1 – Creating a pallet wood sofa escape

Pallet wood sofa with quilts dressed for fall / funkyjunkinteriors.net
Housework is like dieting.

You let things get out of hand… so you have two choices…

Either try and do better moving forward,


Break out into a sweat, and undo a few things that were previously done… THEN try and do better moving forward.

patio tray
Coffee, anyone? 🙂




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So glad you are joining me in my own quest to clean up my own home! (intro post) I can’t wait to see what you guys do!

So… let’s chat for a minute.

Housework is hard. And for the life of me, I don’t understand how houses stay clean. Because mine kicks up a fuss, and downright refuses.

Unless I devote my full time towards it. Which isn’t exactly my passion.

But our trip to Maui actually taught me a few things…

A vacation home:

Has less stuff.

Has a place for all the stuff.

Has places to spare. 

It was easy to keep that place up! Until I wasn’t diligent for a few days. Too busy going to the beach or pool, the condo showed where I was spending my time. So I had to do some hard back peddling to get it back to where it was. I WANTED it to look like my shiny new vacation home again. So I made it happen.

How often do we make that effort in our own homes? My hand is not raised.

Old lantern haning from a trunk / funkyjunkinteriors.net
So… if you’re anything like me, you’re ready to sweat and get your house back.

But there’s one thing you may want to consider working on first. Because you’re going to be pulling your house apart, and it’s gonna get ugly before it gets pretty.

Create an escape

An escape is one sane spot in your home you can go back to when things get tough. 

Hydrangea filled blue metal toolbox / funkyjunkinteriors.net
Why I think you may appreciate an escape

When my home was being renovated, every square inch was being worked on at the same time. Closets, floors, floors IN closets, some ceilings… the works. The only place left for stuff was in the middle of each room. I lived out of boxes, covered with tarps and a thick layer of drywall dust. For an entire year.

It was exciting! But depressing. Chaos was everywhere you looked. There was no place to even sit.

The only way I could manage to save my own sanity was to escape to the campground on the weekends. I mean, there was no space left! But it saved me.. big time. And helped me be ready to dive in for more once home.

But no need to leave your home this round… just pick a spot that you can enjoy when you need to get away from it all. It can be an entire room or just one small corner. You decide.

And try to be diligent keeping your escape amazing. It’ll really help. 

I’m choosing two escapes… today, my patio.

Blue and offwhite outdoor pallet wood sofa / funkyjunkinteriors.net
This is where I start each day. I’m an outdoor fanatic and enjoy my first coffee on this pallet sofa, looking at nature when the weather is decent. 

Since our summer is pretty much done, the days are numbered out here. So I didn’t want to take the time to sew (HAHA as if…) slipcovers I’d only be packing away shortly.

So I threw down an oversized quilt folded in half, draped it over one arm, added some warm blankets I’ll need in the AM, and fluffed it all up with pillows. Done!

patio tray-001
As for my laptop table, well… this was a little too hasty. 🙂

No ugly allowed in your escape! Make it pretty, so YOU enjoy it! That’s the whole point.

So my pipe handled bed tray is back in the bedroom where it belonged…

Reclaimed wood laptop tray / funkyjunkinteriors.net
… and I made a new planked top for this trunk instead. Much better!

Tutorial coming soon.

Branch ladder flower stand / funkyjunkinteriors.net
And my branch ladder flower stand is my view.

I can now start each day in the prettiest, calmest place ever! Then choose to jump into the deep end when I’m good and ready.

sitting on a patio with coffee and laptop / funkyjunkinteriors.net

And that would be right after my coffee… had to try it out! 🙂

So! Feel a burst of inspiration for an escape of your own?

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Create a quick escape. (or clean anything you wish)

Take a before picture. (or more)

Take an after picture. (or more)

Be ready to share your success next Monday with us!

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11 thoughts on “1 – Creating a pallet wood sofa escape

  1. Thanks, Donna! Having a calm place to recharge is very important. Thanks for the jump start today. I’m off and running.

  2. You are so right about the days being numbered, for us here too, so we have to get out and enjoy them while we can. For me, I’m usually looking for a quiet escape since the house is always so hectic with people, so I like any corner where I can be alone!

  3. Your patio sofa looks soooooo comfy-cozy…I could literally stay there all day! Personally, I’m glad you didn’t go the slip-cover route…there’s something about old quilts that immediately speaks of comfort and I soooooo LOVE the look!

    I spend as much time outdoors as possible…it doesn’t even matter which season or what the weather…I always need my daily outdoors fix. In the nicer weather, I spend practically all of my free-time outdoors. So, making an outdoors escape for myself makes a lot of sense…thank you for this awesome post!

  4. I’m busy completing My sunroom, just tiled it, so looking for inspiration on the decorating now, thanks Donna , check in next week !

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