A soundtrack free for the taking

A soundtrack, free for the taking - an inspiring read on a better way to start your day, than endless scrolling on a phone / funkyjunkinteriors.net
I can always tell when chaos has taken too strong of a hold over my life. You know the signs… the world just gets a little noisier, so we attempt to settle our minds in some small way.

Grateful for a pressure washed patio and new – old sawhorse coffee table, I sat outdoors to enjoy my first coffee. With phone in hand.

Rustic vintage crate for a coffee station / funkyjunkinteriors.net

Rustic kitchen tour with shiplap sign

As I did a little endless scrolling on my phone, I noticed I was just getting more anxious rather than enjoying a peaceful start of the day. So when I got up to grab a 2nd cup of coffee, I left the phone inside the house this time.

The 2nd experience was entirely different from the first in every sense of the word.

I heard random birds in full song.

The buzzing of something buzzing by.

The flap of the neighbour’s clothes on the line. (who else loves that sound?)

The sound of a vehicle off to some destination. Where are they off to?

Someone chopping wood. (or maybe they were putting an end to their noise-inducing phone…)


An airplane… I wonder where they are going?

A truck pulling some big clunky trailer. What are they building?

Funny. None of those sounds existed when I was on the phone.

But then the silence got noisy. Too much ‘still’ gives you more time to think! Which wasn’t what I intended. I’ll deal with all that later.

A natural DIY branch ladder flower stand tutorial / funkyjunkinteriors.net

Branch ladder flower stand tutorial

So I closed my eyes this round, and focused hard on just sounds. Which took a little practice.

But once the quiet finally set in, the sounds were magical and beautiful. Non demanding. Nature filled. Some noise people driven, but in a pleasant way. Those sounds didn’t challenge me to think hard. They didn’t question me. They didn’t make me make choices.

Those sounds just allowed me to just be with my coffee, my cozy blanket, and the cool morning sunshine. No questions asked.


Welcome back, outdoor patio with nature filled soundtrack. You have been missed!

How do you generally start your day?

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10 thoughts on “A soundtrack free for the taking

  1. My day begins early before daylight unfortunately many times in front of my computer checking email. It helps me wake up with a cup of tea in hand. Then I stand up and plug in my exercise video and for 20 minutes allow myself to tone up. It’s actually really fun!

    Breakfast and farm chores follow and then somewhere in the mix of those two I find a moment to enjoy the beauty around me. Either petting the emu’s while they eat or watching the quail roam through their sanctuary. The sheep running forward to say good morning is probably my favorite…. they make me smile and really calm my heart.

    Being outdoors in general in the mix of the animals is where I’m most at peace. Then when I get back to the house lately I’m reminded to get busy and finish projects because there’s a house that needs to be sold this summer. It’s all good just tired of fixing things up and ready for more of those peaceful moments.

    Leave the phone behind more often and you’ll find that life is full of wonderful.

  2. Donna, I love this! Why can’t we be still more? We are in desperate need. So, you’ve inspired me this morning. I’m taking my Bible and journal out on the back porch and prepping for my day.


  3. What a good reminder…. To stop letting myself be distracted and to simply be where I am. To hear the noises of nature (which can be surprisingly loud), to smell the fragrance of spring, and fill our souls before embarking on our crazy days. Thank you!

  4. Hey Donna…great post and inspiring 🙂 Great way to start the day!
    I have coffee in hand and spend time with Jesus and reading the Bible and some devotionals I have. Then I’m ready to take on whatever the day might bring. Does it always bring joy? My days aren’t always joy filled. I suffer from panic disorder and some days aren’t as good as others, but I put my tennis shoes on and keep on trying! Hope you have a blessed and peaceful day, hon!

  5. Hi Donna! Loved your video!!! Great makeover for a sawhorse!!! That is the perfect look I want to create for my patio!! I have a couple old sawhorses in the shed and plan on getting to work on them. I also want to order some of your stencils!!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you so much for this! What a great reminder! Taking my coffee and heading out to the patio now! Have a wonderful day, Donna!

  7. When it isn’t too cool I sit outside on my screened porch. I take my tablet and tea,sometimes I listen to the noises and watch the birds. It is very relaxing.

  8. Donna, I so enjoy your sharing of your inner reflections. More times than not they are on par with something I’ve been feeling or thinking about. One of my most favorite summer moments is those without my phone, sitting in my Adirondack chair, coffee in hand, while PJ-clad, enjoying the sites and sounds of the birds. Across the berm, unfortunately, is a busy road so I do my best (most days) to tune out the constant hum of traffic.

  9. There is no better way to start & end every day. I love it when I get outside before the sun then you hear the world slowly wake up. The same at night, listening to it go to sleep.

    I love to write so hoping you don’t mind a long comment….here’s a post in my journal a few weeks ago as I heard the world go to sleep:(Note there are high voltage power lines running along the edge of our lake-front property. Sitting there offers the best sunset views!)

    ‘While dumping the scraps outside after supper I notice the thunder-heads rolling in from the west. So I grab my sweater & head out under the power lines to enjoy the sunset.

    Sitting on the bank I watch the storm clouds bubble & build. My neighbor’s old weather vane squeaks in protest as it whirls in the wind. It carries the familiar scent of rain.

    I sit quietly watching the clouds change color & shape, listening, smelling & feeling it all around me. A huge owl swoops up from the ground a few yards in front of me & perches on a tree at the edge of the woods. He watches me as I watch him.

    Another movement…a red fox comes out of the woods under the owl, trotting out into the field right in front of me. He stops…stares at me…. still. He moves a few feet & stops to watch me again. I hold my breath, he runs across the road into a neighbor’s yard.

    It’s getting darker but I can clearly see the owl swoop out in front of me, soar over & head down behind me to the ravine…perching again near the water.

    I turn back to the sunset, watching the clouds roll some more then see the lightning bolts begin. I decide sitting under high voltage power lines in an electrical storm probably isn’t the best place to be. I head back in to finish my work feeling much more at peace after a few minutes of seeing a glimpse of God’s glory. A glimpse I can see any moment of any day when I step out my door…sit…watch & listen.’

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