A quick closet clean up. Or two.

A quick closet clean up. Or two. Made easy with a cheap closet kit, non slip hangers, and Kon Mari. | funkyjunkinteriors.net
If you’ve been watching my Instagram stories, you’ll know we got a massive dump of snow over the weekend.

This is kinda big news for the west coast of BC. We are accustomed to super mild winters, where you can mow your lawn pretty much 12 months out of the year.

But not so lately. We achieved record breaking snowfall, with more on the way. Exciting! As long as we don’t have to travel anywhere and don’t lose power, of course.

And you don’t run out of coffee cream. EGADS. I came so close! Now that’s shovelling motivation… we had to literally shovel ourselves out. But we made it, went out for dinner even, and I got my beloved cream. (fist pump!)

So while we hunker down for another snow hit, I’m allowing the weather to kinda dictate what I work on this week.

I hope I’ll be more productive. Because, last week I wasn’t, in the DIY sense.

Lots of in town family appointments had me dashing to meet deadlines. While I knew time was tight on the home front, on one of those days, I decided to not allow the time restraints trick me into thinking I can’t get ANYTHING done.

Clean… I can clean something. Right?

The life-changing magic of tidying up, by Marie Kondo. Love this book! It WORKS! funkyjunkinteriors.net
The life-changing magic of tidying up – Marie Kondo <— amazon affiliate link

I know from the Kon Mari method, that her mantra is to always clean closets first. The theory is, we don’t attach ourselves to clothing like we do objects, so we theoretically should be able to let go easier.

So… if you’re one that doesn’t know where to start with purging… do your clothes! 

And get this book.

They both work.

My review of the book is HERE.

messy closet before
Staring down at my closet, and glancing at the time… I gave myself about 2 hours, and ran with it!

Plus, I was jealous of my son’s nice new tidy closet, and wanted one too!

Incidentally, we have the same closet kit  (amazon affiliate link) in both now.

My favorite non slip hangers... these are the BOMB! Click to find them on Amazon. funkyjunkinteriors.net
The pie in the sky plan had really been to revamp our entry closet with a new kit. I’ve actually been trying to land a new closet kit for about 3 weeks now.

But since Walmart was sold out (again), I picked up a bunch of my fav hangers while there… as in 4 bunches.

Crazy about THESE hangers! (amazon affiliate link) They are kinda flat-ish, so they compact nicely, yet still have the non slip stuff inside and out.

the empty closet ready to be filled
First things first. Out it all came.

Now if you’ll glance to your left, you’ll note that my wall wears 2 different colours. 2 lighter colours than the inside of my closet.


My bedroom needs redoing, big time. For that reason, I left the closet colour as is. Once I figure out what colour I want the bedroom, I’ll just do it all.

As soon as I figure out what kind of head board to make first though.

Move backwards much?

No wonder I get nothing done.

purging of a closet with clothes piled on the bed
Since I purge my closet several times a year, it’s never really that bad. But each time I do it, I get braver, letting more go.

purging of a closet with clothes piled on the bed
The fortunate thrift store got a few brand new jeans with tags still on them! 

Not sure how jeans shrunk in the closet, but they did. 

Must be poor quality or something.

messy closet before
Sooooo much better! Like fresh air flowing off the ocean! (wait… that made me 1% sad…)

It just makes me happy when my clothes don’t touch each other when they hang!

I honestly got the closet done so quickly, I hit the entry closet too, letting go of lots of coats. I even sold 3 nicer ones on my Facebook bidding site. Go me!

Now to just land that new closet kit!

Maybe I’ll work on my bedroom while I wait…

No wait… wasn’t I working on my boy’s room still?

Yes, but what I started working on, I used the materials for something else.

Egads… maybe I’ll just go to town.

No wait… snow…

… oh dear.


If you can’t decide what in blazes to work on, go clean out your closet!

It’ll be more productive. Promise.

Did you clean anything this past week?

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13 thoughts on “A quick closet clean up. Or two.

  1. LOL! Thanks so much for the comment ‘ever go backwards’? Always, and that made me chuckle. And for heaven’s sake, the clothes are always shrinking. Someone oughta make some that do the opposite. I’m off today and am looking forward to organization. Thanks Donna.

    • Backwards is my middle name. I’m painfully human. 😀

      And good for you on the organizing! I should do the same, but I’m feeling the need to do something artsy today. But I have a feeling stuff will be in my way just enough to have to clean before I do… heh.

  2. I laughed out loud with your creamer comment! living in Western NY during the winter means ALWAYS checking the weather and the amount of coffee creamer left! I have learned to have a back up of the dry creamer for in a pinch but it never tastes the same!

    I am in the middle of creating and organizing my craft room and really need to purge the closet holding a multitude of containers filled with supplies (a lot I bought for future crafts/DIY projects) It is slow going. I also bought (2 months ago) Joy Mango’s hangers to redo my closet (they are till in the box). I am not so sure I could purge my closet like you have done I usually only clean out when changing season to season. So many projects on my list!
    Kudos to you for getting it all done! I am off to check my creamer..

    • Yes to the emergency powdered creamer. CoffeeMate is always on hand, but I try NOT to use it! One time I stocked a flavour by mistake, and that was enough to warrant policing the real cream stock at all times….

      Ohhhh take out those new hangers! They may inspire you to do that closet after all! A new set of cutlery had a similar effect on my cutlery drawer… which led to cleaning ALL my kitchen cupboards and drawers!

      Just beware… this cleaning thing is contagious… an extra coffee for you as a reward! With cream. 😀

  3. My my dear you have lots of jeans! I suppose you live in them like I do. 🙂 Your closet looks great. I have the book and it is sitting within 3 feet of me. Unread. Gah. I must get started on that. First I’ll check a few more blogs out LOL

    • Haha, yeah, I do live in jeans. They are my dress up with my laid back lifestyle. But I’m down to only wearing 2 on a regular basis, so the rest must go!

      I suggest to pick up the book right before you go to sleep. You won’t feel like you’re putting off important time to sit and read. I always find reading like I’m not doing all I could do with my time, so this helps! 🙂

  4. After yrs of priding myself on my use of specialized hangers for certain clothing categories, I slowly tried out a few of the narrow, velvet-coated hangers. I am a convert.
    I get 2 of them for $1 at Dollar Tree; 50 cents per hanger is a very good deal. Try these, u w/like them.
    Sandra Nicky

  5. Every January I start cleaning all rooms of everything no longer needed or necessary. It’s mentally overwhelming, but my thought always is…will my children want or even care about this? I’ve lived in the same house for 40 yrs., but I also ask myself…if I move, would I take this? I was raised in a family where my parents saved everything and spent endless time organizing and caring for their material things. My daughter in her late 30’s, who works 6 mos. and travels the world 6 mos., motto is “less things and more experiences” and I know she’s right, but it’s still hard to let go of all the “junk”.

  6. A life altering event happened to my family in 2018. Without going into it I will tell you it left its mark in a strange way. I have become a woman on a mission. I am purging. I am not spring cleaning I am purging and cleaning. My family thinks I have lost my mind. Thank you for being one of what I have called the Good Riddance Brigade.

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