Funky Junk goes Country (Woman Magazine)

Funky Junk goes Country (Woman Magazine), an October 2013 feature, via

One day Country Woman Magazine searched high and lo and found this little junkin’ Canadian in the middle of a tiny town with one 3 way stop. Isn’t the www one amazing ride?!

And then they offered me a challenge.

Funky Junk goes Country (Woman Magazine), an October 2013 feature, via

This is a photo of a home inside a barn. They challenged me to share my hackfest ways on how I’d achieve the look of that room if I were to emulate it.

How fun is that?!

I figured I’d do a writeup with those funky arrows and stuff, and my headshot may be somewhere on the page. Maybe.

Funky Junk goes Country (Woman Magazine), an October 2013 feature, via

 And then I got THIS. EEP!

Funky Junk goes Country (Woman Magazine), an October 2013 feature, via

That’s ME!! BIG! 🙂

What a fun writeup this was! Thanks so much Country Woman Magazine, for the fun opportunity! 

( I still can’t believe my picture is that BIG.) 

Guys, this never ever EVER gets old. It is such a complete honour to be in print. Who knew scrounging around on the curb to find junk would lead to features and opportunities such as this?

“Not I!”, said the little junker in the little town with one 3 way stop. 

But I’m thrilled Country Woman Magazine thought otherwise!

My other magazine features are HERE.

Disclosure: Country Woman Magazine did not compensate me to write this blog post. I just wanted to. Because this is really thrilling!

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42 thoughts on “Funky Junk goes Country (Woman Magazine)

  1. Wow Donna, how wonderful and of course, you deserve it, I’m proud of you too, a pretty blog friend been featured and asked about your great ideas…congrats, it’s awesome! You look so pretty in the magazine, like a model, too! Have a great week.

  2. congrats! and well deserved.
    that IS very exciting! you are such fun to follow, always something very fun and exciting! you go girl!

    ps: the picture is not big enough!

  3. Congrats on your being published again. You do such amazing things with your Funky Junk. Wish I had just a little of your talent!

  4. How thrilling for you Donna! The feature looks exceptionally cool and the picture of you in the corner is fab! I agree with Rebeca though. The picture isn’t big enough!!

  5. How great for you !! I saw the article and loved it of course ! You have achieved the highest honor…..I did a little project the other day and my husband came in and said ……”Hey that looks as good as your Funky Junk friends !!” I was so excited ! and this coming from a man that a year ago would have said ….”Your’s just JUNK !”
    WE finally have him seeing the light !!

  6. Girlfriend, you didn’t just ‘go country’, you’ve been country! Remember I thought you hailed from the Texas Hill Country until I read your bio. That’s been several years now and I’m still enjoying your country creations and your blog! Congratulations!

  7. Donna, Congratulations. Ask and you shall receive. I’m so happy for you. Can’t wait to see what other accomplishments you achieve. Have a great week.

  8. I am so proud of you! Way to go, I know that Mom and Dad are SMILING at you. All the paper, crayons and scissors you had as a kid to make stuff paid off. You are in “Print” you deserve it all!!

  9. congratulations !! curious to know what your son’s reaction to his mom
    s BIG picture in the magazine. a really big time magazine, Yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  10. Congratulations Donna! You really deserve this. I’m sure you’ll give lots of country (and country wannabes) some great inspiration. I’ll definitely be checking out this issue of Country Woman.

  11. I pop over here to read and get inspired for my home projects and a build soon coming up. Also, because I like to seek out finds myself since I was a kid. Congrats on the aritcle!

  12. congrats you soooo deserve this. Also great pic with your signature plaid shirt ha ha . I am so glad cause it makes you look so real ;).

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