Funky Junk’s 2014 summer home decorating junk tour

2014 summer home decorating junk tour via
Makely School for Girls
Welcome to those from Makely School for Girls!

A special thanks to Gina via The Shabby Creek for masterminding this entire tour.

If you’re new here, welcome to Funky Junk’s 2014 summer home decorating junk tour! I’m Donna, and my passion is decorating with reclaimed finds.

– – – – –

A little history on my home…

I didn’t always love my house. Far from it. When I started my life over again, I bought a fixer upper that was within my budget. 

I quickly learned I was sinking fast. With no tool experience, the repairs were burying me faster than they could be fixed. I spent all my time fixing and little time with my son.

After hitting bottom, a little prayer quickly led to a knock on the door. A generous offer of a local team desired to help me fix my home. Yes, miracles do indeed exist. My pride resisted, but for the love of my son, I said yes.

The reno went on for 1 solid year. But the day they walked out and left me with a beautiful home in no more need of repairs, I was also out of money and in huge debt. And the only way to decorate my home was through whatever I could find on the curb.

6 years later, you are here! That is how Funky Junk Interiors was born. (You can read my full story here.

So come on in and see how things are today!

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Main Entry

Vintage ironing board entry table via

Ironing board entry table

Repurposing has become a lifestyle. Even though I don’t have to find things from the curb or thrift stores any longer, I prefer it!

front entry gallery coat hook wall via Funky Junk Interiors

Entry junk wall gallery

front entry gallery coat hook wall via Funky Junk Interiors
Old crate stairway on
Old crate stairway

Master Bathroom…

Farmhouse styled bathroom makeover via
Bathroom makeover

When I was challenged to redo my bathroom utilizing a modern vanity in my rustic environment, I resolved to make it my own.

But it didn’t stop with just new paint. This room became a template for how I hope the rest of my home will resemble one day.

Yardstick framed mirror via

Bundt makeup holder via

Toilet paper holder basket on a wall via

Upcycles work hard here and have important jobs. ๐Ÿ™‚

Salvaged farmhouse bathroom makeover via
How to create a farmhouse window with straight boards

How to make a board and batten attic towel wall

Desiring a prettier window frame than the standard builder grade, this farmhouse styled window was created out of plain straight cut boards. No miter joins!

Need more towel space like us? This entire wall of hooks was created, featuring an attic styled board and batten wall design.

Dried hydrangeas in an enamel pail / window sill decoration via

Tree branch jewelry holder in salvaged farmhouse bathroom makeover via
The jewelry branch was nabbed from neighbour Jake’s pruning pile. I’m not even sure I told him I took it, but at least it was one less branch for him to clean up.

Planked ceiling in salvaged farmhouse bathroom makeover via
How to plank a popcorn ceiling

One thing I couldn’t leave as is was the popcorn ceiling. I’d never planked over one myself before, so I thought the tiny bathroom would be a great start. Now I want to do the entire house!

Ok, I’d like to think I could do the entire house…


Rustic kitchen with sign and sawhorse pipe lamps via

This used to be a one-window wall. (see the before here) The team created my dream kitchen with 3 side by side windows that opened up the back of the house to the lovely mountain view.

Sawhorse pipe lamp in rustic kitchen via
Sawhorse pipe lamps

Challenged to make something out of sawhorse brackets, these lamps were the funky result.

Fair warning… if you don’t like the look of lamps flanking a kitchen sink, do not try this. For if you do, you will never remove them ever again. Guaranteed!

Branch handled toolbox organizer by phone in rustic kitchen via

Reclaimed wood toolbox phone organizer

I think there’s a branch handled toolbox in every room in the house… or close. I love making and using these guys.

Funky kitchen cupboards via

Junked up kitchen cupboard treatments

I nearly painted the cupboards white. And I still may. But first I tried my hand at junking them up instead. The kitchen kind of has a coffee house feel to it, don’t you think?

Funky kitchen cupboards via


Bedroom ladder sidetable

Ladder side table in bedroom via

Tap and pipe jewelry holder in bedroom via

With the kingsized bed taking over most of the bedroom, the only way to incorporate a bed side table was to go UP. The ladder with planks for shelves did the trick and is PERFECT for today’s taller beds. It’s one cheap way to get a Restoration Hardware look…

Horse gate headboard and wreaths in bedroom via
Miriam's visit-2481
How often are we staged in one of our rooms?! Never! So allow me to break that rule… here you see my good friend Miriam from Hometalk. All the way from New York!

This photo was fun to take… we had to allow our teeth to dry out because the shutter was set reeeeaaalllyyyyy sssslloooowwww. 

Here’s the post of our visit. With more very VERY serious photos of course. 

Pipe handled bed tray for laptop in bedroom via
Pallet wood pipe handled bed tray

I love to chill here at the end of the day, with a good read, Instagram or a little Netflix.

And now there’s Pippit! It’ll be fun to read this sentence in 10 years and try and remember what they all did.

Ladder clothes rack and numbered bedroom dresser via via

Ladder clothes rack in bedroom via
That trunk is a fabulous laundry hamper…. it’s HUGE.

Ladder clothes rack in bedroom via

Ladder clothes rack in bedroom via
Ladders help keep my clothes off the floor. Can you relate?

pallet closet wall in master bedroom for hanging clothes, via Funky Junk Interiors

Bedroom pallet wood wall

Silverware kettles for flowers in bedroom via via

Black metal Coca Cola sign with rustic wreath on barn wood mirror via

Old signed up toolbox side table / part of Funky Junk's 2014 summer home junk tour via
(edited to add) This little signed up old toolbox side table is the COOLEST thing ever to store all those annoying remotes in! Click the link to see the other side AND the inside…

old gate window screens via
Old gate window screens

pallet tv stand via
Pallet wood TV stand

pallet tv stand via

Rock fireplace with trunk ottoman and toolbox planter via

Toolbox planter for the mantel

Old trunk ottoman

Toolbox planter with wheels, tap handles and white lilacs via

Toolbox planter with wheels, tap handles and white lilacs via
The oversized toolbox is the perfect place to stash freshly cut flowers when in bloom. It’s fun to have a new look every week!

Burlap coffee bean sack pillow cases for sofa via
Coffee bean sack sofa pillows

Aqua mason jar holding flowers on old trunk ottoman via
The best thing we ever did was install wheels on this old trunk. It’s pretty fabulous to be able to scoot this piece in front of the sofa to become an instant coffee table when needed.

Wild flowers in old crate via
This cool old crate was found at George’s Architectural Salvage… this tour will rock your world.

The wild flowers were picked out of a ditch yesterday during my evening walk. Makes me wonder why we work so hard in our own gardens, when a ditch can flourish all on it’s own that we can borrow from anytime. Hmm…

Junk funnel gear lamp via
Oil funnel junk lamp

Challenged to create a copycat of a product, this junk lamp was born. I did have help with the welding. One day the welding part shall be all mine.

photo studio Funky Junk Interiors-0694
I have a photo studio downstairs. But it’s nowhere NEAR this clean right now so I am cheating.

It’s a fabulous room with awesome light. If you have a spare room with nice sized windows, it’s worth gutting to create this.

new Nikon-1523
And here are my two BFF, Lake and Skye. They are siblings and they melt me every single day.

blog office-0001
Blogging office in the kitchen. This truly is where I spend my time online. LOTS of awesome, happy time!

Lake tuxedo cat
OHHH!! Naughty boy! I’m so ma… wanna play?


Rustic garden shed with red geraniums and old signsvvia
But the junk habit does not stop indoors. This garden shed is the result of changing out an old greenhouse. The plastic was ripped off, fence boards screwed onto the frame and a firewood storage shed evolved.

Rustic garden shed with red geraniums and old signsvvia

Old ladder arbour for garden via
Old ladder garden arbour

This arbour was just put up. I can’t wait for the grapevines to make it all fluffy.

Old vintage bike in a garden via
Old bike flower bed

If you don’t have a green thumb, this post is a must read. I call this my cheater flower bed.

pallet wood walkway via Funky Junk Interiors
Pallet wood garden walkway

Pallet wood outdoor chair via Funky Junk Interiors

Pallet wood outdoor sofa via Funky Junk Interiors
There are two pallet sofas on the patio, but haven’t staged them yet this year, so here’s what they will look like soon. VERY soon! (As soon as the firewood is removed from one.)

Pallet sofa lounger in back yard via
Sawhorse pallet outdoor lounger

This is the BEST lounger I’ve ever had. And I didn’t even have to lift a hammer or paint brush.

Pallet sofa lounger sawhorse side table in back yard via

Old kettle filled with white lilacs in back yard via
That wraps up things so far. I hope you enjoyed my junky little 2014 summer tour! A few rooms were missed so you may want to take in the…

2013 summer tour HERE.

But I’m far from through with this old house. If you desire to stay in touch to see what’s coming up next, please do! My garage is full of junk that needs a new reason to come out of hiding. Hope to see you again!

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 10.02.33 PM

Next up? Visit Jones Design Company on Thursday morning!

Visit Everyone!

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34 thoughts on “Funky Junk’s 2014 summer home decorating junk tour

  1. Wow! There is so much heart and soul in your home – absolutely love it!
    Best to you in your future endeavors.

  2. Your house is filled with so many wonderful things I would just go crazy in there! Excellent work! Each and every nook and cranny is filled with awe at your imagination and your inspiring home designs. I love it….and the bunt pan as a make-up holder, genius! So much fun : )

    Gigi @ Old world Patina

  3. Donna, if I had a home like yours, I would never leave the house. So cozy, relaxing and welcoming.

  4. Hi Donna,

    You are amazing!!! Have I ever mentioned (if not, I am now!!) that you are the first blog that got me hooked????? And from your blog I found MMS and lots of others that are my daily dose???
    And now I am inching my way to do my own??? (someday, but have to start somewhere, right?)
    Your house has evolved and is truly a work of art. You are so amazingly talented and inspiring. I am so excited to see your “tour” and everything put together in your home. And your kitties are so cute! I remember the post when you first got them. Timing is everything!
    Just wanted to jot some things down to you, because I always want to comment, but something always gets in my way………like work, so better go now!! Many Blessings Donna!

  5. Everything about your home and yard screams, “WELCOME! Come in and get comfy!” I get such great ideas from you and think you are a truly amazing soul with the very best junkin’ spirit. THANK YOU!

  6. I truly enjoyed your summer home tour featuring your eclectic style of decorating, Donna! You’ve shown that we don’t have to break the bank to add personality and style to our own homes. Thanks for the tour!

  7. I love your whole house, and especially love your kitchen cabinets!!! It does have a coffee house feel to it & no one else has cabinets like that…they’re so much fun! My opinion: Don’t paint them white! Thanks for your story & empowering women everywhere to pick up that screw driver & hammer & just try it!!

  8. DONNA!!! Oh my word lady seeing your home all together in this amazing tour was so incredible! You my friend are so beyond talented and I’m just in awe of you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Your journey is so inspiring and I know that by sharing it you are blessing so many. You blessed me for sure!

  9. Please, please, please do NOT paint your kitchen cabinets. They are absolutely beautiful the way they are in fact I love your whole house!!! I also want to plank my kitchen ceiling but I was told I couldn’t do it over a sandy/pointed ceiling but you are proof that you can. Thank you!!!!

  10. Are you kidding me?? You ARE amazing, Donna. Loved every single little last bit of this post and probably clicked and opened 5 other windows from your links while reading this one.
    Your home is just beautiful and so much “funky junked” fun! xo

  11. I didn’t realize your stairs were stenciled. I thought they were actually made from sides of crates. (That’ll teach me to read things a little closer!) I have some ugly carpeted stairs in my house and you’ve turned on the lightbulb in my head. Perhaps I will get up the courage to try my hand at a stair makeover. I’m feeling a junking trip coming on tomorrow at the Habit for Humanity Re-Store! Have a great weekend!

  12. All kinds of fabulous, Donna! I adore all that you’ve done with what you call ‘junk’ — it’s quite the opposite! I’m in love with your entryway and stairs. #swoon

  13. Hi, Donna! I know I’ve seen your credits each time I’ve swooned over individual posts of your many *goodies* on Pinterest ~ but now, to see them together here on your tour really emphasizes just how AMAZING you are … how enormous your talent really is! I tried to “copy” your Ladder Christmas Tree this past year: mine was a bit different, but beautiful in its own way (what Christmas tree isn’t, right!?!)
    I love all your projects ~ and each image is something else I want to try! Unfortunately we don’t have a two-story home or I would try to do the stairway project immediately, because that’s the most unique idea EVER! Perhaps it can transition somewhere else … Hmmmm!?! I’m off after this to find my stashes of yardsticks to use on the huge plain mirror in a guest bath … SO cool!

    Maybe I could just live in your head for awhile, please? Oh, wow! what I could learn!

  14. So, soooo much to love and be inspired by. Your storage and space saving ideas are are really,too clever. I hope to be able to incorporate a few of those around our place. Beautiful home tour!!!

  15. Great tour, love what you’ve done inside and out. BTW, where did you get all the fab PEPSI items? I work for the corporate parent and have a collection, but it’s tough to find vintage items. You are fortunate to have found so many fabulous treasures! Good luck with continued hunting and enjoy your home & summer.

  16. You are so creative! Love your ideas how you see something old add some tlc to it and find a purpose for it!!! I enjoy doing the same thing I find it very relaxing and a stress release. I am always looking for something to see what I can make it into!

  17. I loved your tours and all the beautiful things you made. You are incredibly talented ๐Ÿ™‚

    Complements! all the way from Cape Town, South Africa


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