyone can do in this one. Don’t believe everything you (badly) think… google isn’t always right either. Make choices that are GOOD for you!

I have a challenge for you. This week, focus on all your thoughts and perhaps even say them out loud so you can catch what you are thinking. Then STOP the negative thinking and speak dead in its tracks and replace it with hopeful and positive instead!

You will be absolutely astonished how you think as an everyday thing. And where it ultimately leads.

Try it! Do it even if you don’t feel it. Your mind will slowly shift in that direction. Trust me on this. Once you feel positive, you will want more of that. It’s nature’s best medication.

Why give your energy to something dark? Rather, why not give it to something SO good that just brings even more good?

Just remember. Negative brings more negative. Positive brings more positive.

I’m now in this habit of hearing myself, then I stomp it out like a brush fire, then immediately replace it with positive instead. It IS a choice, and it IS life changing!

Special thanks to Pastor Eryn Moore, guest pastor from Main Street Church in Chilliwack, BC, Canada for his amazing delivery of this sermon.

And of course, Kim Klassen whom is busy inspiring a few of us that are thriving through her light.


And because my bike rides place me in my happy place, here’s a past ride to inspire good and happy thoughts your way!


What are your thoughts on thinking positive?  Will you be trying a more positive approach?


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19 thoughts on “5 positive-thinking tips that will dramatically change your life

  1. Thank you Donna! I have discovered Kim Klassen through your stories on Instagram and I am now following her class. You are always a source of inspiration. I appreciate your projects and inspirational “ramblings”. I have been in the house selling debate for as long as you have. I now think of you daily when “dreaming” about the perfect home in my journal . However, I am still trying to quiet down my monkey brain on the subject…

    • I’m so glad you came along for the ride, Lison! Aren’t her teachings so calming and inspiring?!

      So let’s make that brave new dream home move transpire together… I love that you’re feeling it too!

  2. Dear donna, just as u found yourself in a sermon that was just what u needed to hear, I found myself reading your email & thinking ‘this is just what I need right now, right in this moment’. So thank you….you’ve reminded me to stop negative thinking in its tracks because our bodies actually physically ‘live’ that negativity. But the good news is, think wonderful, joyful thoughts & our bodies respond positively! Also, love seeing your gorgeous pics!

    • So true Wanda!

      The service message hit right where it needed to at just the right time. I’m just so glad that sharing what we ourselves learn helps others so profoundly!

      Here’s to a much more positive new day for you! With many more to follow!

  3. THANK YOU!!! I absolutely needed this post today. Love the bike video – so beautiful. I read all about your interest in biking and it has inspired me to put a bicycle on my list – at the top of the list!

    • Denise, your world as you know it is about to change DRAMATICALLY.

      I had no idea the bike trails I had on my own doorstep even existed until I got a bike!

      These trails save my life. Daily.

      My wish for you is to visit a quality bike store and gift yourself with a well fitting bike that fits you like a glove. Let them work hard for their sale. Let them adjust many to you for you to try. Then spend the money! If you love it, you’ll never want to get off of it… ask me know I know.

  4. Im going to keep this and read it daily…such an inspiration ! Thank you for being a Light in this world. You are very special!

  5. As a Psych RN who is also a Christian, I was quite curious to read your post. Those are all good points, but I was surprised that either the pastor or you didn’t mention God is some way. After all, He is an amazing resource and helper, and who knows us better than our Creator?

    That being said, I want to share something I wrote down on a post it note a long time ago; I stuck it to the wall above my computer where I could easily see it. The message to myself? “You can’t have a positive life and have a negative mind, so……where is that thought gonna take you?” No, I didn’t come up with that on my own but it’s a good little reminder. I’m glad you’re feeling better and have added a new skill set to your coping methods!

    • Hey Sharon!

      In the church service, the sermon was indeed backed up by scripture.

      My delivery on the blog is a little more neutral based, so it serves everyone, although the advice stands really well on its own as-is as well!

      We were given an entire SHEET of verses to run off from. I can email them to you if desired. The list is pretty long…

      That said, I agree with your reminder. As soon as I feel a negative feeling, I switch it over really fast and attempt to find value in it! It’s pretty life changing.

      • Awesome, Donna! LOL, I am relieved to hear that the scriptures are still in good standing! I understand about your blog….I do. And my little post it note thought is pretty neutral also, and fits in with most people. I’m really glad you shared this though, because you never know who might need to hear it.
        And yes, I would be thrilled to have that list, if you’re sure you don’t mind going to the trouble to email it to me. thank you so much!

  6. Great post. Thanks for sharing what you’re learning. I just watched this on YouTube and perhaps you’d enjoy it as much as I did. https://youtu.be/Ea8pHeetkgo
    Pastor Furdick interviewed Dr Carolyn Leaf a neuroscientist and she talks -from a scientific viewpoint- about how our thoughts effect everything.

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