Dreaming big with a friend

riverfront cabin / dreaming big with a friend via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

Today started pretty much like any other. After getting my son off to school, the freshly brewed coffee promised the beginning of a great day. 

Plunking myself in front of the computer, I noticed a message from a dear friend. 

This gal is my childhood best friend. She doesn’t even live all that far away from me, yet we rarely see each other. Just… life took over. I was pleased to note, she’d be driving through my little town on her way home and wanted to see if I had time to hook up.

I put on a big ‘ol smile. I had plans to get busy on some new project that I hadn’t even deemed what yet, so yeah, I sure did have time! 

I had a chat with myself last week. I’ve been telling too many for too long that I’m ‘too busy’. But since doing the Michaels Hometalk Event and the Expo workshop, it’s obvious that people in person need to be a part of a good busy. And there’s only one way to make that happen. You take the time to make the time.

riverfront cabin / dreaming big with a friend via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

We took in lunch at the local restaurant and just chatted about nothing really. Just stuff. But good stuff. It was wonderful!

But then the discussion turned to our work. I peppered my buddy with challenges… was she pushing towards something she loved aside from her ‘regular job?’ (seems to be my mantra lately… hope I don’t lose all my friends! haha)

And then the focus turned back on me. Was I doing everything I could?

I couldn’t really say that I was.

riverfront cabin in a forest / dreaming big with a friend via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

So we chatted about what could be done. Which led to the topic of workshops.

In a perfect world, I’d have this big ‘ol chippy white barn out back that was outfitted with the most remarkable workshop ever. You’d swing open the double wide doors towards the view, allow the sunlight to stream right on in, and then get busy on a project. And yes, this workshop would be big enough to host a workshop.

In the barn I don’t have. The perfect workshop no where in sight.

riverfront cabin / dreaming big with a friend via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

Thing is, hosting my own workshop felt rather intimidating. I’d want to do it ‘right’. But I didn’t really have the right support along side me. 

And then came my friend.

riverfront cabin / dreaming big with a friend via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

She’s a creative type for sure.. one with MANY abilities that would knock you off your feet.

And event planning is just one of them… oh my gosh.

riverfront cabin / dreaming big with a friend via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

So we sat at that coffee shop table, and dreamed. Big. Very big. What if we did this and this and this and maybe even that.

And that’s when a lightbulb hit. There was this house and cabin on the river just up the road from me available for rent. I found it last year by ‘accident’. I was just driving by and noticed the sign buried in the bushes. So I drove up the driveway to inspect.

I met up with a large group of men milling around a fire pit outside. It appears they were having a men’s weekend retreat at this place. I was intrigued. I mean, this place is AMAZING. And it’s on a river!

So I tucked this one away for another day not knowing if I’d ever see it again. 

Today, I took my friend to ‘my’ little dreamy house and cabin on the river. Just to look. And to dream. And to maybe even dare to think something amazing could be hosted here. By us! A junker’s weekend perhaps? Various workshops? Retreat style of course! 

Honestly, we haven’t even priced this place. It’s lovely. And probably way too much $. But the point is, we got off our chairs and are building some dreams. And even though they’re still in pipe dream stage, and we may have to start much smaller, isn’t starting really where it’s at anyway?

Some people are quite simply meant to hook up. And I do believe, somehow, someway, you may see us again, together in some capacity.

At the very least, we challenged each other to bring a few of our favourite things to the restaurant to sell next week… how’s that for a start? 

Dreaming big with a friend turned a little spark into a roaring bonfire! Now imagine if we took ourselves seriously…

Do you have a friend you run your dreams by?

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31 thoughts on “Dreaming big with a friend

  1. Good morning, Donna. Yet another great article! Your writing, photos, subjects, and journey continues to inspire and motivate. Carry on!

  2. You would fill that place in a minute!!! I can see you bringing in other famous bloggers to hold their own sessions too.

    And it could focus on much more than junking, you could teach everyone how tomake their dreams a reality!!

    So exciting!!

  3. Good morning! Thanks so much for sharing this story. I am in the germinating stages of something God wants me to dream big about and your story has challenged me to bring a friend along side. Thanks again.

  4. Yes! I do have such a friend… we just love to concoct what we used to call “our get-rich-quick schemes” and now don’t worry so much about the “get rich” aspect so much as having a dream, a goal, a place to aim for. We have been at this for over 40 years and have reached some of those lofty goals… which we then replace with new ones.

  5. Yes.

    Perfect timing!

    I’ve given myself some inspiration and creative goals, too. I’ve found that one of the most important things is meeting a friend for coffee – in person. 😉

    It can change everything! Your collaboration sounds so wonderful!


  6. While I do not have such a fellow ‘dreaming’ friend, I am very glad that you do. I have no doubt whatever that, not only would you fill many workshops with people in a heartbeat, but that you could learn more and deep down be happier with this new direction. Go for it. 🙂

  7. Good Morning on a Snow blistering windy day from Wisconsin –

    What a beautiful little cabin by the river and your photos are gorgeous. Have you ever thought of selling your photos? I definitely agree with Ken, your words, photos and your message continue to motivate and speak for a lot of us out here.

  8. I love this post! I have a great circle of friends whom I love very much but I can’t say that there is one I could sit and dream about my love of DIY, crafting and blogging with. Only one understands why I need to create to be happy and that is because she is an artist and into all things funky. But even she doesn’t understand why I want to blog and put my stuff out there. Maybe it’s worth sitting down and having a talk about and see where it goes. Thanks for giving me pause to think this morning!

  9. Donna
    Loved this post. It really spoke to me. I’ve been toying with some ideas and this post reminded me to just do it; get started now even if it is just baby steps. Keep moving forward. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

  10. The operative word here is “dream.” Unless we are willing to dream, then life HAPPENS to us. With or dreams, we can HAPPEN to life. Keep on dreaming Donna! Don’t ever stop. Without one of your dreams, we wouldn’t be inspired by your blog.

    My dreaming buddies happen to be my two sisters. When the three of us get together, it gets dangerous! lol

  11. O. M.G. You are so blessed. Take this chance connection for exactly what it is. An intervention. If you don’t believe in such life events, I would ask you to consider. A best friend, a perfect retreat, an already up and running business, talent (obviously), young enough to follow your dreams, support to make it happen……Oh girl. You are experiencing life in the making…one thing at a time. I am jealous (lol). You should know that I am probably old enough to be your Mom; so please listen to my words of wisdom. I offer them from a pure heart and perspective. Thanks for letting me. You can make ALL those dreams come true. BTW, love everything about your blog!

  12. I do indeed have a great friend to consult and dream with…my husband. He’s always there to listen and encourage and help too. Now that spring is on the way (on the calendar at least!) I’m starting to get ‘antsy’ to do some more projects. You always inspire me!

  13. Oh my gosh, you make me cry sometimes with your post… you write so well…!! And how true it is that we all go our seperate ways and don’t make time for each other…hopefully someday your dreams will come true quicker then you think…

  14. Dreaming big is scary! And so wonderfully exciting! love how they just seemingly seem to happen to be shared! Thanks for sharing! I do have a couple of women who are dreaming with me. We’re meeting together over dinner Friday night to share the dream with some other women, praying some of them will come along.
    hope you get the cabin…it looks perfect!

  15. Oh Donna, you are one of my heroes! Go for it! If you hosted a workshop and I could come I would want to learn how to rewire lamps! I seem to have a fetish for lamps, but do not know how to get into their guts! I know you could teach me to not be afraid of them! You go girl!♥

  16. Donna:
    Years ago a Sassy friend and I had a dream. We cooked up a plan to work all year on projects and have a sale in November of each year. My farm was not convenient and we could not afford to rent, so her old Victorian became our workshop/studio. We had a grand time creating and making new friends and customers until I had to move away. In the many years since those learning and laughing times, I have had fun junkerrific barn workshops/sales. I am now drawing up plans for yet another barn addition. Once dreamers such as ourselves and many others let thought become reality we can never again go back to the same dream. We move forward changing our craft into different dreams, keeping our tool belts ever ready for the next inspired project. Hammer to nail and dream to reality.

  17. I love the sound of your dream, a big dream that is possible. I can definitely see you and your friend pulling this one off…no problem!
    I am like you were, too busy to get out and see people, but mostly this winter has been my enemy with the weather. I won’t drive long distances in the storms we’ve been having at least weekly. I need to start getting out with my friends again…spring hurry up!
    Debbie 🙂

  18. I’m a firm believer that dreaming is what drives and moves us forward, much like a goal. GO for it – A retreat sounds amazing a time to rejuvenate, learn and discover in a new environment. A workshop that those who will attend will talk about for years. GO FOR IT and Let your faith guide you through the process. I really enjoy your blog and always look forward to seeing your posts in my email. Thanks for being a positive example.
    -Carole, GardenUp green

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