Junk for sale, with a toolbox workshop at Crafty Affaire

Junk for sale, with a toolbox workshop at Crafty Affaire Market, via FunkyJunkInteriors.net
Awhile back, Ginna from Crafty Affaire asked if I’d be interested in hosting a workshop at her vintage show. Right in my home town!

I loved the idea! So we began to brainstorm.

What Ginna desired me to do was host a free seminar for anyone that wanted to learn how to build a reclaimed wood toolbox, but then with the option to build one to take home as well.

YES! Triple yes! Not only do I get to encourage, I get to help fulfil that encouragement. Hands on all the way!

But know what else this came with? A booth. Oh my. Don’t people actually sell things at booths?!

Vintage drills / Junk for sale, with a toolbox workshop at Crafty Affaire Market, via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

So I did the only thing I could… I head out to the flea market on Sunday. Late in the day. Goodness… I need to get with the program here. I think I tried to sabotage myself so I wouldn’t find anything. How’s that for ditching fear?! ๐Ÿ™‚

But… something pretty magical transpired.

Vintage lunchkbox / Junk for sale, with a toolbox workshop at Crafty Affaire Market, via FunkyJunkInteriors.net
I had the absolute best day ever! And here’s why.

I went in there with reselling as my intention this round, so I was honest. I told the vendors this would be my first time selling so I needed things affordable.

I must have displayed those sad kitten eyes or something, because know what they did next?

No, they did not laugh me off the tarmac.

To my total surprise, they suddenly warmed up, we had conversations, laughed, and they were giving me advice. And selling to me so reasonably, I couldn’t say no to the coolest stuff!

Ladder racks / Junk for sale, with a toolbox workshop at Crafty Affaire Market, via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

And then I visited Granny and Grumpa’s and found two identical ladders. Which will ultimately be part of my display.

So I did a little trial today. I pulled out the ladders and boards, sanded the works down, and piled the new stuff in place.

You know… in case I actually go through with this. ๐Ÿ™‚

The ladders are still empty. So I guess I should maybe get out there again this weekend… ya think?!

Vintage drills / Junk for sale, with a toolbox workshop at Crafty Affaire Market, via FunkyJunkInteriors.net
Look! LOOOOOK at these gorgeous old drills! I don’t know what the blades are called, but these have blades. They NEVER have blades! You know what these are for right?

Drill handled toolbox / Junk for sale, with a toolbox workshop at Crafty Affaire Market, via FunkyJunkInteriors.net
Drill handled toolboxes. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ohhhh yes. Trouble is, I want to keep each one. They are like my friends… {sob}

How do people sell cool stuff?!

Pallet wood toolbox kits / Junk for sale, with a toolbox workshop at Crafty Affaire Market, via FunkyJunkInteriors.net
I’ve also been super busy cutting tool kits out of pallet wood and branches. They are so cute and every one so different! I just can’t wait to see these kits come to life, along with smiling faces…

Backing up just abit… I want to thank each and every one of you that chimed into My Last Truck post. Your words of encouragement really touched me. Everything just feels different. A good different, but a little scary different too. It’s hard to describe. I feel ‘light’ and just ready to take on all this new stuff! I mean, what else is there to do? Nothing! Just do it! 

I don’t know if selling at shows will continue to be in my future, but who knows.

You know… if I stay wishy washy a little while longer, it’s still an ‘option.’ And options aren’t scary at all… 

(play mind games much?)

Build your own rustic toolbox, workshop by FunkyJunkInteriors.net, at Crafty Affaire Market!
So if you are by the Chilliwack, BC Canada area on Sept 6th, take in Crafty Affaire Market and look me up! I’ll be selling AND hosting a seminar AND a workshop!

And Zoe Brown Photography will be there too, so please bring your smile.

I’ll be the one in the flannel shirt… you know. In case I go… ๐Ÿ™‚

Visit my Facebook EVENT PAGE HERE to RSVP and check out a parade of cool toolboxes

Visit Crafty Affaire HERE for more info!

Disclosure / I have partnered with Crafty Affaire for this event. And all flannel shirts are my own.

So what do you think of my loot so far? What would you buy? Any other tips?

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34 thoughts on “Junk for sale, with a toolbox workshop at Crafty Affaire

  1. Hi Donna, another great post! Your stomach butterflys on selling is so understandable. You have a great “product” and the only thing that surpasses your creative talent is your friendly, warm, and honest personality. I, too, suffer from the selling fear, but after reading yet another wonderful post from you, I step a bit closer. Carpet diem!

  2. What a great idea; you will be successful! No options! I wish we had something like this in my area. I would sign up to make the tool box
    for sure. Love your posts. Inspiring.

  3. I was wondering what I could do with my black lunch box like you have in the picture?… Also I have a lot of golf clubs with no idea what I could do with them? ….. I am stumped..:) thanks char

  4. You WILL be successful…you are so wonderfully creative, that it’s a given. Maybe you could do a tutorial on your toolbox? Oklahoma is a tad bit too far for me to attend your workshop, but I would love too! Keep up the great work, but most importantly, ENJOY!

  5. I know what you mean about your creations being like your friends. I certainly have a lot of mixed emotions when I pack up something I have made and ship it off. But then I get back to creating even more. I have said it in the past but I love your tool boxes and I think they are so creative! I know you will do well with your sell.

  6. One year ago my husband and I decided to sell all the stuff we had been buying at flea markets and garage sales at the world’s longest yard sale. We had too much stuff!!! We had 2 booths at Lone Oak on Signal Mountain, Tn. It was an experience…..I learned a lot about pricing and selling. What I learned was I had very neat stuff and needed to continue selling. Several folks said “you should have a booth at the Knitting Mill” the best antique mall in Chattanooga. To tell you the truth, I had never even been in the “mill” because antique stores are too expensive for me! But we went over and talked to the manager, Ryan, and she said submit photos. We submitted about 100 photos and she called in a couple of days and said,”we want you!”.
    Well, so started another great adventure!!! We go out at 6 o’clock on Saturday, shopping for the booth! I still teach each day but hubby is home polishing silver( he loves to) and researching all the wonderful things that we buy. We make money each month and have a ball doing this, and we are together, learning something new from each thing we purchase…and the people are wonderful! I have met so many nice vendors and sellers and they all are so helpful.
    You will have a wonderful time in this next phase of your life! You are so creative and have such a great blog and your tutorials are terrific! If a 60 year old pre-k teacher can have a new career, repurposing and reselling, you will be fine!!! Much luck to you on your new endeavor!

  7. Wish I lived closer I would be there with bells. Love the things you have collected so far – so many cool pieces I would come home broke, lol… you are going to have so much fun and meet so many fun people.

  8. This is awesome Donna – kudos to you! I love your pallet wood and branch kits – these are going to be stink’n cute tool boxes. What a great idea use vintage drills as toolbox handles – love it! I’m going to share this with a friend of mine who lives in Chilliwack – for all I know she could already be registered for your class ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I think you have some cool loot there sister! You better have plenty of kits because EVERYONE will want one. Wish I could come but you are just a tad to far from Tennessee.

  10. Donna,
    Your blog post is a wonderful representation of the day we start a new adventure. I know having your own workshop for teaching is your dream. Well here is your start. You are awesome, be yourself, because people already are drawn to your kind, sweet, personality. Mix in your creativity and I believe you will draw quite a crowd.
    Because of the crowd I have a few thoughts.
    People will come and watch to see what is happening at your booth. Have extra kits for people who want purchase to make the tool box at home.
    I can not wait to read about your success, on your blog in the future.
    Have a Great Day on Sept. 6th @ Crafty Affaire Market,
    Karen Marie

  11. Donna..this is so great! Good for you! I wish I could come to your class. I had a ‘booth” at the Rose bowl flea market for a while & what a trip it was> I enjoyed it all, even getting there at 4 am on day lights savings. You will be terrific & I bet you come home with nothing but memories!

  12. Donna, I’ve enjoyed your blog for quite some time. I am not a blogger but pop in regularly for a visit. My father always called the tool that you are calling a drill a “Brace and Bit”. The Brace and bit made boring a hole a lot easier than using a drill. I believe a drill had a little crank gear wheel much like a mixer/beater used in cooking. As an only child, I adored my dad and loved to be in his workshop with him whenever he was working on a project and always loved watching the little curls of wood that worked their way out of the hole he would be boring.

  13. Oh Donna, I wish I lived closer to you! I’d be there like a little kid all antsy waiting to build my reclaimed toolbox. I will have to suffice and try to build my own in my garage. I know what you mean about being nervous about selling. But don’t worry, if you like an item or the way a project turns out, then someone else will too. You have a great eye for design. Sometimes we underestimate ourselves! You go girl!!!! Don’t be nervous, try to enjoy the experience!!!!

  14. Donna! You are fabulous! You are an inspiration always, what joy you bring daily when I open my email! I love your transparency and super talented self. Embrace this adventure you are on, whether you are up at the crack of dawn or shuffling through your eye for great finds is unique.
    Faithful reader, Traci

  15. Donna, Congratulations on that HUGE leap of faith! My bet is totally on you. I laughed out loud though at your question of how do people sell really cool stuff? I just finished a huge project of purging and reorganizing my basement of mostly inventory for my retail booth space,and my secret is out – I only separated a very small portion of it that I’m ready to let go of right now, lol. Oh my goodness….job hazard….beware. And good luck!

  16. I am excited to hear how your first selling at a show experience went. Congratulations! I am doing my first craft faire this year, so your excitement and encouragement are are perfectly timed for me. It’s so great that we can all share and encourage each other in our journeys to create the lives we want. Thanks so much for continuing to blog and share.

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