Crazy old crates on a wall phone station

Crazy old crates on a wall phone station / stacked crates on a wall to keep the counters clean! via

What’s that saying again? If you don’t have any horizontal space, go up? Well, that’s exactly what I did with this crazy old crates on a wall phone station idea. Funky, productive, and super fun! This is not a serious household.. have you noticed? 🙂

Let me show you why I did this…

The messy counters before, part of  / Crazy old crate phone station via

We don’t have a huge kitchen, so every pencil and paper landed on this valuable counter. 

Messy kitchen paperwork before, part of  / Crazy old crate phone station via

Um… this wasn’t pretty. That thing on the wall caught everything that wasn’t to go on the floor, but the idea was tired and long overdue for a makeover.

Point of interest: that lattice work phone station was one of my very first ever blog projects. So… it might scare you to look. 🙂

So, the general idea was to get everything off the counter and off that lattice paperwork nightmare.

Stacked crates and junk on a wall, part of / Crazy old crates on a wall phone station via

Attaching crates on a wall wasn’t a big deal. The little book shelf went up first, then the crates were stacked around it to make it all work. No planning.  Each box was screwed into the wall one at a time  like stacked blocks.

Stacked crates and junk on a wall, part of / Crazy old crates on a wall phone station via

Each crate actually serves a purpose. The license plate crate is hiding loose papers. But the most fun about this arrangement is that every box is a different depth. The word symmetry doesn’t apply here…  (does it ever?)

Doesn’t this look a little like a chunk of a Willy Wonka house? I should have made a few lean. 🙂

Willy Wonka phone station. There, I said it. Let the google search games and head scratching begin…

Stacked crates and junk on a wall, part of / Crazy old crates on a wall phone station via

This pencil sharpener is HUGE, but that no longer matters. It’s high up in the sky, off the counter. The clipboard is for our personal phone list (which I removed for privacy reasons).

Stacked crates and junk on a wall, part of / Crazy old crates on a wall phone station for office supplies via

A cluster of junky mass mayhem. Isn’t it delicious?

Stacked crates, plant and junk on a wall, part of / Crazy old crates on a wall phone station for office supplies via

Brother Les, there’s another one of your baskets, AND your candle making funnel!

I may have to text him that I have another post up with his stuff. It’s THAT IMPORTANT. Like he has nothing better to do. His junk from “the garage sale I wouldn’t like” will keep showing up forevermore me thinks.

Oh, and that wheel is from junking one day when at Lucketts with Karen The Graphics Fairy. Virginia was very good to me.

Old hammer key holder / Crazy old crates on a wall phone station for office supplies via

The bookshelf and old hammer is from a new and used store just down the road. I knew I’d come up with a reason for a grimy old hammer eventually. The tarnished silver tea bag holder is holding loose keys.

Clay pot pencil holders / Crazy old crates on a wall phone station for office supplies via

Moving down the bookshelf are pens, pencils scissors, highlighters… with enough room to grow. Rustic clay pots are perfect for the job. Nothing too shiny you know. 🙂

I read one time that junker Beth via Patina White didn’t have anything too shiny in her home. Best junker tip EVER.

Canadian butter crate and rusty license plate / Crazy old crates on a wall phone station for office supplies via

I want to marry this picture.

Canadian butter crate and plant in rustic basket, part of / Crazy old crates on a wall phone station for office supplies via

The Canadian Butter crate was picked up from my junkin’ day at Hope. That is one beautiful and meaningful box!

So happy how this turned out! And the best part of all?

Before and after of  / Crazy old crates on a wall phone station for office supplies via

There’s now room for the cats!

TDC Before and After
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40 thoughts on “Crazy old crates on a wall phone station

  1. Donna!
    I love the last side by side photos…no, not the cats, the actually CLUTTER vs. CLEARED counter…he he he … If I’ve learned anything from you at all, it is how to snap a quick picture and leave the clutter out… No editing involved. 😉
    The crate cubbies… I love it.
    You always make me chuckle, “I want to marry it.” …you’re hilarious.
    Love the screen doors on your patio doors. Perfect! IT all works together.

  2. I love love love this idea. Your posts make me look forward to the rest of my life. I’m 55, twice divorced,hideous, life-threatening health problems, on SSI, very little money. The next move is taking me close to my daughter, who also loves this style, and we love to thrift.I am anxious to fix up a little apartment/house with some of these ideas. Your writing cheers me up, makes me smile and your idea are so unique and wonderful. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next. Thanks for taking the time to post your beautiful pics and writing about what you do.

  3. I love it, but my regret is no wall so I can make one. How perfect that would be. My little wall is behind the door and only 12 inches wide…but yours is wonderful. Dianntha

  4. Adorable! I have to say that I do love that lattice memo station too 🙂 I think I have the same clock. So does your son have the problem my kids have… not know where to find anything because it keeps getting moved? LOL “So Mom, where do we keep the pencils now?” … it looks great Donna ! <3

  5. Wow, what a great discovery to a common crowded intersection in the pulse of a home. Your design solution looks like an accidental intended sculpture which makes it fun and interesting to admire while performing an important job. Well done!


  6. you are Ah-mazing – what a beautiful piece of art in your kitchen to hold clutter! Love it! I want to marry the entire project!

  7. Well, I love it all. But I must say that the hammer key holder is my very favorite part! I, too, have a small kitchen with a counter-clutter issue. And I also have a thin portion of wall next to the counter. You may have just inspired a new project for me!

  8. I had to do it. I googled willy wonka phone station, and guess what- you’re at the top of the search results- ha! 😀 My nerdy self couldn’t resist. Oh, by the way, your crates on the wall look gorgeous. I want some!

  9. My problem is I really liked the lattice with the clock and tool carrier. I see that you have more room for your stuff. I love everything you do – you are one talented girl with great ideas for everyday objects I would never think of. Thanks for all your posts. I look forward to them.

  10. I LOVE this Donna … seriously right up my alley. I have a counter in our tiny kitchen that also collects everything. I may have to figure out a space for a crate wall. You’re BRILLIANT my dear junkin’ friend!!!
    ~ Deanna

  11. The desktop needs some of your creative thinking to put a finishing edge of some type on the side. The raw edge is very apparent.

  12. Donna, wonderful and fun! I am not rustic but I love what you do. And I appreciate your side by side pics of before and after. Makes it so much easier to see what actually has been done and the difference it has made without having to go up and down , up and down…
    Keep on trucking , girl!

  13. You just have such a knack for putting together junk and making it look fabulous. I take one look at a table full of junk in a flea market and can’t imagine what I’d use it for…I just don’t seem to have the knack of JUNK imagination! LOL That HAS to change!

  14. I just love your funky junk. You are very blessed. I find much contentment in using what I have and your ideas encourage me to do just that since I too have lots of junk.

  15. I’m liking your hammer key-holder, Donna. Upon closer inspection I see you used black wood screws as the hangers. Am I correct in thinking that those four screws went thru to the wood of the crate, and that is what keeps the hammer mounted there? By the way, I think I have your hammer’s “brother” out in my garage. I’m going to go look right now before it gets too dark. Thanks for thee idea.

  16. Well, I am not sure if I know what a landline is anymore 😉 but if it means I could have an adorable phone station like this, I might want my landline back! Love all of the built in organization with this.

  17. You did it again! I love this and every thing you do. Where do you find all of your crates. I can’t seem to fine them. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Donna,
    I, too recently had to “go up” as I’m running out of room & I used old crates in much the same way as you did! Great minds think alike, right? I like the lattice idea though too, may have to steal that one..
    BTW, we have the same kitty bowls, too!
    Keep on junkin’, love your ideas…

  19. I just found your site today and I haven’t been able to stop reading everything! I have had a really hard time trying to make things in my 1949 house look “nice” on little money. What I realized is I need to stop trying to go against what this house is telling me-keep it real and old and fun. Which is funny because that is how I decorate outside. Now most of my decorations outside are going to find a way inside. Thank you soooo much for the inspiration. I can’t stop pinning all your awesomeness. I have so many new ideas and I can’t wait to get started!!!!

  20. I love this project. It is always a messy area. The license plate on the front of the crate is so smart. I’m heading to the shed to dig out all my old crates and boxes. hmmmm Where do I put them??

  21. Love, Love, Love this. I have a small wall space that I have left empty because I wasn’t inspired. Well, now I am! Thank you so much.

  22. I simply love the old crates-bookshelf- and everything on them! I have to find a place to do this!!
    Love your site!

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