Me?!? An award winning photographer! ME! (updates)

#1. ‘Harrison Nature.’

Remember my little quiet escape to Harrison Hot Springs when I was kidless?

#2. ‘Let’s Go!’

 And the lakeside photoshoot I showed you in my ‘What Does Your Quiet Say To You?’ post?

#3. ‘The Dreaming Bench.’

I entered these five pictures in a Harrison photo contest on Flickr HERE.

Mine are on page 3.

#4. ‘Boating Adventures.’

And this is the email I recieved today…

Dear Funky Junk’r or is it Donna…?

Happy to report that you have one of 2 grand prizes on our Flickr photo contest for your shot – “Quiet Solitude” at Harrison.

Compact Digital Camera  – Nikon Coolpix S640 with 2 GB Memory Card
2 nights Lakeview accommodation
Breakfast each morning in The Lakeside Cafe
Dinner one night in The Copper Room
2 hour ecotour and photo safari on the Harrison and Fraser Rivers with Harrison Bay Eco Adventures

Donna – let me know where I can send this to and also would like to use your shot and show it as the winner on our website and Facebook page.



And then we have…

#5. Quiet Solitude. 

Which won!


Here’s the other photo that won by artLesley. Isn’t it amazing?!?

Anyway, my son has been BEGGING me to hotel it with him somewhere somehow. He particularly wanted to stay at this location because the food is JUST THAT GRAND. And I’ve been longing to take one of the local boating tours for photo ops. I was watching the boats as I was taking this very photo shoot. And I have 101 other reasons this package means the WORLD to me! To us! I swear I’m going to live in Harrison one day.

I’m sitting here dazed and stunned. I can barely think straight!

Boy, do I have a cool upcoming post one day soon. 🙂

 Oh my gosh. I have to find a DOGsitter. Who can I bribe?!? Takers???

Come ON. She has really cute feet…

Thank-you Mr. Harrison award giver! (should I gain permission I’ll say more)

Have you ever won anything? Do share!

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88 thoughts on “Me?!? An award winning photographer! ME! (updates)

  1. Congrats! When I saw that photo, it so reminded me of one afternoon when my aunt took me and my cousins for a ride down somewhere near Vancouver or Burnaby. There was a log just like that and we sat on it, watching a man do tai chi on the beach. It was a perfect day, a perfect memory.

    Have a great time on your trip!

  2. Amazing! And to think you did it with an off the shelf, point & shoot camera! Congratulations!! (BTW – my personal favorite is the leaf in the water.)

  3. YAY!!! I’m so excited for you! That sounds like a PERFECT prize for you! You totally deserve it, the photo is GORGEOUS! I LOVE love love that you took it with a point and shoot and I LOVE that your son has been wanting something like this! I won a national photo contest through Toyota of my doggie several years ago with a point and shoot…thats so fun! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  4. Woohoo!!!! I am dancing around with you!! That is super! What a wonderful prize package! You two are going to have so much fun. Can’t wait to see the new set of photographs this prize package will bring!!??!!

  5. Yeah..I am so excited for you! I would dog sit in a heartbeat except I am off on a big Turkish adventure for the next month (right after I wed my son off on Friday)
    I do know an amazing friend of mine (two in fact) who would dog sit for you…one does it at her home and the other comes to your house…both charge unfortunately LOL

  6. Wow, congratulations… just goes to show you should always apply, even if I apply for 1000 blog contests and never win. Maybe one day something big will happen. Enjoy.

  7. I am sooooo happy for you. I’m glad you are so good at articulating the joy of winning – I can live vicariously through your win. What have I won? A cake when I was on a diet. A Hooters T-shirt, which on me would be seen as sarcasm. However, I’m hoping to post about winning the big one in the lottery one day soon. When I do, I’ll contact you to find out where Harrison is. Your photos are fabulous.

  8. Hey, you know that WE all believe in you, right?! We would expect nothing less than you winning on any count here, cause you are so good at anything you do! You deserve this! And, btw, you KNOW where your help comes from-G-d! And you’ve been talking about that lately…

  9. That’s great! Your pictures are certainly prize worthy. You always seem to take great care with each shot, and they are all wonderful.

    What a great prize too! Wow. You so deserve this. Good for you!!

    A few years back, I won 3 different local photo contests……with the very same picture each time. I didn’t win anything near the prize package you got though. And it was still in the days of the 35mm before digital got so popular. It was still exciting to win regardless. One woman who entered the same contests finally asked me to stop entering the same picture over and over! 🙂 Oh yeah, and I won a cake walk once when I was in elementary school.:):)

  10. Congrats on the awards! I’ve been a part of the bloggy world since June and I was beginning to wonder if there were any Canadians out there. So nice to see that your vintage crate staircase and all the rest of your amazing creations are in Canada. So here’s a big shout out from your neighbor to the east (Alberta). ENJOY Harrison. Enjoy every single moment of it. (I grew up in BC and it still has my heart).
    Looking forward to keeping up on all your amazing creations,

  11. I love your blog, your ideas, but most of all your attitude. Congrats! Your photos are beautiful! Hope you and your son enjoy your hotel time! Good things come to good people.
    Another Donna

  12. Congrats!! what a boost for your moral i remember thinking what grand photos you had taken while your son was away……so happy for you Donna i know you and your son will just have a super good time and if i loved closer i sure would doggie sit for ya

  13. That is awesome!! Congratulations! 🙂 Your photos were just fabulous so I am not surprised you won. And what a GREAT prize you won! Very exciting!

  14. If this isn’t testimony to ‘just do it’, nothing is! Thanks so much for the kudos. I can’t wipe the perma-smile off my face!

    Once upon a time, a short year ago, a girl took her point and shoot and started messing with pictures. She even created a workshop on how to shoot with a point and shoot. And she needs to finish that… oops!

    Just goes to prove, you can do this too!


  15. That is so grand that I’m smiling so big and have tears in my eyes for your joy!!! Your photos are wonderful, beautiful, thought provoking!!

    I’d take care of that pooch (if only I lived nearby). I used to be a dog sitter myself back in the day!!

    Have I ever won anything? Yep. Your contest here and MMS’s contest. Took entering the blog world to get picked!!! haha!!

    I’m so over the moon for you and Cody!!!! Congratulations!!!


  16. Congratulations! A few years ago, when I first began an interest in photography, I entered a Color Your World International Contest held by Ritz Camera. I entered three photos and one of them won the grand prize in the boats and water part of the contest. The prize was $2,000 and my photo was used in a catalog. I used the money to buy a new lens and tripod.

  17. No one deserves this more than you! I have been very inspired by you this summer. Of course I haven’t done or made anything yet, but I have been inspired. And I have been talking about your projects a lot. I have been touched by your story and have been very impressed with how you are helping yourself. I am sure that the people that worked on your house received more than they gave. I hope that kite-flying boy realizes how much his mom is appreciated! How about a post from him? Ann PS I have been working out about 5 times a week to relieve pain. Water aerobics seems to do it.

  18. Wish I lived close enough—Illinois is too far to send the dog-but he is sure a looker. Words can’t tell you how proud we all are of you.. You are awesome!!!!! A couple of your pictures I would love to print—may I have permission….xoxox

  19. Congratulations Donna! Those were fabulous shots! My favorites were your pup’s paw and the log. Cannot wait to hear about your vacation! I wish I was closer because I would definitely love to pet sit that sweet pup! Plus, I sure have plenty of experience! 😉

    ~ Tracy

  20. Here’s to a wonderful trip for both you and your son to enjoy!
    Take lots of pictures, savour the food and have a blissful retreat.

    Aunt B

  21. Congratulations,Donna. You pics were all beautiful and I’m so happy you won. I know you and your son will enjoy the grand retreat. Way to Go!

  22. That’s so terrific, Donna, and well-deserved. I’ve come to realize that the blogs I’m drawn to all use photography well. That’s certainly why I’m drawn here! Keep snapping and posting.

  23. That is awesome, Donna! The picture is gorgeous and you certainly deserved to win such an incredible prize package. I’d take the lake and camping over the beach ANY day. So happy you’re perma-smiling…gives the ol’ soul a good cleansing. (And, I added your little button to my inspiration sidebar even though that sounds so small in comparison to this post!)

    Congratulations, sweet Donna!

  24. Congratulations! I won an Albertsons coloring contest when I was five. The subject: Halloween witch. GO me! But other than that, I haven’t had enough confidence to go for anything else. Maybe I should start searching for contests and just enter them to help motivate me in one direction or another. I love ALL things crafts! I’m almost an ADD Craft-aholic 🙂

  25. Hi Donna, I’m so glad you won! Your photo is gorgeous…
    I’m in Springfield, MO if you need a dog sitter. I know it’s not that close to Harrison, but not too bad…we love dogs here. And I have one too.

    Hope you have a great time. Of course, go when it’s a bit cooler.

  26. Oh my goodness… you are all so supportive! And touchdown… I have a dogsitter! My local friend Sandra who also has a dog is my newest hero! It kinda had to be someone just down the road from me but thanks for the offers. LOL!!

    I’d love to thank each of you personally for your nice comments but oh my… so to be an active part of any conversation, please visit my facebook page and join in! (button on right sidebar, lower down)


  27. Congratulations!! What a beautiful photo! Well, all of them are great…definitely gives the sense of solitude too – great description.

  28. Hi, I’m a new blogger and live at the other end of our great country. And, I can say I have been to Harrison Hot Springs before! I love your blog and all your funky ideas and have been following for a few months. Congratulations on your winning the contest! The photo is beautiful! All the best.

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