Cabin Life Magazine features my stairs!

When my house was renovated, I always felt it took on sort of a feel of a cabin of sorts.


With lots of rustic woodsy surfaces, hardwood floors and a floor to ceiling overscaled rock fireplace, one of the first things I said when it was done was, “It feels kinda like a log cabin…”



So when Cabin Life Magazine emailed me desiring to feature my old crate styled stairs, I was thrilled!


Wow. Look who I’m beside… are you kidding me? That fact alone thrilled me even more!


Getting spotlighted in a magazine never gets old and one never gets use to it. I am so honoured.

Thank-you Cabin Life!

Now I need to figure out the lake and beach part…

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33 thoughts on “Cabin Life Magazine features my stairs!

  1. Amazing stairs!!! I absolutely LOVE them and just came into a bunch of vintage apple crates with paper labels on the ends…what would be the best “glue” to secure the labels and then “poly” for over so I can use these for stairs? I’ve hated the ugly carpeting that’s currently on ours and would Love to redo them. HELP!

  2. Donna, carpe diem! All of your creations, efforts, and generosity deserve recognition and more. Well done.


  3. Hi Donna,

    I love, love the stairs. Question though? Do you think i can do wooden floors to my house with pellets? Your thoughts on this pls?


    • Hey Janine! I sure don’t see why not! But they’d need a whole lotta reworking. Like minded boards, heavy sanding… just make sure the ones you choose are chemical free. What a fab floor that would make! Oh… they’d also slightly separate in time so it would be a very rustic floor.. just a heads up!

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