Day 5 – Christmas kindling stars… in minutes!

Make these Christmas firewood kindling stars with just kindling and hot glue... in minutes! via


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If you desire some stars for your holiday decorating, consider making these Christmas kindling stars… in minutes!

12 Days of Christmas 2013 via Funky Junk Interiors-004

Make Christmas kindling stars... in minutes! via

Not long ago my junker brother (and the story of his garage sale) summoned me over to his place to pick up some firewood.

Well, once I got it home, we burned some. But some pieces were just too beautiful to part with. After making the log centrepiece you saw in Day 2, I couldn’t help but put some kindling to work as well, creating Christmas kindling stars!

Inspired by Songbird’s Christmas mantel twig star, and Beyond the Picket Fence’s Salvaged Star Door Decor, this came together really quickly.

Make Christmas kindling stars... in minutes! via

Providing you have the right sized kindling or cedar strips, these stars take minutes to make. And the price is right ($0.00) too!

kindling in a basket / Make Christmas kindling stars... in minutes! via

 The ever present Skye will be our assistant today, adding additional life to the pictures. She sure has a cool job!

Here’s how I made them:

Basket of kindling / Make Christmas kindling stars... in minutes! via

1. Find some kindling, or cedar strips and cut them down to the same length, or leave them a little uneven for quirky styled stars.

Hot gluing kindling stars together / Make Christmas kindling stars... in minutes! via

2. Lay them in a star pattern, attempting to have the sticks lay as flat as possible. You’ll need to tweak as you go along. 

3. Hot glue them into place.

Adding a wooden spacer to the stars / Make Christmas kindling stars... in minutes! via

4. If needed, cut little pieces of wood to provide a spacer for where the sticks will not meet at the finishing point. Most needed the spacer.

Tuxedo cat and kindling stars / Make Christmas kindling stars... in minutes! via

Good job, Skye!

Make Christmas kindling stars... in minutes! via

 5. Add some heavy twine for the tie, and you’re ready to use them any way you wish!

The wonderful thing about using cedar strips / kindling is that the stars are so light weight, yet sturdy enough to handle. 

Make Christmas kindling stars for a stairway... in minutes! via

I ended up hanging all of them along my stairway, which will be fully revealed during my home tour on December 10!

So… is your kindling looking a little too attractive to burn after seeing this? πŸ™‚

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See you tomorrow for Day 6!

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18 thoughts on “Day 5 – Christmas kindling stars… in minutes!

  1. I love these, Donna and they are a great way to salvage those beautiful pieces of wood. I have a similar star made out of old tobacco sticks. xo Laura

  2. I love how there are cats in your pics these days. Recently lost my little cat, she was very much like your 2 sweeties xx

    • Awww, so sorry for your loss Lesley, I know the feeling well! I lost 3 pets in the last 2 years, it is so hard!

      Glad you’re enjoying my own two! They just waltz in wherever and whenever and I think they just make life better, period! πŸ™‚

  3. I love how these stars came out! And they look so easy!
    My husband and I are “fire challenged” – we would NEVER last on Survivor because we cannot build a fire to save our lives.
    I’m sure we could manage this.

  4. Love these stars. I don’t have any kindling wood, but I know where to buy it!! πŸ™‚
    Loved the peek at your stairway. Looking forward to seeing your home tour!!

  5. I love these stars and they can be ‘recycled’ for July 4th! A little red and white paint would transform these beauties into decorations for a star-spangled fourth!

    (I know one holiday at a time)

  6. Well, I am totally hooked on the simplicity of these stars. I want to make some to hang at my house. Even better is how simple they are to make. Even I could make them.

  7. When making theses kindling stars, could you tell me if all five pieces are the same length? I’ve been trying to figure it out with all the same length and they just don’t look right? I’m not looking for perfect, but in must be doingsomething wrong–LOL!! Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Stephanie! The less exact the pieces are to size, the wonkier the star will be. I like them wonky! πŸ™‚ I just placed the sticks in a pleasing shape. The kindling was close, but not all exact.

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