Learn it, buy it, make it! and an update

“Where did you find that?

“Where can I buy it?

“Where’s your store?

As many times that I’ve created a project, I get asked at least that many times if not more where one can find the stuff I use to create with. Or if I sell it.

There’s never been an easy answer because so much of what I find and play with is one of a kind.

pallet gate on shed-4668

Unless it’s a pallet of course. 🙂

But being that I have no store (yet) nor anything to sell (yet), I’ve always led you to back to the thrift store, curb, antique store, flea market or garage sale, hoping you’d get lucky.

Well… I’m pretty happy to offer you a little BETTER than that over the next while! I can now guide you nearly exactly where to get something similar to what I use to make my own creations.

When eBay came knocking and asked me to write for them, I went directly into their search and threw in all kinds of stuff that I myself need in my life like air and water.

Hang on to your pallet benches….

Funky Junk's collections on eBay.35 PM

Funky Junk's collections on eBay.26 PM

Funky Junk's collections on eBay.08 PM

Funky Junk's collections on eBay.18 PM

Visit Collections HERE

(this program is no longer active)

Because this is about as close as I can get to showing you what I ADORE with the ability for you to actually have it if you want it! 🙂

These are collections on eBay that I’ve curated myself. You have the ability to bid and buy any of these items, as long as they’re in stock.

But we aren’t done yet. It gets BETTER.

I’m writing inspiring new posts there too… where you can learn stuff, then buy it so you can make it! 

This program is no longer active

Old crates are shelves too! Inspiration and where to buy! By FunkyJunkInteriors.net on eBay


How to build your own junk light! by FunkyJunkInteriors on eBay

How to wire a lamp... from scratch. How and where to get the goods

There’s 4 guides so far with more to come. I’ll be throwing some new content in too.

There’s a button on the right sidebar called Learn it, buy it, make it! that’ll take you right to my eBay profile so you can see everything from there. Simple!

Funky Junk on eBay.17 PM

I hope you’ll follow me on my eBay profile HERE so you can stay on top of what’s new!

I’m really grateful for special opportunities like eBay guides and collections, that help me be able to make this little blog continue on, while inspiring and helping others at the same time. Thanks for continuing to visit, support and enjoy whatever comes along!

rusty gear blog branding with junk

Now.. on a more personal note…

Since writing the post My Last Truck, life is different. 
Life feels lighter, brighter, and more… cheerful? Free?

I find myself repeating something that is making me laugh. I was doing a few blog things online, then doing some blog staging, then taking a few blog pictures (no pattern here!), when I spun around to my snoozing cats, and exclaimed,


I guess I jarred them from a good dream. As they yawned and rubbed their eyes wondering what the hey was going on now, I just started giggling. It was like the sun was shining right on me. Does that even make sense?!

There’s just this weight that has been lifted. It’s very hard to describe. And I seem to be filling that ‘extra’ time in just fine. I’m busier if anything, but this round it’s the stuff I WANT to do.

So, thank-you. Thank-you for continuing to visit. And for being remotely interested. And willing to learn things at the same time as I learn them. 

May every day be a good day for you too! 🙂

Disclosure / I’ve partnered with eBay for this event, however all opinions, curations and written guides are 100% of my own choosing.

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14 thoughts on “Learn it, buy it, make it! and an update

  1. How fun is this! So happy for you, and for me, I get to follow you somewhere else!I’ll follow you anywhere and everywhere you go! I love Ebay, my husband and sell on ebay, it’s a great place to buy and sell!

  2. Thank you Donna, this will be very helpful when inspiration strikes me. I’m so glad you have found happiness and peace with your life. Isn’t it amazing how when one door closes in our lives another one opens and you find strength you never knew you had. Keep those creative juices flowing, I just love your creations.

  3. You sound like Rapunzel in the movie “Tangled” when she’s out of the tower, running around yelling, “Best. Day. Everrrrrrr!” Enjoy!!

  4. I am so happy for you!! Maybe in the future you could consider having an Etsy shop? You could create to your hearts content and sell your items! :+)

  5. Great post! I get the same thing. People want shortcuts, which is totally understandable. But, like you said, there’s no specific origin for the parts we love to use.

    So glad you’re having a blast in this new phase of life!

  6. I loved being an Early Childhood teacher. Did it for 23 years and used my “find it, pick it, fix it” mentality in the classroom. When the time came to retire, I was beyond thrilled because now I had boundless amounts of time. So every day I know I am in charge of my time. Some days are busier than others, but I decide! It can make you down right giddy! PS for those who ask where can I buy this, etc. – for us it is the thrill of the hunt, the thrill of the possibilities, the outlet of creativity, the satisfaction of not contributing to the landfill! I’d love to meet you. I’ll be traveling all the way from Texas to Nova Scotia for the Celtic Colours Festival in October. I don’t suppose you’ll be in the neighborhood?

  7. Yes, Donna, every day is a good day!! So happy for you to be partnering with ebay. I’m just learning the ebay way 🙂

  8. I really love your How-To-Do-It posts. I can’t say that enough. So I clicked on your graphic (above) “How to build your own junk light” because the caption says “Build your own light from salvaged finds! How to build / Where to find parts”. However when I clicked it took me to a fee-bay store where I could BUY a junk lamp. Was that intentional? Now that you’ve sold your truck are you moving away from Here’s-how-to-do-it towards more of an Insert-your-credit-card-number-here format? I hope not because that would be truly disappointing.

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