Offering you. Just the way you are.

Just when I say I never have posts planned and everything is basically hot off the press, I opened up this draft.

It is PERFECTLY themed for the recent feedback on the surveys you have given me over the past couple of days. (link party survey HERE and overall survey HERE)

I want to thank you so very much for taking the time to share what you have. I’m still waiting for some ball to drop, but… it hasn’t.

Thank you for your kindness! The blog will show no removals moving forward, just good changes, such as a few less image ads, some video how tos, and possibly a how to work with tools workshop in the works! Way overdue I might add. I promised this one long ago.

So, moving forward, I’ll enhance, rather than remove… because I honestly love everything I write about. And if there’s EVER anything you wish for me to add, you are welcome to contact me at any time and just let me know!

So… while I nearly showed you a new junk project today, this post just had to come first… as my thank you to YOU!

Pallet wood outdoor chair with a Farmers' Market arm /
Today (about a week ago) when I woke up, I pet one purring cat, but then zoned in on all the cat hair on the duvet cover. Oh boy.

Not interested on focusing on that before my first coffee, I entered the kitchen, only to find much of the same. A half dry fit project there, covered with layers of papers, furniture skewed this way and that, unfolded, clean laundry on the sofa, and an actual footprint on the hardwood floors. 

“That can’t be dust…” I muttered to myself. I slid a toe through the print, and sure enough… dust surrounded the impression.

It’s times like these I wonder what on EARTH I’m doing, writing a blog.

I’m the last house on the list a magazine editor would want to come and shoot, spur of the moment. A year advance warning would be required!

Which pulled me back in time to a conversation I had with my buddy Dan. Funny… whenever I start to doubt myself, his past lectures seem to rise to the top…

Pallet wood outdoor chair with a Farmers' Market arm /

A few years back, whenever I wanted to try and build something, but didn’t understand how, I’d roughly sketch what my mind’s eye saw, then hand the drawing over to Dan.

My issue was lack of insight on frameworks. To this day, I still climb under tables and flip over benches, taking iPhone shots to better understand.

Pallet wood outdoor chair with a Farmers' Market arm /

At one point, I just threw the paper down, and complained,

“Who am I to encourage others to build? I can’t build for the life of me! Every screw I drive into the wood snaps in half. The joins are so terrible, I have to do them at least 3 times.

Who am I to inspire others to build? I can’t build myself!”

Pallet wood outdoor chair with a Farmers' Market arm /

Dan isn’t much into negativity, so he gave it back good.

“Don’t you see?! 

You are EXACTLY where you need to be. You are encouraging the very people you want to… those new to building. 

Professional builders aren’t likely your audience. But there IS an audience for what you have to offer. Your current skills help keep things easy for others in the same place. You use things that cost next to nothing.

You make it easy for EVERYONE.”

Pallet wood outdoor chair with a Farmers' Market arm /

Super easy pallet chair tutorial HERE

Gotta say, never have I felt so proud to know nor have so little! 🙂

For those curious, HERE is the page to all my sort of builds. 🙂

To this day, my builds leave me scratching my head. There’s a reason I don’t sell the things I make. Not meaning to be negative, but rather, factual, they aren’t good enough, guys. They may look good through a lens, but that’s about the art of good capture, not good building. 🙂

Which today has led me to believe, it’s my normal, schnormal, everyday life living in the non perfect that IS part of my ongoing story. 

But here’s the kicker… this writeup isn’t just about me.

What I have to offer is the same is what YOU have to offer. 

Offering you. Perfectly, imperfect you. Just the way you are.

While we all should consider striving to better ourselves (against ourselves, not others), what you have to give at this very moment counts. Share willingly, and be open to change. For the more you do, the more you can eventually do. Your story will never stop, as long as you keep learning.

But just remember… there are seasons to also consider. You DO have something special going on right now. No matter now normal you may think you are.

pallet wood patio chair build via Funky Junk Interiors

Just like a plain ‘ol pallet… Isn’t it wonderful that we don’t have to become something we aren’t, in order to have a place in this world?

Go read those two past surveys… then ask me how I know…

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18 thoughts on “Offering you. Just the way you are.

  1. What a beautiful post! My dear, don’t you see that you are truly an artist of junk? Of course your imperfect builds would sell. Who wants a mass produced piece of anything that anyone could buy from a big box store? Life is all about originality and every piece you make has such wonderful originality – quirks and all. Its those quirks that make your pieces special – and makes them you. Your inspiration is priceless!

  2. Oh thank you, thank you, Donna. A lovely, timely post. You are so down to earth. Love it. My home is the same way. Good grief, the dust, and I hate to dust. In the future I am looking forward to your instructional posts about tools. I am in need of that a lot. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Watch the Lego movie with Will Farrell. Donna we are what you call master builders. I build the same way you do from an idea, but here’s the kicker for me I don’t even sketch it. So you can imagine the mistake I’ve made in the past. Start drilling pilot holes, drill slower and you’ll stop splitting the wood. Enjoyed this post, imperfect builds my dear would sell because each piece you create is a one of a kind, they would sell even better in person. This is something that I’ve come to realize. This world needs originality! Always inspired when I come by thanks for being real all the time.

  4. Your post is one I look forward to. I will never unsubmit it. I love your stencils but haven’t gotten up the courage to order one. I can’t decide which one I like the best. You have the most creative blog on the internet that I have found. Keep up the good work I loveyou just the way you are.

  5. Donna, you are an inspiration to those of us who have none. Your “perfect” “imperfections” are what make your projects so exciting to look forward to. Every time I go into a big box store and see the junk that is made in China, that is made to look “rustic”, it makes me cringe. I think about how you can go into your garage and pick out 3 or 4 rusty, dusty items and create something worth hanging in the house. When I see how you arrange your projects, so simply, yet so decorative, I look around my house and say “how can I make that work in my house”? Your creations and your vision are why I come back every day to your blog just to see what you have done!! Don’t ever stop what you are doing…we would truly miss you and your wonderful creative mind.

  6. OH…you have a gift my friend and you are a gift to those of us that don’t have the courage to try…you could so easily sell your “junk”.
    There are some of us that have an eye for what you do and not one ounce of interest in doing it themselves….so, you can sell it.
    Love your spirit and independence; it is called artistry in some circles.
    Continue on my friend.

  7. There may be other people with furniture or cupboards with better screws ? (I only say that because you mentioned your screws snap) but we all only want to see what YOU build. ? When I started putting wood around our windows I had to make newspaper patterns to get the mitered corners to turn out. I would trace them on the moulding. Yikes! Eventually I purchased a miter saw and when I mentioned to an employee at Lowes that I still didn’t understand the angles, he took some scrap moulding and cut an inside corner and an outside corner and gave it to me for reference. I cried so much when he did that. ? It was so incredibly nice and changed my skill level dramatically. I eventually bought a power miter saw but I don’t cut anything without those scraps of wood for reference. ? We may not all be seasoned builders but when your heart is In the right place, you can build amazing things. ❤️

  8. I love your stuff you build it’s so original.Who wants objects that everyone else has. I wish my mind was that artistic.

  9. Carry on, girl! I enjoy your blog, though sometimes frustrated by how slowly it scrolls down (this one took 2 minutes) and I am told it is due to ads. Only one other blog I follow has the same problem. But I am patient…

  10. I woke up this morning and as usual checked my emails while my tea was brewing. Yours was the first I opened. Oh, thank goodness for your friend Dan! He is indeed a good friend with great advice. I enjoy your blog so much and like you, I often think to myself, “why do my projects not look as perfect as those I see on the Net”? Dan is spot on – we are all non-professionals and wouldn’t be able to understand instructions from a professional so of course, we LOVE the way you instruct us on project!! You’re speaking our language!!
    So, keep it up – and stay positive.

  11. You inspire all of us, because of you I have painted 3 rooms white, built a bench, yea, it’s a bit crooked, but I’ve had a few compliments, ( my first build) I have a plank wall I want to do, and I cleaned 2 closets, I’m so beat I just want to rest for a bit and read your blog. I like everything you do and never miss a post, might be a little late but I been busy painting. Whew….

  12. I’m sure glad I’m not the only one snapping photos inside cabinets and under tables. I’m sure there are tons of people doing just the same thing.
    We’re all learning as we go in this world.
    I feel the same way when it comes to selling projects. It’s scary. I build for me. If it works out, great. If it doesn’t, that’s ok too. What do I have to lose? It’s junk, right?

  13. You have inspired me to build my own patio furniture because of this very chair! I put my own spin on it so it’s not an exact duplicate and it’s my own flavor and I am loving the outcome!! I would love to show you pictures when I’m done as I am sure everyone you inspire would. We started building with pallets because of lack of money and it has become a hobby!! I’ve never built a thing before my husband and I built our kitchen table AND chairs and now I, myself, have built a coffee table to match and most of our families Christmas was built using pallets and now we are building patio furniture. I love your blog and the things you build and love that it’s all so unique and perfectly imperfect!! That’s what makes it beautiful!! If I break a screw or split a board…oh well, I just get another one. The pallet wood is free as I have had so many people tell me to please come get their pallets. Your workshop is a dream! Love it!! I want to be you when I grow up! ??

      • Thank you for your encouraging words! As I was sitting here working on my pillows for my chair, taking a break and checking my email, I saw your reply. It breathes a whole new life into me. I appreciate it 🙂

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