How to position life’s stepping stones to customize your path

How to position life's stepping stones to customize your path / inspiring post on finding your place in life on funky junk interiors
This week has been a little out of the norm. Working on lots of behind the scenes biz things have delayed new projects and progress around the homestead for the short term. Life as a biz owner…

But, I’m kinda glad. It’s given me more time to mull over what we discussed in the post where I let you do all the writing HERE.

I sooooo enjoyed hearing from you! Thank you! 

But wow guys… we have more in common than I even realized.

While many of you shared individual stories, the main theme throughout the posts I heard over and over again was,

“Where did the time go?” 

“How did I end up at THIS age?”

“I haven’t found me yet, yet I’m retired…”

If I told you how often I felt that very same thing, it would blow you away.

But wait… I left my dayjob, for my dream job, have fired up a line of products… that must mean I’ve made it, right?!

Honestly? I feel like I’ve only just begun. 🙂

Allow me to explain…

pathway building with reclaimed wood

Every single day, we all wake up with the same amount of hours before us. Some of us have put our dreams on permanent hold due to putting others first. I think that’s a given for many… we care for others first before ourselves.

Because I was the main provider for my family, I didn’t really have any other choice but to work outside the home.

One extra I did do though, is listen to the deep stirrings in my heart. I hated my day job, so I poured my heart into my passion job once home.

pathway building with reclaimed wood

So, I just kept going. And going and going. Surviving one moment, then living the next.

Early on, those stepping stones didn’t have any place. They just were part of my everyday. All I knew was, I needed to work by day, and at night, I needed my passionate life, or I’d quite simply die inside.

I burned the candle at both ends for 8 long years, until the needs of my family called me home permanently. What a blessing I didn’t have to make that decision! I just had to leave the day job and be where I was needed. The end.

I had no idea at the time that all those early stone placings would become a stronger path with an actual destination.

pathway building with reclaimed wood

And now… here I am. I’m doing this blogging thing… and it’s a really good thing! 

But yet, every day, I still ask myself, “Is this exactly what I’m suppose to be doing?”

I also know the reason I have those ponderings. It’s because when you are willing to grow, you know what you do today may lead you down other paths tomorrow. 

Wandering is hard, but wondering is a little exciting… can you see the difference? 

Here’s a stirring that keeps me awake some nights. I have an inkling that one day I’ll be doing some far off travelling, and will be writing about those adventures along the way.

The interesting part about this vision? It changes. What I thought was going to land us in a summer town a few hours away from us? That’s already changed. And when I know what in blazes I’m talking about and this idea is in full bake mode, I’ll be sure and share! But I think the oven’s still trying to warm up… 🙂

But whatever… I’m willing to roll with any new punches that come my way. 

So! If I haven’t done my new thing today yet, how on earth will I know what tomorrow will bring? 

I don’t.

WE don’t.

You can’t know what tomorrow will bring, because we aren’ there yet.

But what you do today, can change your tomorrow.

There’s only one thing for sure. If you change nothing today, everything will likely remain the same.

And if you’re striving to break out of the same ‘ol, well… 

pathway building with reclaimed wood

Full pathway tutorial HERE

So… if you are one where you are questioning what on EARTH are you suppose to be doing with yourself? I’m right there along with you, but with an excited spring to my step. Because although I appear to be on a pretty decent path, I’m totally willing to go out on a (safe) limb, and see what else transpires!

I think you are right where you need to be. With one exception.

Don’t allow fear to stop you from trying new things beyond your comfort zone. You may be holding yourself back from your next big step!

Try new things every day, believe in yourself, ask for help along the way, and above all else, enjoy the ride to wherever life takes you.

I often scoffed at starting my life all over again ‘at my age’. And that’s when my good friend Dan would give me the stink eye, and say,

“I beg to differ! I’m older than you, and every day I do something new, which takes me to new places…”

Just maybe… by doing the very things you love, your next step is already staring right at you…

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17 thoughts on “How to position life’s stepping stones to customize your path

  1. Love this post. When I entered my 40s and my kids were becoming more independent I started really thinking about “what I wanted to be when I grow up”. Even though I’m now building my 2nd blog business and working to advance my freelance writing career, I feel like I’m still trying to figure it out. There are so many distractions everyday but I keep plugging away at doing what I love on my off hours. Guess this is “normal”.

  2. Thank you! something I needed to hear today. so many times when things become difficult or complicated throwing in the towel and moving in a different direction seems like a good idea, but those heartstrings and that tiny voice that says “you love this” “keep going” make me take a deep breath and continue. Something new every day . . .

    You should make a stencil of that last line “by doing the very thing you love, your next step is already staring right at you”.
    luv ya

  3. Very Well Said..
    I am at this time of my life as well.. I have raised my 3 girls and they are all married and 2 with Kids of their own..

    Try new things every day, believe in yourself, ask for help along the way, and above all else, enjoy the ride to wherever life takes you.

    I already try and do new things everyday if not physically at least by reading up on something I want to learn how to do..I really need to start believing in myself more and telling myself I can do this as well.

    Don’t allow fear to stop you from trying new things beyond your comfort zone. You may be holding yourself back from your next big step!

    And this one right here is my biggest problem.. Thinking I will Fail before I even get started.

  4. Donna, I don’t know how you do it but you always seem to speak straight to my heart. And exactly when I need it the most! You are a constant inspiration for me.

    The age thing? Yeah, I get that and it does scare me. I took care of everyone but myself my entire life. I am finally free of that. I know exactly what I want and what I want to do with my life and I am working towards it but….my circumstances are making it tough to do.

    This helped so much. 🙂

    Thank you!

  5. You did it again!! I also thank you over and over. And not only you but the others who comment on what you write. Let’s me know I am not alone. Thank You!!

  6. Hey Donna,

    Thank you for being so transparent. I am exactly where you are except haven’t quit the day job yet but have an exit strategy for September:)

    I am a podcast junkie and love the Fizzle Podcast. They are doing a podcast today on How To Get Past The Fear of Choosing The Wrong Business Idea. Thought I would share with you as I know I will be tuning in for sure.

    And, if you have my desire for curiosity about almost EVERYTHING, Google the Ted Talk on Multi-potentialities. 🙂

  7. You do not know how much your message had meaning to me today. Thanks and keep the encouragement up. Thanks, Barbara Fisher

  8. Donna…thanks for keeping that carrot out in front of us!
    Sometimes family does not see or hear us…we keep it all inside.
    So enjoyed these sessions lately..great art, great advise, and encouragement
    no matter where you are in your life path. It is good to hear from all the others that are in the same position in life. Some days we are strong and some days we are afraid to move forward. Your blog helps us stay more on the positive and strong side. Thanks

  9. Donna I’m sorry I never responded to your request but life has thrown us a curve ball with a cancer diagnoses. I am just going day to day. The prognosis is good but it is still scary. I so want to use your ideas with the pathway and the edging but unfortunately they are predicting snow AGAIN in the northeast so it will have to wait. I love your blog, I love your ideas and I especially love the kitties.

  10. Thanks Donna… as always you hit the nail on the head.
    You are so right about pushing through the fear and getting outside your comfort zone to try something new that beckons.
    After all, the definition of insanity is ‘to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result’! And who wants to go insane?!!
    Thanks again…

  11. I agree with you whole-heartedly!
    I don’t think I could’ve said it a year ago, or even six months ago. But I’m starting to see, honestly SEE, my path unfolding as I walk. You know those commercials where a man or woman is timidly walking along, scared & curious at the same time? And all of a sudden the ground vanishes beneath their feet?! But they don’t fall? Instead they take another step and seconds before their foot touches where the ground should be, a brick appears to provide a solid landing for them? Although they may have glanced downwards for a moment, they don’t hesitate for even a split second! The next step brings more confidence. And that path (THEIR path) just continues to unfurl with each & every step! It seems like the path & the woman (or man?) are working together..taking turns leading. I feel this way right now❤️ It SOOO isn’t “easy” and often times it takes me spending some quiet time alone, contemplating recent and/or current events, for me to REALLY realize that!
    Living with Fibromyalgia for six years (much longer, I’m sure now) has definitely taken a lot out of me. It’s slowed me down to a crawl and given me many obstacles to overcome. I have to say though, at the same time its that crawling that’s forced me to open my eyes. Among the many other things that I now have to do for my health, #1 on the list? Be HAPPY! Doing what I love! Following my passions! (As slow going as it is!) It’s by following these passions that I’m going to rebuild myself! I’ll earn a living again with two exceptions..1) I’ll do more than merely survive. 2) I’m HAPPILY calling the shots sistah! lol!

    Thank you for your inspiring words Donna! And PROVING that no matter WHAT you’re passionate about (I mean, it could even be Junk!!?) hahaa!!) stick with it, you’ll get there! Some of us slower than others! But damnit, it’s gonna happen!
    Much love,

  12. Love all the positive vibes when I come here, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and going to build a junky rustic treehouse this summer with my brother, why I want one is beyond me, always have, and at age 52 it almost sounds ridiculous, it will be a little bigger and nicer than the one we made when we were kids but still needs the RULES sign and candy.

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