A visual wall art reminder to do what you love

Do what you love, love what you do - metal letters with rusty gear wall art via https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

I don’t often shop retail for home decor items. But every now and then, I love seeing what’s out there. 

Do what you love, love what you do - metal letters with rusty gear wall art via https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

(letters are from Urban Barn, Abbotsford, BC)

When I shop, I love playing a little game. “If I had my own line, what would I put my name on in this store?”

In most cases, the stores have a variety of things that appear reclaimed. It takes everything out of me not to gather everything up, and create a Funky Junk section. Rarely do you see one set up like that, but rather, the look is scattered, not really telling the full story. Know what I mean?

Do what you love, love what you do - metal letters with rusty gear wall art via https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

One day awhile back while shopping, (back in this January post in fact) the need to create was so great, I gathered up the nerve and asked to speak to a store manager. And of course was met with a “We don’t have authority to allow you to do that. Head office makes those decisions.”

The message was pretty loud and clear. They had their own merchandising staff, they didn’t need me. πŸ™‚

I was rather proud I even had the nerve to ask. It was hard!  But wasn’t brave enough that day to push harder. 

Do what you love, love what you do - metal letters with rusty gear wall art via https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

Would you like to hear one dream I have every time I walk into a retail outlet? The never ending feeling drives me crazy. But it’s a good dream. πŸ™‚

It’s in the AM, but I’m pumped this particular morning. A new shipment arrived in a local store and the crew are waiting for me to guide them on the new layout. I grab a latte on the way, and can’t get there fast enough.

Finally arriving, I push my way through a well weathered front door wearing the coolest rustiest handle possible, and am met with boxes. Boxes upon boxes, piled high… waiting. Setting down the latte, I throw my jacket aside, roll up my sleeves, grab an exacto knife, pry open the first box… and gasp.

And do it again and again. I’m emptying out boxes of merchandise I’ve designed myself.

Satisfied with everything looking just the way I imagined, I go back home to my workshop, and design more one of a kinds.

Would you believe it was difficult for me to write this? It was. That fear factor is a dream breaker!

Do what you love, love what you do - metal letters with rusty gear wall art via https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

So when I came across ‘do what you love love what you do’, there was no doubt in my mind I needed them. Even if they weren’t rusty metal. I didn’t design them so I can’t have them my way today. So I hung them up the only way I knew how. With a hint of (the gear) me.

The words, placed right beside where I work, are a reminder that maybe I should stop playing life a little too safe. Try more new things that scare me. And of course, stay on track doing things I love.

I’d love nothing more than to work with a store or represent a line or… something. I don’t know how it’s done or how to get there, but I do know one thing…

I’m hoping this little visual reminder will encourage me to dig a little deeper and find out.

What’s something you dream of doing?

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48 thoughts on “A visual wall art reminder to do what you love

  1. Now that is an awesome dream to keep having over and over. I DO NOT DOUBT that you will have your own line in a store one day. You are one of the most creative people. I can just picture it!!! Great post

  2. I love your posts and all the ideas you share. I am an old junker and love that your blogs get my creative juices going. My husband isn’t quite as understanding about some of my “funky” ideas they keep me thinking. Selfishly I hope you don’t get that dream job for a while because if you do you may not have time to blog.
    Keep up the “funky junkin”

  3. If you promise to get the product line up and running, I promise to buy! Wishing you all the best in this, Donna…be fearless!

  4. Donna — Someday someone is going to read this and say “I know just the person to make this woman’s dream come true.” I know a woman who has a publishing company and I have thought about telling her about you and how totally impressed I am with absolutely everything you create and write. Give me a nod and I will. Most importantly, NEVER give up. Ellen, the slipcover queen of central Illinois

  5. That’s a great dream, and I say go for it.. Keep your eyes and ears open for that opportunity, and don’t be afraid of a “no” answer. You know what you can do. Now you have to get someone else on board with you. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes getting that dream out into the open is the first step into making it a reality.

  6. I have no doubt, you will accomplish your dreams!
    I love your posts, and am dreaming someday I will have a place to pursue my love of junk, too!

  7. Donna, you need your own store so you can go in everyday with latte in hand and arrange it however you see fit for that day. Your own ,junk, your own repurposed items! I worked in retail for 22 years and loved to play and display things. Today’s large retailers now have floor plans to the items of how things need to be displayed, so believe me when the person said Corporate dictates the why where and when, they do. They took the creativity out of it, part of the reason I no longer to retail in the corporate world!

    • I worked in retail for 13 long years, and luckily at that time they gave you creative license to do your thing. That was the best part of that job, displaying the floor! My vision seems to fall in line with a line of goods sold in other stores vs my own store, but who knows… πŸ™‚

  8. Donna,

    Yes…I love the wall words! BUT…so curious about that inside screen door I see to the left of the words. I am puzzling now about how to add a screen door (can’t find a deal on one of the sliding kind to fit) to some repurposed patio doors I’ve added to a sleeping cottage in my backyard. It appears from the pic that this door is being used on a door that opens to the outside. I compare my door puzzle to what you have been dealing with on your bathroom window. It’s not getting done because I just don’t know what to do. Would love to hear suggestions.


  9. I worked for a major supermarket here in the East for 27 years. Many times people asked about bringing in their products and they did. Make the call !!! Start with a smaller , privately owned store (which ours – Wegmans- was) and go from there. You have to keep in mind, how many good you can supply. But many a small company has got a start thru our company. Miss it now that I’m retired !
    Always voice your dreams…………you never know who can help you realize them!

  10. I thought you might like to see the use of a mattress spring in this blog post πŸ™‚ Sorry if it makes you wish you had picked that one up.
    Go for your own line! Be brave. I have an Etsy shop but it lacks the real me. Not enough hours in the day to spend creating and promoting.
    Until that time it is what it is. Good luck!

  11. I can totally see you having your own store or doing design work, sort of like what Junk Gypsies do near Houston, TX. As far as having a line, I think it would be hard to mass produce ‘junk’ the way you like it. Have you ever watched the Junk Gypsies tv show? It still runs here on Arts and Entertainment network. I’m sure you could find them on the internet. Last filmed in 2012, I think. They decorate a room or home in each episode. I bet if you just put the word out that you were open to doing that (locally at first), folks would bite!

  12. That darned fear thing swallows me up often. Sometimes you just have to take a leap (or little hop) of faith and go for it. Have you thought about renting a booth somewhere- you know, start small, and before you know it, everyone is coming in just to buy your junk and you have taken over the store. See, I’m dreaming right along with you. πŸ™‚

  13. You are the most unselfish bunch EVER. No one has told me what they aspire to do. You came to my own rescue instead. Wow.

    Thanks so much for your encouraging words! I was laying in bed this AM wanting to draft this post because putting it out there scared me. I’m now glad I didn’t. πŸ™‚


  14. Start with prototypes, rent vendor space in one of the markets (Atlanta, High Point, Chicago, Vegas) and start taking orders. Items would have to be available in multiples, not OOAK. You would need to have all the inventory ready or able to be made JIT (Just in Time) for delivery to retailers. Eventually, you would need manufacturing employees, perhaps in cottage industry. I know you could do it!

  15. Donna, you have a brave soul and your willingness to go for it inspires our inner strength. Thanks for that! I am amazed at the creativity you possess and I always look forward to what surprises you have in store for us. Simple but powerful words of wisdom for you. Each day keep your faith strong and ask for blessings and favor and something amazing will come your way!

  16. I actually had a job almost like that – I was doing display work for an antique/vintage store. LOVED it, and still plan to dabble in it every now and then. I swear, I would almost pay THEM to let me go play with all that “stuff!”

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