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Once upon a time, I worked at this one job that I was soooo excited about!

It was a new breakthrough in my life, and I couldn’t learn stuff fast enough! I was hired for my energetic personality after all!

But for some reason, I was held at arm’s length from doing it all. They’d leave me in vague circumstances, so I’d even possibly fail here and there.

I expressed my concern, and desire to learn more so I could do a better job.

Be all I could be. Give all I could even. For their benefit!

But no go. To my total frustration, I was still held back.

Over time, I started losing enthusiasm, because I didn’t have the tools to be all I could.

I later learned why. The owner felt threatened I would become better than her.

Wow. So not my plan!

What that experience basically taught me that I was not a good fit there. Which proved to be a massive blessing.

With the few lessons learned there, I went on to fire up my own business instead, where the only person that could hold me back…was me.

And you can bet I didn’t hold back a thing. I returned to school, to learn everything I felt I was missing, and bought equipment so I could put my new experiences to practice in the evenings.

I eventually was hired to come back and TEACH the very class I took. Who knew? 🙂

My last truck /
My last truck

What eventually grew was a very successful sign business.

I safely stayed there for 22 years… until I quite simply needed something different. Yet again.

Thing is, I changed inside. And I was overdue to implement those changes.

Or a part of me would die once again.

woodworking outdoors /
Once I took that fearlfilled leap, I became the fulltime author of a DIY blog you are reading at this very moment. 

Here are those stories:

My Last Truck

What it took to make the final leap into blogland.

But I learned something very valuable with each job I’ve had. And it’s taking effect today once again.

I need to remind myself to make changes every now and then.

Simply put? I’ve been holding back lately.

I am a storyteller. You can probably guess by the length of most of my posts, that to be true! I fight to keep my posts under 1000 words. Crazy.

But I guess somewhere along the way, I told myself the very stories that I loved to tell no longer mattered, because this was a DIY blog after all. 

But what started happening is, I lost a little lustre for blogging because of it.

So, I’ve been doing a little soul searching lately, and pushing myself to revive that storyteller voice.

And to see what happened when I did.

mac laptop for writing /
So each day or even several times a day, when a little thought came to mind, I’d make myself dash to the computer, and type it out before the moment was history.

Each day I did this, my storyteller voice grew, wanting to share even more.

And my love for blogging grew even stronger…

Over time, I gained quite a collection!

AND… lots of new stuff to share.

But most importantly… now everything I see and do has become a subject to either DIY or write about.

Goodness… it’s so nice to ‘be back.’ 

So what transpired next? It needs a place to go, of course!

So as a trial, I’m going to start sharing my little short musings, called Daily Junk Mail here and there on a sporadic basis. They’re really just everyday thoughts that may make you ponder a topic with a fresh perspective.

But don’t worry, DIY is NOT going anywhere! This is just a mere supplement when I’m in the middle of DIY projects I’m not quite ready to show yet.

I just think each person needs to dig deep within themselves, and be all they need to be and do all they need to do at this very moment.

Because what you ultimately do today, is preparing you for tomorrow. Whatever that may be!

And your guess is as good as mine on that one…

– – – – –

What do you want to do that’s new?

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42 thoughts on “Be who you need to be today – djm intro

  1. I want to start writing more self help type posts. I write them for myself all of the time and never hit publish. Maybe I’m worried that people will react negatively to someone who thinks they have it all figured out. But I don’t! However I realize I could be helping others in the process with those albeit brief but total clarity moments.
    Thanks so much for this posts. It came at a great time Donna. I can’t wait to read more Daily Junk Mail!

    • Heather – I love the quote “you could be the ripest juiciest peach in the world and there will always be someone that hates peaches”. Don’t worry about the people that hate peaches or that you are as you said, will react negatively. Put your stuff out there because there are others that find comfort in knowing that we’re not the only ones needing particular grains of wisdom. Cheers!

  2. I think that is wonderful!! You always write great things to begin with and have often inspired me! You have me thinking right now to stop doing nothing and learn something new or learn something that will make me happy! So thank you for that and good luck on your continuing adventure!

  3. Here’s to you! I think you’ll find many of your followers will be happy to receive your Junk Mail. Since we already follow you because of your junk-crafting skills and love that style, we’ll be the same ones who will be befitting from your thoughts, musing, and wisdom. Sometimes, a single idea from someone else is like the key that unlocks our own thought processes on a topic. We may not come to the same conclusions but hey, that’s all right. We’re not all on the exact same paths now, are we?

  4. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for today’s post. It came at just the right time. The words ring true and I needed to hear them today.

    I look forward to reading your daily junk mail.

    I keep a notebook with me at all times, to jot my thoughts, many of which occur while I’m working at my “real job” dreaming about “my dream”.

    Happy Friday!!

  5. I SO LOVE HOW YOU WRITE…!!! You do just that, write every time you feel the need. Alot of times I wish I could just do that which I probably could I’m just a procrastinator at it’s best…!!!

    My new task for me, take on a new job myself. Out of state at that.
    Exciting yet scary..


  6. Oh my, you are so on point! Today, (meaning as soon as possible) I want to move my Blog from to and join Bluehost to make it do what I want it to, I think. I am a bit confused on the whole subject really, so I just want to figure it out. Thank you, for the inspiration!

    I’m looking forward to your stories, I find your writing so helpful. I watched a Ted Talk on doing what you love, my take away…Surround yourself with passionate people.

  7. Good for you for following your dreams, keeping the spark alive in your dreams, and taking the risk to make changes! As a small business owner and the CEO of a women’s non-profit business association I feel that change is good and can only grow us as people and grow our business’. This year I am making changes to our small business with how we do shows and develop product lines. Thank you for your amazing DIY tips. I look forward to more musings!

  8. Thanks for your post today! Your courage is inspiring and motivating and I thank you for sharing with us. Way to go! Love your blog BTW 🙂

  9. Beautiful post & perfect timing! I hope to schedule my business(no juggling laundry & work) & spend more time on my blog. Selling more online & learning how to share more about me.

    Looking forward to your storytelling!

  10. I look forward to reading your junk mail. I love your DIY posts, everything may not always be to my personal taste, but I always learn something and your blog helped me to expand my tool selection. No matter what you write about it is always enjoyable to read. I admire your courage to step out of your comfort zone and how you share real life with us. Every time I read something you have posted it is like catching up with an old friend. Yours is definitely one of the best ones I have read. I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings.

  11. Can’t wait to hear what pearls of wisdom you’ve written down. I’ve always loved writing down my thoughts, hopes, and dreams.

  12. I like the idea of Junk Mail…you are a great story teller and should use your talents. Thanks for sharing, I am going to enjoy it.

  13. OMG. I thought you were going to announce that you’re writing a book! Bring on the DJM! And a book of stories. With your beautiful photos!

  14. I LOVE your long story posts the best! The DIY is not even the reason I subscribe. Your story posts are so inspirational. More please! I love your DIY too and the great photos. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Oh my goodness… you guys are blowing me away. I stalled so BADLY with this post. And rewrote it 100x. Then last night I just needed to post it or forgetaboutit.

    I’m glad I did the harder thing. Because it just got a whole lot easier.

    Thank YOU!!!!!

  16. Hi Donna. I’m a binge reader of your blog. It goes to my email and I read a bunch of posts all at once and then let them pile up again. So maybe I’m not the traditional reader, but it makes blog reading a more intense process for me. More like reading a book I guess. Anyway, I love your storytelling elements, and found there has been a bit less variety in recent months, maybe a lean towards more projects and less other parts of life. So bring it on! Follow your muse. 🙂

    • Hi Jan, I totally understand, and that was exactly my fear.

      I will make sure my post titles remain really clear, so you know which ones to bypass if they aren’t for you.

      Thanks for your thoughts on this!

  17. I’m a big believer in either doing what you are passionate about as a profession or a hobby, because, if you don’t, you will wander around like a zombie the rest of your life…

    Is there anything more satisfying to the soul than loving what you do or doing what you love? “Satisfy your soul.” …. hmmmm…hey! Would you paint that on a piece of reclaimed wood and send it to me at your earliest convenience? Thanks, Donna! hahaha

    I always look forward to your blog, whether it’s a project, a thought, or just taking us along on an adventure….looking forward to this new idea, too…

    • This is awesome! I bet a lot of bloggers feel this way. I know I often think I would like to share more about my faith but I’m scared since that’s never what my blog has been about. Good for you, you must feel great!

  18. Thank you so very much for your post today. It came at just the right time and was just the reminder I needed. It means more to me than you know. I look forward to reading your “daily junk mail”.

  19. Ok so I have to say that I was very intimidated at first by even commenting on some of your Blogpost comments and such because my tiny little blog is really just something I am forever trying to grow. I have a retail store and 90% of my daily energy goes there. I am amazed by larger bloggers who can devote soooo much time and energy to their blogs. It’s a wonderful to see how incredible a blog can be. But I am ever so much more amazed by the graciousness and inspiration that each of you super bloggers can instill in a reader. And the beauty is that each of you are hesitant and don’t realize how much you inspire the everyday small entrepenuer, or hard working mom, or simple junk lover! You are so gracious and helpful and kind…you helped me with A simple stupid blog issue that most folks realize, but was Greek to me! The result??? My blogposts were featured TWICE on subsequently in Huff post round ups! Huge! Huge! Huge deal for me! So thank you Miss Donna for your humble greatness and your inspiration to those of us who simply love what you do! and Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking that leap! More of us jumped with you than you know!

  20. Perfect timing!! An illness got me to re-evaluate how I was spending my days. And this morning I woke up and decided this was the day I would let my freak flag fly…. my expression for doing exactly what I want and following my passion. Needless to say it was a wonderful day and one that will be repeated tomorrow and the next day and the next.

  21. Wow Donna! I am so glad you have decided to post more of your thoughts. Your words are an inspiration! Your blog is my favorite for your creations and mostly for your heart and soul that come through. Please keep on doing what you’re doing! When I am restless, I enjoy reading your posts and learning to think outside of the box when designing, literally and figuratively. My father was a carpenter and there’s a part of him in me. I love the smell of sawdust and wood, wood, wood! And he always said to not look back. Go forward and always measure twice and cut once! Thank you for being willing to be yourself and for going forward!

  22. Bravo you for finding your voice and speaking it! This new-ish blog of mine is me finding my voice as well. I love to make things, to create all day. So despite my degrees in finance and accounting, I’m home knitting and baking and gardening and sewing…which makes me happy. Sometimes I feel a little sheepish telling my corporate world gal friends what I do…but I gotta be me!

    Looking forward to your stories and ramblings.


  23. Well you can tell that we all love your idea, just by the amount of comments you’re getting and on a Saturday! I am so looking forward to your musings Donna. I am also working hard on improving my photography skills.

  24. Donna, I love to read your stories and I definitely look forward to reading your daily junk mail musings. It’s comforting to see that there are others who go through life’s trials and tribulations too. And I think it’s great how you turn what could be bad or scary situations into lemonade! Keep on doing what you love, you’re readers will still be here for you!

  25. Definitely looking forward to this junk mail! Tell your stories! I’m listening. Maybe it will spark me to tell a few of my own!

  26. I too am a story teller. If I had to do DIY/decorating every day I think I’d shoot myself. I like slice of life stories, just anything different that means I don’t paint myself into a corner. I find that the best writers are readers, so I carve out time to read novels as well.

  27. I had a similar epiphany a few years ago, when I knew I was just going to shrivel up and die inside a little every day, if I didn’t find a way to let out my creativity and do something that fulfilled ME. Thank you for sharing your personal stories. I think the blogs people truly enjoy following, are filled with your personality and inspiration. Not perfect pictures to make us feel like we don’t measure up or should strive for perfection every day. We need to see others try and follow their dreams. At least I do!
    Thanks for sharing you!

  28. I enjoy reading your inspirational posts just as much as I do your diy posts. I’m looking forward to even more inspiration from your daily junk mail of wisdom. Thank you for sharing it with us!!

  29. Hi Donna – This past week was unusually busy so I quickly scanned this the other day saving THIS particular post to properly read later. Why this post? Because you’re revealing more of YOU and your past experiences and I think we can all learn from these posts. First of all, how sad (and pathetic!) that others felt threatened by you and tried to block your growth! … but look at what you did from that experience! (I went through something like that when I returned to work after being a stay at home mother for 17 years.) Secondly, we love your DIY’s and we’ll all look forward to your Daily Junk Mail as well. I truly don’t know how you do it …. coming up with such creative ideas all the time! You should be very proud of all you’ve overcome AND accomplished. When you get to be my age (70’s), you realize how fast life really does fly by! You have to do what makes you happy and fulfills you NOW (and go with your gut!) as none of us ever know what’s around the corner. Life really does turn on a dime! Good luck in all your endeavors, Donna.

    PS: I’d like to add how refreshing it is to read a blog in which the writer doesn’t have a 3-car garage and (what often appears to be) unlimited resources to buy the best of Carrera marble, six-burner ranges, weekly manicures, designer clothes, etc. … not that there’s anything wrong with that, but you just seem like a good neighbor or friend who lives up the street; one we could pop in to say hi and share thoughts and ideas. The more you write, the more we feel a connection; that’s why I think your DJMail will be a big hit!

  30. I already love Daily Junk Mail!

    Donna, you are a big reason why I am taking the leap into starting my own business. I started following you over a year ago when I found you because of your re-purposing but stayed because of your down to earth and inspirational stories/posts.

    This came just in time. I really needed to be reminded why I want to do this and how much I really want to.

    Thanks Donna, for all the hard work you put into your posts and inspiring me to keep taking the next steps.

  31. Ahhhh…… Hello from Atlanta Georgia !! Your site was JUST what I have been looking for to inspire me ! I have a garage workshop as well and it is the way my visitors come into my house….so, after reading your blog about organizing your workshop, that’s what I am doing today!!

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