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Thirsting after the right water - an inspiring read on choosing the best way to refuel /
For the first time in a long time, my son wasn’t with me on this given weekend. When that happens, something in me changes.

I no longer have to hover. Dictate. Worry. Decide. Constantly cook. My duties as a parent are relaxed… which then puts the short term focus on me.

A different me emerges. Probably because it’s a novelty, I enjoy flicking on the TV when on my own, because it’s so rarely available.

Know what I did on Saturday? I watched 4 straight hours of Survivor in the PM, while still in my PJs. I even went to the store to pick up my very own bag of cheese Doritos, and a can of Brisk, where I could indulge in complete and utter leisure.

After the winner won a little while, I decided to reverse my guilt of a do-nothing-day thus far, and cleaned the entire house. I’m talking, no nests, no counter clutter, and even the floors got vacuumed and washed. The house sparkled afterwards.

Who am I, and who lives here? This was niiiice!

And then I plunked myself in front of the TV a little more. Honestly? It was one of the nicest days I’ve gifted myself in a long time.

I actually find my own life as a general rule very busy, and at times, too noisy. WAY too noisy. To the point, where you feel exhaustion, leaving you with little fuel for much else.

Leaf filled fall steps / Thirsting after the right water - an inspiring read /
So anyway, during my all about me kinda weekend, I was led to attend a church service. I packed my travel Bible, a notepad, cell phone with sound off, and drove the 2 minutes it takes to get there.

It’s been a long time… way too long… since I’ve went to church.

I could list a long list of excuses. Which one would you like to hear first, #2 or #9648?

Truth be told, I’ve felt so deflated lately. To the point where I had no wish nor pull to get myself out of bed to do one more thing.

Leaf filled fall steps / Thirsting after the right water - an inspiring read /

I had become so saturated in my busy world, not quenching my thirst on anything tangible. Just always thirsty for relief, but didn’t really know how to accomplish it.

And you know how this works, right? When you’re at a low, every church service appears to be written for you.

The point of the service was the fact that we all thirst. Imagine turning on a water fountain. It never stops. And we never tire of needing water.

fall in the woods / Thirsting after the right water - an inspiring read /

But water comes in many forms. The service termed it as ‘Gods’ of sorts. We worship these self improvised Gods to hopefully make ourselves feel better.

These Gods, or choice of water, can be anything. The need for social media likes or comments. Eating too much. Bad habits. Addictions. Staying too busy. Making choices that speak against your inner voice. Doing what others do, vs. what you need to do.

And that’s when we start running on empty. Because some water doesn’t provide life. It’s fake. It’s just an excuse to partake, which stops at short term comfort.

leaf filled bench in the woods - part of / Thirsting after the right water - an inspiring read /

What today’s service reminded me of was, the type of water you drink does indeed matter. 

Drinking the wrong water is like trying to drink from a sieve. It’ll never quench your thirst. In fact, it’ll just make you thirstier for more.

Comfort isn’t always the right answer, yet it’s the very thing we strive for short term. But I believe, if we dig a little deeper, and view the bigger picture in our lives, the true answer for the very comfort we strive for is there… if the right source is chosen.

Do you want to buy something you need? Stop spending on things that don’t matter, and save for things that will.

Do you want to travel? Tuck every $ you can away for a rainy day… in paradise.

Do you want better relationships with your family? Fuel it with the very thing that’s lacking.

Want a more fulfilling career? Start making changes.

Desire to drop a few pounds? Yeah…

But in my own faith filled world, there’s one more thing missing from this equation.
 creek in the woods - part of / Thirsting after the right water - an inspiring read /

There is only one, life quenching water that truly exists.

Just don’t be so busy with all the fru fru sodas, that you forget to partake…

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27 thoughts on “Thirsting after the right water – DJM8

  1. Thanks for this great insight?The hustle and bustle of life needs a pause button; I agree!

  2. i love your heartfelt posts…something wonderful is brewing for you. sounds like lots of changes for you as your son gets older. we only have a fur baby, but I would think you may get more “you” time in the future

  3. Your writing is a lovely reminder of every civilization’s basic need.
    The need to return to the One who created us.
    It’s wonderful to be satiated after a frolic in the desert!
    Words of transparency endure readers to gain a glimpse into the life of one we admire for her funky projects!

  4. Thanks sweet one, that was just the drop of water I needed added to my bucket today. God is good all the time?

  5. YES! My only child, my daughter, is graduating from high school next week. Lately, we have been running from one event to another, ordering invitations, taking Senior pictures…it goes on and on. Last night, I was sitting at my LAST athletic banquet (my daughter is a cheerleader) and it suddenly dawned on me that I need to slow down and really enjoy this. She has been a cheerleader all through high school – this was my fourth banquet – but now, my last. Really watch her interact with the others at her table – watch her laugh and clap and cheer for the other kids. See her pride when she was acknowledged. This won’t happen again.

    To slow down, to drink, that is the challenge our God calls us to. He blessed me with this child who, this fall, will take off to college with new challenges, new friends, new experiences. I need to take time to enjoy the water now to prepare me for new waters ahead. Blessings to all!

  6. Beautiful post today Donna. Most of us are so blessed, but our busy lives often get in the way and we forget to to just sit and count our blessings and drink the water.
    Some of us go through a big life changing transition and even though we have what people might think is everything we can’t quit get past the things that have change in our lives or the trauma that changed everything.
    We just have to turn it over to God and trust in him to guide us and he will. Just stop and drink the water.
    Thank you Donna for reminding me, I think today is the perfect day for me to do just that.

  7. What a Blessing in so many ways … Thank you for sharing your heart in your words and the BEAUTIFUL pictures of GODS artwork !!!

  8. Donna,

    I think your post has quite a bit of substance. I remember the phrase in high school, “Things that make you go; Hmmmm!” This post reminds me of a song in church that said “Fill My Cup Lord, I lift it Up Lord, Come and Quench this Thirsting of my Soul.” Thank you again Donna for reminding us that we sometimes need a Check-up from the Neck-up and not to stop looking up for that fulfilling drink.


  9. Preach it Sister! And I mean that in the best possible way. I needed to hear this today. There is only one water that matters – living water!

  10. Donna,

    You are so right about the fact that we search in so many places for the “right” water, only to realize that the Water of Life comes from Him and Him alone. Thank you for sharing you insights!

  11. Thank you!! As I was reading your post I was feeling everything you described that you felt when left to yourself. Thank you for reminding me how it feels.


  12. “but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” -Jesus. John 4:14

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