Somerset Home magazine worthy junk… x 3!

Super Market magnetic wall organizer | Funky Junk Interiors in Somerset Home Magazine 2016 |
Super Market Magnetic Wall Organizer

I’ll never forget the first time I was published in a magazine.

(Ohmygosh… here it is… hilarious… you have to read THIS)

It wasn’t a project feature, but more like, a blog shout out. As in, ‘check out Funky Junk Interiors.’

I was beyond THRILLED!

And you can bet, when that magazine came out, I scoured every store I frequented, looking for it.

Ladder side table | Funky Junk Interiors in Somerset Home Magazine 2016 |
Ladder Side Table

I remember this one clear as day. I felt so GIDDY, I actually had a pen in my purse, ready, you know, in case someone was paging through it, then gasped when they came to my (blog name in text with no pretty project feature.) Wow, right?

I stood in front of that stand, with magazine wide open to ‘my page’, and in a very obvious manner, made sure anyone walking by could spot what I was looking at. 

But no one came by.

Hmph. What kind of store is this, anyway?

So I proceeded to open up as many magazines as I could to ‘my page’, setting them back on the stand. I then left the aisle, then hid while peeking back in, to see if I had ‘captured’ anyone’s interest.

No one came down the isle.

Not. A. One.

So I opened a few more for good measure, then left.

You’re welcome, store!

Garden themed crate hanging desk | Funky Junk Interiors in Somerset Home Magazine 2016 |
Garden themed crate hanging desk

Giggling at how absurd I was behaving, I was on a high. I mean, my work was printed, and on bookshelves! What’s not to be pumped about?

Over the years, I’ve been published a few times now, and I will say this.


This round, my work is in Somerset Home, Autumn 2016, with 3 projects. 

Not 1 project. 

3 3 3 3 THREE!!!

I was pretty stunned. The ladder shelf is an older project, but the crate desk with the garden stencils, and Super Market magnetic board are newer. And the magnetic board has a full 4 page tutorial on how to use the stencils!

Somerset Home is tricky to find in my region, but I believe book stores carry them. This magazine actually feels more like a published book! The quality and weight really makes a statement. 

But you can bet, if it was in any ‘ol grocery store this round…

Funky Junk Interiors in Somerset Magazine 2016
I’d totally open a few up on the stand!

And naturally, carry a pen, just in case… 🙂

You can find this edition of Somerset Home Autumn 2016 on Amazon HERE (affiliate link)

And for kicks, you can also visit my PRESS PAGE HERE (click any mag to read the story behind it… the Signcraft one is a cool read)

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23 thoughts on “Somerset Home magazine worthy junk… x 3!

  1. What an awesome moment for you! You should feel so proud. I know I am. 🙂 I spotted this at Michael’s Crafts last weekend and wanted to scream to the store, “I KNOW HER!!” And then proceed to show all the shoppers.

    Beautiful work, D! I can’t wait to see what you do next.

    Bravo, friend!

  2. Way to go Donna, you just have to be very proud of yourself, just look how far you have come. I am going to check out amazon and see if I can buy this magazine. Oh and by the way I am very, very proud of you, you have worked very hard and learned so much you really have earned all the good things happening now.

  3. Yay! Donna! What an honor! You’ve worked so hard for so long. You don’t need a magazine spread to feel accomplished…but it sure must feel good!!! I’m glad I follow you, because you come up with so many do-able projects, along with a few life lessons we can all learn from. You’re thought-provoking articles are something I take to heart. Best wishes in whatever you do!

  4. Congratulations!
    I love the Somerset magazines! They can be found in JoAnnes and Michael’s here in the states! Your projects are wonderful! karen….

  5. There is no one more worthy to have magazine features than you. You have sooo earned it over the years, and your creativity and originality deserve to be recognized. Not to mention your generous Spirit for featuring other creative souls like me. 😉 Congratulations Donna!!!

    P.S. The one time I was in a magazine, I was staring at the page I was on and actually started to walk out the Barnes & Noble door without paying for it! I woke up from my trance in between their double door entrance! 😉

    • Oh, Maria! I love the work that YOU do, also. How embarrassing that would have been but I hope that they might have understood that you were in a trance and not a thief.

  6. Awesome! Congratulations Donna…what a great magazine to have a spread in!

    Great reason for me to buy another magazine!

    I’m also happy to hear that it never gets old!!

  7. I’d be so stinking’ proud if I got published and WHY shouldn’t you be proud also? Everyone wants to be recognized for their accomplishments. Because of what you do, you are being singled out for your creativity, which is no small feat.
    I love your confessions but blush to realize I would probably do something similar. Guess what? If I saw you and an article about you, I would absolutely ask for your autograph. Nice work, junking girl.

  8. The first time one of my motorcycle articles was published, a salesman at an area dealership came up and showed me the magazine and said, “Isn’t this you?” I laughed giddily and said YES, and he invited me to autograph it for him – which I did, just in case I became famous. LOL You are right, seeing your stuff published like that never gets old! Congrats, I will look for this one at the bookstore and will leave a copy open for you!

  9. Congrats on the magazine spread! I love the crate wall desk so much, (and the other projects too). Your stencil line adds so much character and fun to just about everything!

  10. Congrats! Looks like a fabulous article. I have not seen the somerset home. I’ll have to look at JoAnns. I just learned something I am doing wrong after a well known magazine contacted me for a shout out. I had not saved the original photos and the ones on my blog did not have a large enough dpi’s. Live and learn. 🙂

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